Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rupster says " About Thaipusam 2011"

A very memorable trip filled with lot's of laughter and DRAMA!

We left KL on the 19th morning after seeing the chariot procession. Both the cars convoyed all the way. Had a pit-stop for breakfast at about 10.30. Home cooked food since we were all vegetarians. We stopped by at Tapah, opened up all the food we had brought along. The menu was vegetarian spaghetti, fried mee-hoon and the vegetarian fried chicken. Everything was so yummy!

After breakfast we continued the journey and reached Penang at about 1.30.  Since we were staying near the beach, we finished all the errands in town first before heading to the apartment. 1st day at the aprtment was super DRAMAish...haha..something that we would never forget for life time! Drama aside...

As the evening approached, we got ready to go to the temple to see the chariot procession. It was as expected. Very  CROWDED! And in that crowd we still managed to spot familiar faces! Went home and the dramas' continued. So much of planning hoping the next day would be better.

The 2nd day was Thaipusam day. So the day started early. As we woke up, all the plans that we planned night before had to be forgotten about. haha...So off we went to the temple which was so super crowded! Thank god the weather was very very fine. No rain no was the perfect weather! But the crowd was bad.

Penang's Thaipusam is always looked forward because of the pretty looking kavadis as well as well decorated tents. This we can never get in KL. We finished everything and went back to the apartment at  about 2 something. Came back we continued the table talks, had tea and got ready to hit the pool for a swim!

That is EXCITEMENT! So much fun. We were practically splashing water all around the place. And in that excitement some truths were revealed too *evil laugh*. After all that swimming and fun we went for dinner. Being a vegetarian is easy. But being a vegetarian in a place like Penang is hard! Lucky we manage to survive the 2 days!

Day 3 was shopping day! And this time we really shopped! We've never shopped as much as this before! The whole day out we spent time on shopping! Shopped and shopped till we never dropped! Left the apartment in the morning and only got home at around 5 something. We were so dead tired and decided to cancel our pool and beach plan! Yes! That was something that we rarely did but we were just to exausted with all the shopping and walking around.

That night, we finally broke our vegetarian fast. So it was definitely happening at GURNEY DRIVE! This is the heaven of food! We ordered all that we wanted and enjoyed it all. Though we were too stuffed we were very much delighted with all we had. To digest all the over consumption of food, it was time to continue shopping! Yes. Shopping AGAIN! At the day only ended at 1.30 am!

The last day, we forced ourselves out from the bed to hit the beach and the pool! Had a really good swim. Tired ourselves to the maximum. And by than we were already feeling hungry. And lunch was nasi kandar. The usual Line Clear nasi kandar!

We ate ate and ate! We were lucky to be there early and get a place to sit. As we were coming out of the shop, the line was so long. Right till the road! After lunch these people continued to shop again! Shopping was not on the list but we ended shopping even more! And finally we left Penang Island at about 3.30 pm!

Owh yes! This was the the only trip that we manage to see the best sunset ever!! and not forgetting the best full moon ever seen! We even slept accompanied by the full moon! It was so beautiful to look at. Especially when you the reflection on the sea! It is the best feeling and no words can describe how beautiful it was.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rupster says " About 11.1.11"

A very unique binary number. And to add to the uniqueness there is also another memorable event to add to this date that happened sometime back.

Time really flies fast. It has already been a year and a half now. Wonder where did all that one year plus go to! No matter what it has been a great journey. Looking forward to a better and greater journey. It is never easy, but than again it is all in the package of LIFE. Got to face, fight it and gain a huge VICTORY!

For that, come back for more update!

Happy 11.1.11!!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rupster says " About the Awsome starting week of 2011"

The first week of the New Year has been a blast. Things never was this good. The was a appropriate amount of fun, laughter, busyness, tiredness and all the emo-ness.

How nice if things were always this good!

Thursday evening, Sharu suddenly appears at the gate and  says "lets go to temple". An immediate answer was YES! So of we went, done with the 1st stop we decided why not go to a second one as well. Without thinking further we headed to Brickfields for the second stop. Once but the temple were done it was dinner time.

And this is the best part. For a reason everyone should know by now. This is because it was catch-up time! Way too many stories we covered! And that led to a discussion of a dinner meet up the next day.

The whole of Friday went on smoothly but the highlight was in the night. After much of a last minute planning, calling here and there finally the 6 of us met up for dinner. Starting of at Station One Cafe at Viva, Jalan Ipoh. It was totally madness. Some never saw each other since the last day of school. For the amount of noise we made, we had many people turning and looking back at us.

So we decided to change the location. Where else would we go if it is not Jalan Ipoh's famous Uma Rani (UR). And that is when it really turned to pure madness! Very very mad! People surrounding would have thought we were drunk or something. But no! We were not drunk or what so ever. It was just the excitement and craziness we had in us! And we were super LOUD!

We had so much fun talking and making noise! To the extend we forgot to snap more pictures!!! Though some of us never met for years, but it seemed like we always met and kept in touch. We've planned for another one, hopefully it does take place!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Rupster says " About the Girl's Day Out"

It is the second day of the new year and there was no plans for the day but to just sit at home do nothing. Suddenly the phone rings "get ready and wait. We will be there in 3 minutes and wear formal!" That was the only instruction given.

After so many attempts of asking still no information was given. The only information given was we were going somewhere for a good meal! With no other choice, Rupster got dressed an followed them. Location was to The Curve.

Food was so good! The day was good! It was such a great idea. For once Rupster was not the planner! So it was extremely very relaxing! All we did was eat, drink, talk, laugh, laugh,watch movie, laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh!

This is one of the very first time the conversation went really mad! We've known each other for years BUT it never got this bad! It was so much fun!

It would be so much fun if we could do it all the time! But sadly we cant do it often but definately there is many more such "sessions" to come! =)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Rupster says " Welcome 2011! "

Here we are...

A brand new world,

A brand new year,

A brand new start.

Welcome 2011.

Its yet again another new year that would come along with a lot more of lessons in life.

Looking forwards to a great new year along with family, friends and loved ones.

It's not going to be easy but life itself is such a great teacher. So we just got to stay strong and enjoy every minute and second of it!

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!!!!