Saturday, 23 October 2010

Rupster says " About Everything is Ending"

A tough semester it has been! Just cant wait for this semester to end! With all the inappropriate hours of traveling, jam-packed trains, delayed train, last minute rush of assignment by group members, and all sorts of other things!

Working in a group can be fun but that is only when you know your team members well enough. Though we start late, everyone is done by the time promised. But how if you hardly know them? Well this time it really hit Rupster hard! At the begining they were doing fine, but as time went on, they started giving all sorts of excuses! Sigh...Never went through this situation all through a student life! This was the worst!

2 people ended up doing of 3 sake there were 5 names in the cover sheet! At times, thinking of it, it is just not fair but at the end of the day we want the marks too! So we just cant afford to give but to do their part of the work as well!

The worst part is compiling the entire thing hours before submission date! Rupster hates that the most and never does that at all! No matter how late Rupster starts the work given latest it is finished should be the night before. Before going to be bed, let it be what ever time! Hate going to bed knowing something is not done is due the next day!

Well, maybe that's how life is! What is life without compromising! So we got to give and take to have a pleasant flight ahead of us!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rupster says "About 10.10.10"

10/10/10 was a date chosen by us to meet up! We last had the entire group together was way back in school which was about 6 years ago. Not that we totally lost contact. We did meet up in between but it was never complete. Even this is is not complete. 1 more important member could not make it...
 After much of planning and decisions, we finally choose Mid Valley to meet up since it was the central point for all of us to get there. There was a slight delay in the timing, so by the time we reached there was already lunch time. Being it a Sunday and the place being Mid Valley, it would not easy to find a spot to eat.
 Since we decided Pizza Hut, we had to wait for about 10 minutes before we could get our seats! But God knows how fast time moved on as soon as we sat on the seat! So much stories and it was day filled lots and lots of laughter!

 Many of us have changed. But the "kiddos" in us have yet to change! We still bully each other. And the person who always gets bullies is still the very same person since we were in our 1st year if high school!

 We had lots to catch up and lots to patch back among ourselves. Over food, we laughed and talked all the way not realising time has been really passing by fast. We even did not realise that there was someone watching us! Yes! It felt like we were stalked by this one particular waiter there!

 Feeling the discomfort of being watched we decided to walk around the mall, get some more food to munch on. Through that journey, we took tonnes of pictures!

 Only than did we realise, we only had 1 picture of all of us when we were in school..So we took more and more pictures!
We ended the day at almost 7 because everyone had other plans planned for the night. Some of us were trying to meet up for the night to continue the session but it just did not work out. As an all, the day turned out to be a very fun and memorable day for all of us. Going down memory lane, is something very beautiful to look at! Looking forward to more such events!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Rupster says " About September"

September. The 9th month of the year. Lots of this has been happening. Its been a great month indeed. Filled with lots of emotions and important dates to keep in mind! Its also been month with a little traveling. Not only the the traveling to college but also traveling to other states of the country!

We made it to Malacca with the family. Than to Johore. The following weekend after Johore was Seremban. And in between a few other places as well! And not forgetting the highlight of the month which was the 60th Birthday bash! Very short planning but we believe it turned out awesomely!

Other than that, its just been the usual school going routine. A truth revealing month as well. Thankfully it all turned to be very smooth! Don't know what more is there to come but just got to keep staying strong and believe in ourselves!

Avery short entry. Lets see what has October has to show us!