Saturday, 22 September 2007

Rupster says "About the Buka Puasa Experience"

Again..the title says it all but before that its been a really hectic and busy week and it would be going for the next 5 weeks more*sigh*..But still will try my very best to keep updating on whats have been going around.With all the busy-ness and all its also been a hospital week again..No not the same person but this its a person much more older..The SIMILARITIES??? SAME COMPLICATIONS!!! The conclusion "Dr.Rupini MBBS" has come up with is that it all revolves around on what we think. If we think there is pain, the pain will be there.So its all a psychological game.Only depends on well you play with it. Than Wednesday was dad's birthday.We actually did not plan anything because it was a weekday and we were suppose to go to hospital.Than at the hospital, they called all of us out for dinner.So we decided to go to Lake Club for dinner on dad's Birthday but the actual celebration day has yet to be decided due to his busy-ness!!

Going back to the title of this entry,yesterday Sue,Saf ,Sha n me buka puasa together.It was actually planned last week with Eva and Mir as well but they could not make it at the very last minute. So we carried on with our plans. After classes we left college and headed straight to town. Suddenly Sha decided to take us to the Tugu Negara since Saf was with us.It was a opportunity for me as well because i never got the chance to see the National Monument before.
The 4 of us really had some fun and actually learned some history other than some continues picture taking sessions.

For memories at the monument

After some time at the Tugu Negara, we went to Masjid India for Buaka Puasa.It was still early,so we decided walk around the shops there..Saf bought so much of Indian Sweets and wonder how she will be eating all of them!! Than we went to this Optical shop coz Sha wanted to check out something and the remaining 3 of us ended up checking our eyes as well..

At the optical

Than after all the jalan2 (*reminder* we were all puasa-ing the whole day) we finally headed to the shop where wewere suppose to buka puasa.Orded the food that we wanted to eat. The worst part is when all the food is there and we cant eat yet *sigh*
I guess that is where my favorite dialog comes "sabar separuh daripada iman".. Thank God we all manage to tahan until it was buka time...After a great dinner we left the shop feeling HAPPY,FULL,SATISFIED and GREATFULL being able to eat what we had wished for and not suffering like people in other countries that do not have enough food!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Rupster says " About the International TATTOO"

Before i start about the Tatto show i must the past few days has been a continues visits to GHKL. It all started when my aunty called on Thursday evening saying that my cousin bro was admitted in the hospital.When i asked her why she said he complained of chest pain.My first reaction was WHAT???Well it was a known fact that he was always coplaining of pain but it never really ended up by getting himself admitted.So that night itself we went to the hospital to see him. The visitting ours was far over by the time we reached the hospital but we just tipued the guards saying we wanted to hantar barang.So they allowed us to get in.And than Friday again we went to the hospital to see him.Pity him coz he was feeling dame bored all alone there but after all the checks, the doctors said there was nothing wrong but he has to go for a stress test to confirm everything.That means he had to stay up to Monday.So Saturday we took lunch for him and was there right up to 4 something.It was kindda bored lah sitting in the hospital for that long but my other cousin and my auntie n all were there so it was a bit ok lah..That night we went for Molu's b'day and came home almost 11 something.At the end of the day was just so DEAD tired!!
Than on Sunday we went again to the hospital for a while but this time was to visit 2 ppl.1 was my cousin bro n the other was his dad.He had been admitted to go for an eye op the next day.After that we went for the KL INTERNATIONAL TATTOO 2007.
I was so excited about it coz my mom and all were telling how exciting it will be since they always went for it when they were kids.So,all their stories got me excited about the whole thing.Thre were 15 of us that went for it.We went the by the Monorail since it was right in front of the Merdeka Stadium.The whole stadium was packed and it was raining in the beginning of the show.There was so much of fireworks and it was so dame colourfull. Every country had their own fireworks display before and after their performances.Though the fireworks was little from each country but atleast it was something than nothing.
All the "orang tua" was making noise lah saying that this Tattoo show is not like what they saw last time. They complained we wasted our time but still i had so much fun though i know that this is not the actuall Tattoo show!!

Some of teams performing their act

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Rupster says " About the MERDEKA Celebration!!"

Yes the Nation finally turned 50 yesterday..I still remember asking my dad a few days back if he remembered the day well and if he did join the celebration.Since he was only 7 years old so all he remembered was everyone was decorating the entrance to the estate that they stayed in. He was not very sure what was going on but he did remember that all the banners read MERDEKA!!MERDEKA!!MERDEKA!!
I still remember learning History in school was so dame boring until Form 5 when i got one of the best teachers to teach History.Thanks to her that untill today my love for History has grown a little more compared to what it used to be.Hence, i do understand the struggle that our forefathers had to go through for the nation's Independence. This days many people are not really grateful for what they have this very own country of theirs.Untill the day comes when they have to leave this country and go abroad.That is when they start to feel gratefull and proud for being part of Malaysia.
Talking about the 50th Natioanal Day celebration. The view of the KL Tower from Dataran

Compared to all the previous years, this year was a much more grand affair. Celebrations was held in the whole country but the focus was in Kuala Lumpur.
As usual our whole geng decided to do something this year since every year we just did a gathering with lots of food an a cake cutting ceremony when the clock struck's 12. This year we decided to join the celebration at Dataran Merdeka.After having dinner we went to the Sentul LRT station and took the LRT to Masjid Jamek. As the LRT was reaching the station, we could see Dataran and the crowd was so dame HUGE!!!! It was worst than Thaipusam or maybe it was becaus ethis was just my first time joining the celebration. It was kindda sad that we could not see what was actuall happening in the field but thank god they had some slide show on all the high raised buildings.

Some of the slide show pictures that i managed to capture
Tunku Abdul Rahman

The saddest part was the people whom we saw. It was all practically foreigners. Its not that i am saying we shold not have foreigners but this people were causing so much trouble. They were even fighting among themselves and all the Malaysian's could do was just stand there and watch rather than making the situation even more worst. Thank god the the FRU and RELA people were there to calm things down. Atleast this people (foreigners) were scared of them.
At 12am the flag was raised and Negaraku was sung. After that everyone was jsut waiting for the fireforworks display.We waited and waited. But still no sign of the fireworks to start coz the PM was giving his speech. Finally the fireworks started at 1.10!!
Thank God the it was worth the wait.The fireworks was just so magnificent. No words could explain it.I managed to record a bit only coz i just wanted to see the whole thing in peace!! :p

The Firefowrks Display

As for the day itself i just stayed at home and saw the parade on TV. We were just too tired to wake up so early and go for the parade coz by the day we came back also was about 2 am!! So the whole Merdeka day was spent staying at home being glued to the TV!!