Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Rupster says "About the last entry of the month and year"

Its DECEMBER 31th 2008....

Which means its the last day of year 2008...

Its been a really rough year.

As rough and tough it has been, it been a fun pack and a great year for new experiences.

December had been a great month though...Rupster would say a great ending for 2008...

Went back to Kuching after 3 years...did and saw so many things...Met the old buddies there...

Decmber as also been full of outings with geng...In the name of REUNION so much has been done!!!

A great and interesting month that would be greatly missed!!!

Watch out for the New Year entry and a 2008 review too!!!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Rupster says " MERRY CHRISTMAS"


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Rupster says "About the greatest 3 days"

The time awaited for a very long time finally came and has passed by so quick...Ever since July the much awaited time was for December 12th to come. There was just too many memories and some just cant be explained bu words!!!

Hence nothing will be said and have fun viewing the pictures. There are more than 400 pictures taken but only the selected once will be uploaded =)

As an overall the trip was so dame exciting!!!

We did things that we never did before.

Saw things that we never saw before.

Ate food that was never eaten before.

Ohh and did Rupster mention camwhore like crazy *nothing new eh*???

p/s If you see :

GREEN ~ Day 1
BLUE ~ Day 2
GREY ~ Day 2

And all those T-shirts were sponsored by the group members



p/s 2 : Will try to upload the picture presentation soon...

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Rupster says "About the wedding and the month review"

Exams were over a very long time back...But Rupster was not able to update because Rupster was busy helping out for Rupster's cousin's wedding...1 week of work....1 week of food..1 week of family gatherings..1 week of functions...1 week of fun...1 week of dressing up in the traditional outfits...1 week of own make-ups...

The newly weds

The newly weds withe the Singham's

It could have been a hectic and tiring whole week BUT at the end it was still filled with FUN and great memories. Rupster was kinda worried of being alone during the whole ceremonies and all because the crime partner had left to India 2 months back.Thank God it was boring at all because the neices and the nephews were there to entertain Rupster.

This wedding was also another opputunity for everyone to meet up. We got to meet people whom we have not seen for years and also meet people who were always spoken about but never knew how they look like. The crowd was so so HUGE. It looked like a mini Sri Lanka at the hall. Everty corner you turn, you would see a country man walking.

The newly weds with Grandma and aunty

As for the has been a really tough month...things just dont seem to fall to its place.After all they do say nothing is perfect in this world. Sometimes we just wished that atleast one or two does become perfect.That could be a great drive to make the imposible to possible.

So much seems to be happening these days.So much of good as well as so much of bad. People are changing rapidly suddenly. Sometimes Rupster just wonders if all these people are changing for a better or for the worst. If its going to be be for the better than hopefully what they wished would happen BUT at the same time please remember not to hurt other in the process of you changing to become better.

Better not think so much as more thinking is causing even more problems. As to that, it is clearly seen that November has sailed through and lets see together what does DECEMBER bring. =)