Friday, 30 July 2010

This is a day to be in mind for a very long time. It was like back to high school. When Rupster first entered high school she was still in a group with her primary school mates. Most of our primary school mates went to the same school. It was only a handful of us opted to change to a school that was much nearer to our homes.

As time went on, we all found our own click of friends. So there we were the 7 of us formed a group. We used to do crazy stuffs together. In the first year and second year, we spent most of our time in school because we were in the afternoon section. We used to go early to school just to meet up and talk stories and do havoc. Fridays were the best! We got to hang out even longer as school started much later!

Once we got to the morning section, after school the first thing we used to do was all the 7 of us meet up at our meeting point which is the canteen. Once everyone was there we would to Mutiara Complex that was located right next to our school. Mutiara after school hours looked like just another school because it would be filled with students from our school as well as other surrounding schools too!

We used to go there just to buy ice cream or at times to have our lunch there. On the way walking to Mutiara, is a Hyundai showroom. Everytime we walk pass the showroom, the door would open and we used to get the air-cond! We purposely used to walk up and down just for the air-cond!

In Mutiara, we used to walk aimlessly and do just nothing at all! All we did was talk and laugh like crazy people. But we were not the only ones! There were so many of our school mates who were doing the same thing as well! We used to walk there just because one person need to buy a pen and the bookshop!

Than after we are done with Mutiara, our session would continue to the bus stop. Most of us went back by bus. So we used to take the same bus as well. The only problem was, other than Rupster, all the rest needed to take a specific numbered bus! So we used to wait and wait for those buses. At times, when the bus comes, we don't even take the bus just because we were having some interesting topic to talk about! So we wait for the next bus!

Those were some of the good times we had together. Once we left school, we all went our own ways but still kept in touch. We met once in a while but just could not seem to get the whole group together at one time.

What happened yesterday was very unplanned. First, only the 2 of us planned to meet. But along the way we had another 2 to join in. The days started at 3 pm and only ended at 11.30 pm! We went to 3 different places! We just had too much to talk about! If it was not because of our late curfew, we would have just continued to even a later time!So we decided to plan a short trip so that everyone could come along and we get to spend more time together. When? We are not sure, but it will definitely happen!

It just felt like it was school times. Just that this time we were not in our uniforms. The laughter, the stories, the each other attacking and all the other things that came along it was still the SAME!!!

p/s The picture uploaded above is the ALMOST complete group. 1 more person went missing when we were taking the picture. This is the only picture we have and was taken on our high school graduation party! Cant wait for the next gathering for more pictures because this time we completely forgot to take pictures!!!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rupster says " About I-City"

Its been a while now since the whole geng went out for an outing. Its always been a Saturday night in house gathering.

After much planning we finally decided to pay a visit to I-City located in Shah Alam. It has been around for some time now. Many people have been talking about it. Some gave good reviews and some said its was just a waste of time. So we decided we shall go there and judge it for ourselves.

After everyone gathered we left KL at about 7.45 pm. 3 cars with 9 people! As soon as we reached Shah Alam, the first thing we did was to have DINNER! Yes! Our usual outing routine. So there we were at this restaurant called Mahamewah Seafood Sdn. Bhd.

Food was so good. But we totally forgot to take pictures of the food!! The menu was the usual seafood stuff which was Steamed Talapia Fish with garlic, Tom Yam Prawns serve in a young Coconut, Long Beans stir fries and Chili Chicken. The different menu that we tired out this time was the Sizzling Fried Oyster with Egg and the Tofu Soup with chicken. The food was so GOOD! Something very different. Flavor was not the same as all the usual Chine cuisine outing that we have had. It was very much cheap as well!

After about 2 hours we finally left for I-City which was located about 5 minutes away from the restaurant.  As soon as the we reached the I-City junction, it was pretty much jammed. Thank god the colourful lights did not make the journey to the car park a bored one.

Took us about 10 minutes to get through the jam and to find a parking spot. So while going through the jam, it was picture taking time! Pictures did not turn out very clear because of the car movements. But something is better than nothing!

As soon as we got a parking spot, immediately we jumped out of the car and all we did was POSE, POSE and POSE!!!

Overall, it was a very beautiful sight though nothing much can be done other than POSE! The colours of the lights were so beautiful! It suddenly felt like it was Christmas. Just that we are 5 months away from Christmas.

Uncle was saying, last Christmas, everything was lit up in white. That give an idea for this year's Christmas plan *evil smile*...

The place is ok la. Like it was mentioned earlier, nothing much to do other than enjoying the lights. Lots of colours. A bit of walking around. Mostly people come there to enjoy the colours and those who like photography, this is YOUR place. Kids would enjoy it as well because there formations of animals other the pine trees.

We spent about 2 hours walking around and taking pictures. Than as usual, we went for our usual mamak session. We've always had a mamak session after every dinner or any night outing. But this time, it turned to be very fun one. All we did was laugh, laugh, and laugh. We laughed for every single small thing. Even over a spoon! It was like we were all sugar-high! We laughed was not the usual laugh-laugh but it went to the extend we started tearing and just could not stop ourselves from laughing.

We laughed so much and loud to the extend, uncle said he is no longer stepping to that place for lunch the next 2 weeks! That's how bad it was! And all the tiredness that has been in us just went flying away. At the end, it was a day filled with so much fun and laughter! Looking forward to more outings!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rupster says " About the New Experiance"

Holidays are almost half way gone! fast! This holidays did not really seem like a holiday!

Because, usually during the holidays. all that Rupster does is sit at home, be online the whole day, eat, sleep and at times go out. This time its none of the above. Rupster has been busy helping her father at the shop.

Well, they are lacking of worker. So Rupster is helping out. Feels very weird to actually work surrounded by about 13 foreigners! Its very very tiring to stand all day long. With the existing leg pain plus with the whole day standing makes it worst!

Thus, the day literally end by 11.30 p.m these days. We come to the shop at about 9.30 am and be back home by earliest 8.15pm. Its been very tiring because at times its a continuous 7 days job. At times just ponteng la..hehe....But it has been a good past time. Since everyone has started their working carrier and been busy, this is one of the best chance to past time and at the same time learn new things everyday.

Its been a really good kerning experience. Well, the place is divided in to two sections. The section downstairs is the Tailor shop and the one above is the factory. When parents were away in India, we were focusing on the down business as there was someone else in charge of the factory. So we kind of learned a lot during that period. It was different experience by itself to speak and persuade customers! Ever since parents came back, Rupster has been mostly upstairs. At times, Rupster is sometimes half up and half down!

Don't ask how but it happens. Usually when there is no one to be in charge of of the downstairs. So yea basically for now holidays are being spent as such. So far Rupster only reached Penang and the usual weekend outings. Hopefully there is another escape soon before the "hell" semester starts again in early August!!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rupster says " About The D Day!"

Rather than being excited for July 13th, parents were very much looking forward for 14 July. Why? Because results were suppose to be released.

After such a tough semester, results were very much awaited. 1 subject did worry us so much! But looking at the results today, with God's blessing we all did well. We all got through our papers. All 4 paper has been cleared!

It was and had been an extremely hard semester with the course-work. Thankfully course-work and the internal results were high enough and it was only left with the external results. Studying through the night. Getting constant SMS reminders to study was a great help!

There was sure procrastination to study, but all those constant SMS nagging did work! Thank you so much to those who had a played a major role in this whole semester! Yes and special thanks to Dad to for not only nagging but help pay the fees! Will definitely work even harder for the next semester! Seeing the excitement on his face today was such relieve!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rupster says " About July 13th"

July 13th 2010 had been a pretty much low profiled. But lots of messages came flowing in via Facebook, SMSes, phonecalls and as well as Geni.

Geni is another social network specially dedicated to connect you with your family members. In other words you build your family- tree here. And this has really helped us get to know family members whom we hardly know and never knew the existed! And grandma 31 days prayers has really helped us to reconnect back with all this people. Some were reluctant when we requested for the email ID's but today they are the most active people on it!

So back to July 13th. Day felt kind of gloomy because exam results is suppose to be out tommorow! *sigh*..What a time for results! But yet the day was not that bad after all. The phone calls really made the day! And the best part, those who actually made the effort to sing over the phone! Thank you so much people! Rupster was very very touched. It was fun being the chorus as you guys sang!
The night was the usual family outing dinner. The spot was the usual spot. But the food was really a let down! Sigh..don't know why but the standard seemed to have dropped so drastically. But cake was superb! Rupster was looking forward to an orange cake this. Don't know why. Thank God there was an Orange Cake! Immediately grabbed that! And it was all worth! So the orangie!!!!!!!!!!

Minus the food and cake, it was a good get together after such a long time. We'll we've been busy with prayers that we hardly got to meet often unless it was during the day time. Overall, it was indeed a good and simple a simple day.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Rupster says " About the First Year"

Yes!!! Its already a year!

A great year it has been. A year filled with so much of new self-discovery. Its also been very much a emotional year. Emotion. Yes all sorts of emotions. Joy, happy, sad, tears, excitement, anger and the list goes on and on...

Its been a great experience and its still in the learning process. Looking forward to many many more years ahead! And spending more time!

Thank you for such a great experience! Never knew and expected all these to happen. Though it was all of a sudden but Rupster is very much glad it had all happened! Everything is moving smoothly as planned. Lets see what else is there to be looked forward to!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Rupster says " About Penang Again!"

So here comes July. July was very much started of in Penang. After much of planing, we finally made it there! Rupster missed that place so much! Not forgetting the never ending food spree that we do there! *sigh*. The last trip was a year ago!
We were suppose to go the 4 of us. But 1 person ended up getting employed officially after almost 15 years of education! So she had to opt out. Congrats babe for the job. Now working women already ;)

So, we continued the plan with the 3 of us. Lots of drama 1 person had to go through just for 2 days of leave! Thank God the whole trip was worth all the drama! And Rupster believes she did a good job as a tourist guide as well ;). Yes! You read it well. Tourist Guide! Just that, we traveled using public transport. We hardly traveled in the public transport here in KL. But Rupster knows how to travel using a bus in PENANG! That's how efficient their system is!

This blog has been full of Penang entries. So just enjoy the difference of our Penang visit this time with the pictures.