Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rupster says "Words"


There are words I can't say
That will mend your broken heart
As the world stays still
Just for one more moment

I try so hard
to plead you with only my eyes
But you're pleading back
with your own

And I'm left to turn away
Once Again
Unable to say words
that can mend my broken heart.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Rupster says "About the Bondings with the cousins!!"

Its been months since we last hanged out together!!!!

After so much planing and postponing's we finally manage to meet up...Ever since we left school we had to make appointments to meet up...but still we constantly kept in touch through technology such as SMS,MSN and also long phone calls!!

This time we had to meet up before the next generation was due to pop out..thus we headed to the Weld to have lunch at Bangkok Express since it was nearest for Poops to head back to work...

Lunch was short a short 1 hour span but we manage to cover almost quite a bit of stories and updates..

After that Cheeky Premmy and Rupster decided to continued our session and thus we headed of to this place Chawan...which had a really good tea!!! Its been ages since Rupster had a really good cup of tea!!

So with that chance,Rupster had to full glases of tea!!!

Fineshed Weld we headed for KLCC to go have something thats not been taken for ages!!!! Well go ahead calling us kiddos but we are still kiddos when it comes to things like this!!!

Yup..we headed for A&W to have the float and onion fries!!!

It was sooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A one whole full day we spent together with so much to day is never enough...but at least there is something than nothing...hoping for more soon and maybe the next time will be with the little one =)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rupster says "sometimes......."

Sometimes people just feel so lost in this world..

Wonder why....

Each and every human is surrounded by at least one person around them...

But why is it sometime being surrounded by people also could make you feel so lost....

We are sometimes surrounded by people who are always so happy,chatty and full of laughter...

Its only when you actually sit and have a heart to heart conversation with that person will you realize the amount of sorrow and problems that they face.

These people put all their problems away just to lighten up the environment and later sit alone and think and let things happen for a reason....

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rupster says "About March"


March is done and April comes sailing in!!!!

The year has been moving by so fast or are we the ones speeding things up??

Another wedding for the family had also taken place at this very month. And it was to Seremban after just 2 months. The family gatherings has always been the whole geng getting together and all we do is just sit and talk crap. Its been a while since this part of the family got together. Thus this wedding gave a very good opputunity for everyone to meet up and catch on lots of stories =)

Classes has been going on smoothly and assignments has also been piling up but still everything seems to be managed well :)

Things has also been getting better *a bit better* least something than nothing. Hopefully everything will be fine much to handle is kindda tough!!!

March has also seen Rupster goin out late at nights..Hahaha..can ask how and thats because the brother come along!!!

There are more pictures but its to sensative to be uploaded any where around..THus oni 2 of those outing pictures can be published =)

March has come and lets so what is in store for APRIL...

p/s This is a very short update in which Rupster also does not know why.There is so much to write but yet things are not flowing out...