Monday, 31 March 2008

Rupster says " About March"

Its been more than a week since I last blogged. Don't ask me why but I just did not feel like blogging anything for the past week. I had to do it today because I just HAD TO lah!!

Well the past week had really passed very fast and that reminds me i have to do my month ending entry *yeay i have a reason to blog now*

Lets talk about the past one week first.

Yup the week really did move so fast and i have not been having enough SLEEP!! Yeah..that is so not me but now its happening!!I no longer sleep before 11 on college days but only sleep around 2am. As for weekends its worst. I sleep at 4 a.m!! Yes you read it right...At 4 a.m *sigh*

There is a reason for it lah but i am admitting its kinda fun actually :)

So lets just see how long will all this last..So far its been more than a week now.

Other than that, have been busy finishing up assignments and handing them in. Still got a few more to hand-in than its all DONE!!! 1 month more to survive!!!


Well lets see how this month went by...

Though some shits did happen, but i guess they are all meant to happen if not MARCH would not had turned out to be as exciting as what i think today.

Its all almost settled and everything is coming back to normal.

March was also the month of the 12th General Elections. And the results?? Rather not say it out here but at the same time, it may bring a slight change in future. So lets just wait and see.

This was also the month where i met a friend of 7 years for the first time. Some said it was crazy but at the end of the day it was all worth the time. That person was the still the same in person as knew via-technology.

I guess these are some of the interesting things *other than not getting enough sleep* that happened in March and lets see what April has to bring for me!!!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rupster says " About A Interesting Day"

* This entry dated 21.03.08 Friday*

I was busy and did not have the time to pen down what happened on that day.

So lets see what happen on that day.

It was Good Friday but something happen way back in school a few years back on this day and ever since Good Friday has not had a very good impression for me. So as usual i was not really looking forward to it.

Than something happened.

It all actually started on Thursday evening when my phone rang at about 4 something *of course i know who was it* This person whom I've known for more than 7 years but have yet to meet suddenly calls and says lets meet.

The subject of meeting has always been spoken about but it just did not happen. All of a sudden a call comes and says lets meet. I guess the Thursday was just not the day because i was busy so I had to reject the invitation. Than the person says "its ok we will meet tomorrow than".

So than Friday comes and we met at KLCC after class. Was kind of exciting also to meet someone that you've known for so long without even meeting once. I know it may sound dangerous, but I believe when you have trust on someone than whats the whole issue about.

Yet, I did tell the people around me where I was going *u all know who you are* I guess i got to thank them for actually giving me the extra confidence i needed and some even made it a point to actually show up there just to see if I was ok or not. Some even kept giving me continues phone calls. *both my phone batteries ended being at 1 bar by end of the day*. I know they were worried for me because they know i don't do this kind of stuffs.

About the meeting, I guess all the trust I had was not gone wasted. The person was just the same as how i knew through out the whole 7 years. It was a great day infect. I guess it was worth waiting for this such long period. All we did was sat and chat and chatted. Though with all the communication we had before this, but there was still so much more to be spoken about.

Got home and the phone continued to ring as these people wanted some updates on what happened. Not just that even via-online i had to tell the same things. *sigh*

But still I THANK them for all the support and encouragement they gave me to face the day.

Other updates.

I've been thinking so much these days and just don't understand what is happening.

Wonder if I'm just confused or is just a norm in life.

If its a norm in life than i accept it whole heartedly.

Its the matter of confusion now.

All those conversations and other forms of communications has really been making me confused on what happening. No one seems to be taking the step to clarify stuff and I don't know how long is all this going to continue.

Was talking to Sal bout it yesterday, and it looks like the both of us are going through the same phase.

Don't ask why but both our situations is almost a like minus a few factors. Other than that, everything seems to be the same.

We spoke about giving it a try but how if it was going to end up hurting ourselves?

Being the typical me, of once being hurt and that the end of it. Its just not easy to overcome something when you've been really hurt and it really takes a long process.

So the conclusion?

We decided that late time take the course. We will see how the ending turns out to be. It may be soon or may take a long time BUT we are sure it will happen on one fine day.

So lets just wait for "the" day to come and we shall celebrate it together.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Akedemi Fantasia (AF) season has started AGAIN....This means I'll be getting glued to the TV very often from today onwards.

Hoping this will be a concrete reason for me to stay at home rather than going for mamak sessions during the weekdays. The weekly concerts is on Saturdays and i am really hoping hard that no plans will be made for going out other than dad's usual Saturday night lepak spot.

I've decided no more outing with friends *keeping fingers crossed*.

Lets see if this step could reduce "issues". Phone will not be used to call at least a few people on the contact list. Same goes for SMS-es. Talking bout SMS,I've found a new buddy for SMS that starts on Fridays nights and ends on Sunday nights. Lets see how long shall this last *till the bill comes next month maybe*. This SMS session is only in the nights and during the day, we don't know each other...hehehe :)

So far the last 2 weeks session has been really good for of entertainment though some of the messages could describe uncertainty of feelings *sigh* and I'm really hopping no high expectations is kept *prays*

Other than entertainment from the TV,Internet,SMS,going out with certain college buddies and going out with family (includes cousins), i don't think I'll be going out with anyone else. Gone through so much that i don't feel like talking bout it any more!!!

Let the past be past and just let time sort things out..

Found some really good video on YouTube today and will try to upload them in my next post. Some really worth laughing videos. Had laughed so much today and shall upload it here SOON.

I don't know how often i will update after this due to lots of work and OF COURSE the TV. Will try my best though :)

Who knows I'll take an effort to update about AF maybe???

Friday, 14 March 2008

Rupster says " About Something"

The feelings occurred last week repeated AGAIN. This time it happen yesterday...Sometimes don't you just wonder why with all the hard work and time given to someone as a token of help just ends up going down drain???

Well they may think that we were just doing it for:
1. Our own importance
2. Appreciating what we have been and still doing for them.

Lets not talk about the first option because it better not be true.

Hence, hopes are really high on the second option. Though they do appreciate what has been done BUT how if everything is being done is just received but it is taken very lightly??

And they day you find that is REALLY and TRULY very hurting!!

All that happens is just the heart feels so badly bruised like it was stabbed for a million times!!

How do you cure that??

Just by shedding some tears..

Even that made me think if it is worth shedding all those tears when that person does not even realize the bruise that has been done. Well, it did not only hurt 1 but the list may go longer if the rest were to find out.

Words were just thrown out in that ANGER but still i took the initiative to send a apology message. It depends if the apology is accepted or not. At the end of they day,we were just letting go on our frustrations after all that happened.


HELP will be given if ASKED,
Opinions will be given if ASKED,
Nothing to say than its SILENCE.

If you prefer to just keep whatever you have to yourself than its you who chose that.


If you think this is a lesson to you and regret for what ever you said, than why didn't that lesson was learnt long time before?

If only it was realized before non of this shit would had happened *sigh*

I just wonder if am jinxed to something or rather!!!

Every time when one issue is settled, there comes the next issue IMMEDIATELY!!

Give me a break lah OR rather i NEED a break from all these NONSENSE *sigh*

P/S To whoever is reading this and you think it is related to you. I have no guarantee that it IS you. So if terrasa means its not my fault ok!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Rupster says " About a poem on LIFE"

Got this poem in my mail box recently and how TRUE it is....


Never take life for granted
Whatever comes your way,
Just grasp it in both hands,
And enjoy it every day.

Sometimes sorrow comes your way
Blocking out the light
That's the time to pray and
To know you will win the fight.

Life is but a journey
Through mountains, hills and vales
We can not have the sunshine
If we have no rain and gales.

So enjoy each precious moment,
And always give your best
Remember keep faith
Then you will will be truly blessed.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Rupster says " About a Case"

Sometimes things just does not end as how it starts and i wonder why???

The day started of so well and n it continued to be good. And the end??? Its not good. But as the sun was setting down some what rather feelings were also setting and all the negativity started pouring in. Alll of a sudden it all just bursted out!!

Case No.1

Well i had never issues helping people out in whatever problems or shit they are in...i dont even care if they were taking my advice but at least I've given them my point of view n all the support is given...but what happens when issues just start happening in a group of friends that u hang out so OFTEN???

The worst part???

The 2nd does not even know sum1 in the group is having issues!!!

No1 ever said said you should not have problem with your own friends but as long as it does not turn to HATRED.. coz its gonna hurt every1 in the group!!!

As it is...we were already so scared that it was gonna happen BUT we manage to stop it. This time, it looks like its happening AGAIN..but NOW,TODAY & THIS VERY MOMMENT i have given up ALL my long as this hatred does not ruin the rest of the group of fine with it..

Case No.2

Too exhausted with Case 1 that i just cant carry on with Case 2!!!!

To be updated soon *i hope*

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Rupster says " Cancer Zodiac"

As i was checking my mail recently i found this interesting info which is rather close to me.. ENJOY and see what you think bout it..Hmm i wonder...


When she is in love, she will act both ways. First, Shy and polite trembling to be near you. Second, Attach to you like glue and trying to be with you all the times. She will try to go home with you after work, or have every lunch with you. It is O.K. if you like her too, but if is is not the case, you will feel very uncomfortable.

She hates to be talked about or gossiped by someone else. If she knows she will be very hurt. In nature she is a shy type, except she has been influenced by some other Zodiac. She is not a brave or daring type, so if you like her then you better be the one who start first. She will not accept her true feeling, so if you like here you better tell her first.

She is like a musical note always change in tunes, so one minute she can be funny and cheerful, and one minute she can be sad and depress. Other people may think of her as "Over-acting", or "Over-reacting".
When she is depress, she will go out and look for things to make it up. She loves money, and thinks of having "Money" as "happy", not as "God".

She will not look down at you if you do not have a lot of money, but she will help you make money, save money. She is not an extravagant person and sometimes will tell you not to buy her expensive and not useful gift.

She is the type who enjoy a long and quiet walk. Cancer woman also influenced by the "moon", so under the moon light she will be fascinating woman.

She has a constant fear for many things. She fear of not being smart enough, not pretty enough. Even if she is not fat, she will not be satisfy. Assuring her of her look would help, because she can change mood 4 times a day.

She is not stingy, but you will not surprise if you see she collecting old or broken junks. She sees that everything are useful to her. She will find a way to re-use it again some day. She is not a jealous type,but possessive.

The best part of her is that she will sacrifice everything for her love one with no limit. Don't leave her in times of troubles, she will never forget it. She is not a weak type, even she looks like one, Example if you argue with her, she might cry her heart out. Once you left, she will wipe her tears and start clean up her apartment normally.

She is a very careful mother and will look after her kids every steps of the way. If she is a mother of your children, you are at ease, but if she is your mother in law, you are in pain. Not to worry, this type of mother in law will not let her own daughter being an "Old mate".

She could be moody and argue with you in many little things like many women, but she always wait and want to take care of you. If you argue with her and disappear a few days, she will be waiting for you, but not for long O.K. This kind of testing is risky, try not to do it.

The Cancer woman need 2 things to be happy which are "Work" and "Love". She can be live in a dusty house, but she can not live in that same house with no Love.

Hmm I wonder...


Could it be related to the best DREAM that i ever had???