Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rupster says " About March 2011"


That's the ONE and only word that could describe how MAD March was! It was filled with 2 assignments due on the same day. Had a test to study for and the whole lot of the planning for the April mission! For the first time, there was not much of procrastinations for starting of the assignments.

This was because, the outcome was expected. And thank God everything was started and finished way before the due date. So the only thing left was the final brush up before it was printed and handed in. Than there was the test to study for. What test? A freaking ACCOUNTS test! As it is the hatred towards numbers is so bad, and when you've got to sit and study it because you got to get through it this time makes the hatred even more worst.

Lecturer was so kind enough to give us extra questions to practice on. She was also so kind enough to stay back and give a 1 to 1 coaching to some of us. Hopefully that had helped enough! And the worst part is the test and the mega plan falls on the same day! Lucky the test was is in the morning!

Planning has all reached to the final stage. As time got closer, things were just falling in place perfectly. The right people was contacted at the right time. So all is fine. Wait for the next post on the mega event!

Other than that, life has been good. Everything is going on fine. The usual mamaks, the usual meet ups does still happen but all with a last minute planning. Thats the only time we call and make it a point to meet. Or else everyone would keep saying busy and nothing happens. Some busy with classes. Some busy with work. With this meet up, its stress relieve time! Though its every week but at least once a month we catch up.

So basically, that's the update for the STRESS month!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rupster says " About THE Planning! "

This is the third week of school. Usually it is still the "happy-hours" until we get into the 2nd month of classes. This time around it is completely different. Just in the 4th week we have and MCQ Test to be done. Than on the 4th week is the mid-semester test. Lucky it is only for a subject!

The 5th week has an individual assignment due. And to make things worst the Mid-semester test and the mega plan that is being planned falls on the same day! How UNLUCKY!

So this time around it is completely about time management! TOTALLY time management! Thank god the enthusiasm for completing the assignments has started! The individual assignment is half way through to complete. Lucky thing it is something easy and does not need much of a referencing.

The planning for the night has also been going on smoothly. Chief guests has been informed about it. Both given green-light. The events for the nights is in the mid's of planning. Location and food has all been settle.

Left is the decoration planning. Yet to give any thought about it yet. Not being able to be around for the last minute touch ups is going to be very difficult. Hopefully the "elected" committee would be able to get through it.

So much of fun drama is going around with all these planing. The "elected" committee is doing such a good job in creating all the drama! All of us could be nominated for the Oscar's if this turns out to be a success! The "elected" committee who is curently jobless will have all their time paid back on that day itself! It's going to be a long day people! But the outcome is going to be a very memorable one! That's for sure! Keep your camera's on standby too! It's going to be very colorful!

Other than the decoration pending, the only thing pending is the guest invitation. We don't want to make it too early to kill the suspens or neither do we want to do it too late to avoid disability of the guests. Best time would be around this week or next. Once that is done than it is SHOW TIME!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rupster says " About Back to School 2011"

2 weeks of school it has been! The first 2 weeks has never been as stressful as this! Usually the first month is very relaxing. This time the first month itself is a horror! So much deadlines. Plus with the mega planning it has made it even more stressful!

Timetable is not that pack, but classes daily makes it feel tiring and the week seems to be extra longer! Thank God this time the timings are not bad at all. Earliest class is at 10 and finishes latest by 4. Though half the time it is not prolonged to 4. So things are not bad at all.

Finally learned to use the bus! So easy! *regrets*. Going is not a problem because the bus is always waiting at the station. Just that the coming back, got to wait for sometime for the bus. Very very economical! Sometimes need not wait as someone sends to the station.

With the new semester beginning, the main aim is to get thorough all the subjects and finish on time. If it all goes well, by middle of next year Degree should be done. This new semester is has also another aim. To loose weight!

Yes. Its time to cut down on FOOD! Basically this first two weeks rice intakes has been totally reduced. Rice is only consumed in the weekend but with a very minimal quantity. It is a bit hard to avoid rice but when the results is seen within days it feels so good! So this has to continue!

At the same time the MEGA planning has to be well planned and well executed! It's not easy but the group that we have to help us out is our strength! Cant wait for the outcome! At the same time, assignments got to be started early in order nothing clashes because almost everything is due on the same week! Not forgetting mid-semester tests as well!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rupster says " About February 2011"

The second month of the year ended with just 28 days!

The end of February also means the end of the very long holidays! Holidays would always be missed! The month was also not that after all. The gatherings just seems to be getting more often these days. Everyone is already starting to realise no matter how busy we are, we still got to find time.

That the was G-Girls convocation *she hates the name!*. We were not invited. So we invited ourselves or rather we forced her to invite us! ;) It was one long day, yet filled with so much fun! Probably because of the camera the excitement got built even more! After a very long time, this was the day we took so much pictures!

Friends aside, there was also the usual family gatherings and outings. Saturdays have been really packed. And that also means its been full of food! There is also a BIG MEGA plan coming out soon for April. So watch out!

Lots of planing. One full update will be given in up coming posts! ;)

So February, has sailed through its ways Let's see what there for March!