Saturday, 27 March 2010

Rupster says " About the India Goodies"

Parents are back from India. 2 weeks seemed to be fast but Rupster thinks it was not that bad though. It was a pretty fast period. Lots of outings. Traveling up and down for class. Being in the shop and taking care of things there. It was not easy at all. Everyday we faced all sort of issues. But, at the end of teh day, we pretty much managed to handle everything.

Parents got back sick. Something very new for dad since he never really gets sick.  It could also be due to the hot weather there and all the hectic traveling schedule they had. Or it could also be due to the curse of Rupster which told him he would get sick there this time *evil laugh*.

Their trip this time seemed to be more detailed compare to the one we had in December. They had much more shopping spree than the last trip. Surprisingly the stuffs they bought back this time seems to be very good! So much of clothes! In December, Rupster did not like anything at all when she was there. Thus, nothing much was bought. This time all the things that they had bought seemed to be so nice.

And yes almost more that half of the clothes Rupster gets to keep because it wont fit whoever it is suppose to go to. So no Deepavali shopping this year! Got to be really strict on that because the cupboard is really overloaded! Nee to start to "tumpang" with the other cupboards of the house now!

Can't wait to see the pictures now!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rupster says " About a few Stories"

Rupster has been planning to update the blog for the last 2 weeks but just never got the time. So much work and running about it has been the last two weeks. Will try to update as much as possible in this entry.

Sharmilla had been around for about a month. Before she left back we decided to go out for a dinner as a whole family. So we headed over to Taman Megah Food-court for dinner. After dinner we headed back to an aunts place for a small chit-chat session that lead to a photography session.

That 11th March night also lead to a very busy week ahead. Parents left for India on the 13th morning. And than, it was all about great hospitality by the geng. They took Rupster along with them for all their outings. One of it was the trip to Kuala Selangor. Wished we had taken pictures but we were not allowed to do so.

The main aim of the trip to Kuala Selangor was going to see the Fire Fly's or better known as "kelip-kelip. Though it was raining but the view was so beautiful. The tree looked like the were being lighted up for Christmas! The boat trip was cut short because the rain was becoming heavier. Than we headed for some seafood dinner.

The next whole week was filled with outings. And everything was about eating eating and eating. Than there was a birthday. That was also seafood. A whole week just about eating and eating.Wished there was more photos for these entry with all the outings we had. But there is no camera in hand for now so we just got to stay without photos for the time being!

It was sort of tiring as well. Because classes ended in the evenings. By the time we got back is 8.30. And than immediately get ready for a outing. Rupster had thought that while parents were away, it was going to be some foodless time! But Rupster was wrong! It was all about FOOD!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Rupster says " About Its Back to School Time"

After almost about 3 months of holidays, its back to school again for Rupster. The first week was not really hectic as it was only filled with lectures and introductions to the subject.

Tutorial are set to start next week onwards. This semester seems to be scary. It would be preety much hectic as well. Classes timing are also so screwed up! For the first time in history, Rupster has a classes that finishes at 6 pm! *sigh*...its not about the class that Rupster is complaining about, but the timing. Its the super peak period. KTM would be as packed as sardine. SMELLY!!!

The lecturers these semester are super good! They all seem to be nice and helpful. So got to work really hard to complete all these 4 papers. Subjects are sort of balance. As there are tough once and easy once. But still got to work hard to make sure everything is cleared!

Other than classes the week turned out pretty much well. Had the usual weekend gatherings. Plans are being made but don't think we would be able to join in this year. Maybe next year.

Parents would be away for 10 days next weekend onwards. House is going to be very empty. Not that the house has never been empty all these years. We are all back latest by 8. So there are people in the house. But this time only the 2 of us are going to be home. So we don't know what is it going to be like. Thank God classes have started and Rupster is not going to feel lonely that much.

Anyways, that the weeks update *yea its short* but what do you expect for Rupster to do when its back to school time. Half the time is spent of traveling. So that is all for now..sayonaraaaaaa

Monday, 1 March 2010

Rupster says "About My third eye"

Check this interesting article out. 

My third eye

Opening up the various energy centres in the body.
IF you are into mind-body exercises (like yoga, tai chi, and qigong) or energy-healing, you may have had your chakras (energy centres) “opened” by a master. I have often felt bemused that sometimes the same person gets his or her chakras repeatedly opened by succeeding masters. Every time you meet a master, your chakra is “closed”, and needs to be “opened” by the new master.
The truth is, very few masters really know if your chakras are “closed”, and fewer still can “open” the chakras. Chakras are spinning wheels, or more accurately, vortices of energy in the ethereal body. They are the main energy centres in the Indian energy system. Up to the 5th chakra, they lie approximately along the spinal column, but the channel that connects them is a straight beam, unlike the curved and uneven physical spine.
A “closed” chakra actually means that the energy centre is poorly functioning, and an “opened” chakra means it is functioning well. “Opening” a chakra or energy-centre means activating it. However, there are differences in how well the “opened” chakras function in different individuals.
There are also certain differences in the understanding of the chakras and energy-centres between the different energy systems. For example, while the main centres (upper and lower dan tian) in the Chinese system are in front (a few inches below the skin surface), the chakras are located posteriorly.

The energy is in everyone
Before the Muslims jump at me and accuse me of delving into something unIslamic, may I remind them that the Sufis also study and practise energy healing. In The Healing Masters (see, I quoted my Sufi Grandshaykh, Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani an-Naqshbandiyya, who said: “Real healing is to be able to send rays of power through your hands to the body of the patients who must be ready to receive the healing. Most people are closed and it is impossible even for prophets to reach them. A closed socket cannot transport electricity. On a patient like that you must try to crack open a weak point of their shell where you can enter.
“Since the beginning of time, people have been in need of healing, physically and spiritually. Authorised healers will always be on earth. Many of them are totally hidden and you would never imagine them having such powers. If someone is seriously looking for them, they will find. It is not something you will find in books...”
Since I am involved in the Chinese, Indian, and Sufi energy systems, I am in a position to integrate them into one coherent system. If you read some of the writings about the chakras and energy-centres, you may be confused and think that there are multiple systems referred to by the different traditions. Of course the systems do not exist independently of one another. The anterior and posterior energy centres actually refer to different parts of the same energy vortices, in a complex energy system that is part of our existence.

The eye of wisdom
Today I will share with you what happened when my Mooladhara, Third Eye, and Crown chakras were activated at the end of a three-day Maha Sri Yogam course I attended at Thirumurthi Hills (at Jagathguru Paranjothi Mahan’s ashram) recently. The course was conducted by Kundalini Master K. S. Sundararaman, who is Guruji’s able assistant and chief instructor/teacher, and general secretary of the Universal Peace Foundation.
After three days of breathing exercises and connecting with our energy and our souls, it was time for the Mooladhara to be activated. I was sitting in a relaxed posture, spine erect and eyes closed. Immediately I “saw” a cone of light in front of my forehead, then the light spread like a crown around my head and expanded upwards and outwards.
When the master touched my Mooladhara area (base of spine), I felt a strong beam of energy, about 5cm in diameter, going up in my spine, then crossing forwards to the centre of my forehead ( to the Ajna, Third Eye area). The “electricity” was so strong that I shouted and my body stiffened, and my arms were flung straight heaven-wards. The Ajna or Third Eye is also called the Eye of Wisdom.
Then something strange happened. I was given the explanation why the founder of this movement (the first Guru, Jagathguru Paranjothi Mahan Gnanavallal) was a Muslim, and why I am to continue his work. Since this involves religious and spiritual explanations that many Muslims and Hindus may not accept, I will have to be very careful in explaining to you.
In the Qur’an, God says that he had sent prophets and messengers with instructions and revelations to all the peoples, each with their own set of rules. What was consistent was that God is one, and he has no partners, associates, nor demi-gods to assist him. We now see many religions with some having many gods, and some having three-in-one God. Others have deities and demi-gods, even though they say they worship the one God.

God is one
What Guru Mahan Gnanavallal taught was achieving peace and happiness (“Santhosam”) through rediscovering the truth that god is One, and that there is no need for intermediary deities and demi-gods to administer God’s universe. That is the same as Islam – which is about achieving peace and success through submitting to the one God.
The followers mostly come from a Hindu background (not all), and they are taught to submit, glorify, and serve the one God directly. Even though they follow different rituals and rules from what Muslims do, their understanding of the purity of the oneness of God is very much similar to Islamic tauhid.
The Vedas and Upanishads are replete with references that “God is one, there is none other than him’. Compare to the Islamic creed of “There is no god but Allah (the one God)”.
The Hindu scriptures also refer to a sage named Narashangsa (meaning praiseworthy) who will be born in the sandy desert, who will receive and preach divine knowledge, ride a camel, and have twelve wives. The description fits Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) perfectly, and Muhammad means “the praised one”. And the scripture also says: “When he comes, all are commanded to follow him”. The Vedas also describes the Final (Kalki) Avatar, which also fits the description of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) perfectly. Those who doubt what I say are welcome to examine the references and have a respectful dialogue.
Of course Hindus may choose to reject that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Narashangsa; or agree that he is, but refuse to follow. I respect everyone’s right to choose his faith or religion. But those among them (or of any religion) who worship the one God with no partners or other deities are closest to me (and the Muslims) in our understanding of God. About how we submit to him, God has said that to each people He has given a different set of laws (syariat). While God says in the Qur’an that all are required to follow the final syariat and way of life (Islam), there is no compulsion in making the choice.

The centre of bliss
After the opening of the Third Eye, Guruji finally activated my Crown chakra. This is to open the connection with the divine, which would lead to bliss and happiness. “Santhosam” (gladness/bliss/happiness) is the salutation of Guruji and his followers. They are on the path of knowing and understanding God, and of becoming blissful and happy in doing so.
I future articles, I will also describe how my energy-centres were opened by my qigong masters, so that you can compare.

Dr Amir Farid Isahak is a medical specialist who practises holistic, aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine. He is a qigong master and founder of SuperQigong. For further information, e-mail The views expressed are those of the writer and readers are advised to always consult expert advice before undertaking any changes to their lifestyles. The Star does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this column. The Star disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.