Sunday, 20 July 2008

Rupster says "About the 21st Birthday Bash"

As promised in the previous short entry this entire entry will be all about the last minute planned 21st Birthday Bash. We only had a week to prepare. The saree shopping (includes the accessories) had to be only a day because of the time needed to sew the blouse. So an entire Sunday was spent shopping around for what ever is needed to be worn on the day itself. The time was very limited and at the same time Rupster was also not in a mood to shop because of the flu and cough virus attack. The next day after shopping all the food planning and as well as invitations stated going around.

Premmy and Rupster

As the day came closer, there wasno sign of Rupster getting well but work still had to go on for a smooth flow. Cleaning the house, washing all the plates for the food and running around to but party stuffs. For the part stuffs alone, Prem and Rupster went all the way to 1 Utama,The Curve, and IKEA to find all the things needed. Thanks to Poobie who sent us to 1 Utama after taking for a ride to the Subang Immigration office :)

Premmy and Dr. Poobies

On the 12th it was way too HELL of a day. The whole family was practically running all around. Bro n Rupster had to go buy the flowers, find ice-cream and at the same time buy a present for a 2 year old kid who was celebrating her birthday that night. That means, we did not have any chance of getting any work done. Hence we had to cramp up as much as we could during the day. Than towards in the evening, went to the saloon and than straight went for the Birthday part at KK's place. The food was way too GOOD!!!! It was 100% North Indian delicacies. That was not the only celebration, we also had a joint B'day and Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Rupster's 1st cake

Suddenly at 12 o'clock the 3rd cake for the day comes in. It was a total surprise for Rupster as she was the one who was always giving surprises to others. After the cake cutting Rupster received her 1st Key to FREEDOM ;)

A video captured at 12 a.m on the 13th of July 2008

Opening the present and Ruspter gets....

The 1st KEY!!!

A closer look with the surprise face still on!!!

After the 1st bash, we rushed home to get SLEEP!!!!

But still...

Rupster did not get sleep because the phone kept ringing ;)


July the 13th starts at 8.30 A.M. The 1st thing to do was to go to temple.After temple, it was back to work. Getting back to work was getting started with the decorations. Thank God the KK geng were here to help out with all the decorations. By 3 something we were done with the decorations and by than Rupster was way too tired to move anymore. So Rupster runs to go get some sleep but still was disturbed mt the phone ringing. Though it was a very short nap, it was still very worthy :)

By 6, Poobie comes to help me on the saree and Shall with the make-up....And by 7 Rupster was all ready for the bash.

The crowd???

Dad's all 7 siblings. Mum's 4 other siblings, the cousins of both sides, the KK geng, the Jalan Ipoh geng and Taylor's geng were all here. So basically it was another mini family gathering at Rupster's place.

The cake cutting got delayed * yea..the usual INDIAN timing ;)* and after the cake cutting the photo session. The house became like a PAPARAZZI spot with so many camera that Rupster's family did not know to look at which camera. At the end,looking back at the pictures not even a single family photo that has all the 4 looking at 1 camera :(...

After the family photography session, Rupster made it a point to get a group shot of all her cousins that could make it for the night. Of course it had to be a split between the Rayar's and the Kandiah's.

Rupster thinks, this entry should be less wordy and let the pictures do all the talking.

The cake

The side pose

Before cutting the cake

The second and OFFICIAL key ;)

The feeding session by the family

The family shots that almost all were looking at 1 camera

My bro who finally got me the most expensive gift in his life so far ;)

Even Rupster's sick Grandmother made it a point to come. *How touching*

The Kandiah grandchildren with the grandson in-law *mom's side*

The almost half Rayar grandchildren with also the grandson/daughter in -law and great grandchildren *dad's side*

The friends that were exclusively invited :)

The Taylor's geng. Sue n Sha

The Jalan Ipoh geng. Nat, Geetha, Khusbu

Nurul Huda. Rupster's closest buddy since school

Rupster is still a baby...

P/S There are way too many pictures to be uploaded. Will upload it in the next entry when Rupster gets the remaining pictures from the paparazzi and paparazzo's.

Rupster will also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their presence, presents, wishes and SMSes. Also thanks to my cousin bro for bringing the JB and S'pore representatives. Will upload thier pictures in the next entry.

Keep coming back for the pictorial continuation of Rupster's 21st Birthday Bash :)


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Rupster says "Will update soon"

Ruspster blogspot has not been updated for sometime now. In between that whole time, Rupster lost herself and than got very sick.

From being very sick,Rupster had to recover too soon because suddenly the family decided to have Rupster's 21st Birthday Bash.

Today Ruspter is almost recoverd from the sick and will be updating about the 21st Birthday bash once she gets whole of all those pictures and videos.

So keep comming back to see if the entire Birthday Bash story has been updated.