Friday, 19 September 2008

Rupster says "About the well kept secret"

It all went on GREAT last Saturday...

As we knew it was going to be a very tiring day as there was too much of running around work to be done. But still the big SECRET was kept very well :)

But for t secret to be kept, there were way too much of "stories" that had to be said and not forgetting all the hard work needed to keep everything a big SECRET. Thank GOD there is technology today though sometime technology can be a big NO-NO in our daily routine.

The uncooked lamb,chicken and assorted sausages

The baked chicken salad

surprise was still a surprise and it lasted until an hour before everyone were to arrive. How you may ask..thanks to the cake box that was kept in the refrigerator. So the person that was to be surprised SUSPECTED something was not right. The food on the table also added to the suspicion. At the end the cat was out of the bag.

The chicken and sausages being grilled

The lamb being grilled

One of the best drinks that Rupster ever made after a long time

The food tasted very good. Very simple yet deliciouse AND that includes the birthday cake too!!!. The whole lot of planing was all WORTH!!

The very shy birthday boy

Cake Cutting was Rupster's dad's 58th Birthday!!!!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rupster says " About D.R.E.A.M.S"

As human beings we always had our own DREAMS on WHAT,WHO,WHY,WHEN and HOW this life will be.

Leave those DREAMS a side.

As human we need to get ENOUGH food as well as sleep.

When we sleep some of us tend to get this picturization in our sleep or better known as DREAM.

"Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while sleeping, particularly strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep. The contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. " Every dream is connected with your own "reality". "

Do you actually make it a point to wake up in the morning or at the end of dream to think back what has just happened?

Rupster always makes it a point to actually wake up and think back about the dreams. Some of those dreams could be really FREEKY.

It could be eithre be FREEKY,FUNNY or even just a simple dream. People say that dreams could be interpreted in many ways. Even the time of the dream was had also could determine if it was going to become true or not.

Rupster remembers getting dreams that she would never forget for her rest of her life. The list is way too long and its almost very PERSONAL.

However bad or good the dream is Rupster always make it point to call or SMS the person that is some how or rather connected to the dream. Though Rupster has not seen or contacted the person for a very long time, with just a dream that involves t person Rupster makes it a point to do something to make sure the person is OK.

Talking about DREAMS, Rupster had this very long and rather weired dream last night. It could have been WEIRED but Rupster really hopes that, that particular dream will be a reality one fine day *not the whole dream though because its a rather "expensive" dream to happen for real*

Those kind of dreams have been coming up very often LATELY and Rupster wonders if it could be a GOOD or BAD sign *prays it would be good*. If the dream was to happen it should be an ever-lasting thing in LIFE.

Its not that easy to get those ever-lasting things in LIFE but Rupster is sure that the right desicion would be made when the time comes.

Ruspter found this rather intersting web site on dreams. Do drop by and check it out to interprate your very own DREAMS.....

Till the next post, keep having SWEET DREAMS...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rupster says "About looking forward"

Rupster is suppose to be STUDYING law at this hour but decides to steall some time from Law Studies to update The Roller-Coaster Life of Rupster...

Past few days or is it supposed to be months????*thinks*, has been a way too long of a Roller- Coaster ride and a really fast one too.The ride is still very long ut yet Rupster beleives that Rupster will be able to SURVIVE through out the whole ride.
The world is changing, the people are changing. People run after time so much that the begin to ignore their surroundings. When something is needed that is when they turn around and look for their "long lost friend". *sigh*
Though the ride may continue to be a very long ride but Rupster has other POSITIVE/BETTER things to look forward to.

First of there would be a big SURPRISE in the Singham's household for this Saturday. Everything has been a TOP SECRET so far. Have to ADMIT though, that everything is a very last minute planning *as usual*. Hence, its only between the geng BUT still the working team has lots of work to do. That is based on past EXPERIANCE by the very small team of 4.

This time, the team is even SMALLER but everything is going to be very FINE and the Saturday is going to turn out to be one of the greatest though its happening for the very first time in the Singham's household. As to that lots of running around has to be done, tonnes of phone calls, and SHOPPING for all the suffs needed.

It would be a tiring day just wait for the next few entries and find out what the whole things is going to be about ;)

The festive season is also almost here and thats another thing to look forward to.

And in DECEMBER its :

Yeap...RUPSTER is FLYING off after 3 years with the family and the usual geng for our 1st flying vacation. Everything has been confirmed. 10 people is boarding that plane and the DESTINATION is.......

Before the destination is named, let Rupster give some clues.

Rupster is very EXCITED for this vacation because its going to give a lot of memories though its for only 3 days. It's also going to bring back way too many memories when Rupster steps on to that LAND.

Everyone is going there without any high expectation BUT Rupster will not.


Rupster has already a rough idea on what to EXPECT. Rupster's contact are every ready to kidnap Rupster away from the group *yeap,holiday DILEMA* ..but never mind it would be ok!!!

Rupster is already counting the days due to excitement and cant wait to see the "people" of the land.



Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rupster says "About August"


The month that is full of hostory for Malaysians. The Nation gained its Independence 51 years ago on 31st August 2008. Yes we are free from being colonaized, but does our mind is still being colonized??? A very good question to ponder about for todays' Malaysian...
To tel the truth, August came and went by so fast. All that Rupster remebers doing this whole month was coming and going for classes. Craking my head on what the lecturer was/is talking about. Rupster still can beleive that Accounting is one of the core subjects that is needed to be taken *sigh*. So far still surviving.

And the usual family Birthday dinner

AUGUST also means the birthday season CONTINUES...not to forget we have a double birthday celebretion on August 28th every year.

Yeah 1 day with 2 birthdays..Ruspter's mom and cousin brother shares the same birthday date...and that is also 1 reason why thry can get along very WELL!!!! We call them the 28


Cake on August 1st

Cake for August 28th....

And the other cake for August 28th too...