Monday, 31 August 2009

Rupster says "About August"

August....the number 8 of the year.

The year seems to be flying by extremely fast. August had come and just skimmed through the calender.

A busy month it has been. With traveling to college, tonnes of family gatherings. Yeap. its always been tonnes of friends gathering but August seemed to be more of a family orientated month.

Its been a month of full of its own ups and downs.

Its been a month full of learning.

Its been a month full of memories.

Its been a month full of emotions.

Its been a month full of understandings.

Its been a month full of receiving.

Its been a month full of giving.

Its been a month full of tolerating.

Its been a month full of love.

Its been a month full of new technology.

Its been a month full of eating cheese.


It was a month to the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *updates of beach in the next entry*

Friday, 28 August 2009

Rupster says "About 28th August"

28th of August has always been a double celebration for the family.

We celebrate 2 birthdays from 2 different generations of the Kandiahs'.

It was mum's and cousie Sankar's birthday. Just like most of the other birthday's we headed to the usual ala-chinese style dinner.This time it was a slight different because we headed for Chinese vegetarian in the mark of respect for the Friday.

A usual family gathering that involved tonnes of stories and catch ups from everyone.Not to mention the food was way too good this time.

Before all this celebration...the morning of 28th August was a very bad start for Rupster.

The sun rises and thus it was time to wake up and go for class. Rupster wakes up with a headache and tells dad to leave to work first because Rupster needed extra sleep. Rupster had planned to go for class later hoping the headache would get better.

After dad knock's on the door to wake her up, she wakes up and tells him about the pain. As he was questioning what was wrong Rupster decieds to lye down on the bed to answer him.


The lye down ended up being banging her head on the edge of the bed!!!!

It was amazingly a loud bang that hurt so much. Next minute she sees the banged area was so swelled up!

She runs down, get an ice to put on. Nothing worked!!!

With all the pain headed for class. Everyone looks at Rupster weirdly and wondered what the hell happened. Being it a small tutorial class,Rupster had to answer each and every student on what happened.

And the swell lasted all day long...not only swelled up,it was a total dizzy day as well. But managed to stay strong and pull the whole day through with adding up to some laughter.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both the 28s'!!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Rupster says "About the Meaning of Love"

Meaning of Love

There is nothing like it ever exists in the world.

Love not with mind but heart.

Love alone can fill our heart.

Love alone binds every relationship.

There is no force dare to face the love.

Love brightens the darkness of life.

Love is seen in the eye.

Love gives friendship its meaning and trust.

Like the sun its fragrances ,like the dawn its gold.

The hug its warmth and the smile it's true and beauty.

Love is something which you had gave a way

and never expect anything in return.

One can defeat the greatest universal emperor

but no one dares to defeat love nor no one can.

A true love weigh much more that the whole weight of the universe.

One can assume the dimension of the universe but no one can assume the

dimension of love nor no one can.

Love never sees the caste, colour and it never differentiate between two people.

Where there is trust, there will be love.

Never try to test true love because it is very hard to forget.

You can only be felled.

Every supreme sacrifice of this world, behind it there will be love.

And we human exist in this world because of LOVE.

P/s Another poem from the long collection.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rupster says "About The Saturday"

Its the usual Saturday morning routine... waking up and just lying on the bed doing nothing. Or maybe planning whats to be done for the day.

Thus Rupster decides to stay at home do nothing at all BUT try finding journals for all the assignments. So she gets out of bed does the normal morning routine before she hits the piles of assignments...

So off she goes on the TV turn here and turn there...and suddenly her phone rings. She freaks out seeing the name on the phone because she knows what going to happen next. But at the same time excitement rises up.

Shan calls and this has been his 5th call to Rupster ever since he got married. He has been really trying hard to drop over for months and so finally Rupster was at home for them to drop by. He calls and says "lets go out for drink and makan.We will be there in 10 minutes. Get READY!"

Thank God it was 10 minutes and not 1 minute. And true enough he was at the door step in less than 10 minutes. Its been a really long time since the both of us really caught up with so much stories. It was a great good 3 hours of talks we had and it was knowing the new addition to the family as well.

Did not get much time to talk to her during the wedding, so this was a great opportunity. This brother of Rupster is always full of weird and chronic ideas!!! Buts its always something logical. Its always a miracle how Rupster ends up being on their wife's side rather than supporting the brother.

At the end of the day,we are still laughing and talking about it all.We decided to cancel the plan of going out due to the rain. Thus,we ended up spending the day at home and with some really good updates of everyone.

It was almost as they left. Just as Rupster was about to get a short evening nap, the phone rings again.

Thinking it was just going to be a gayut session, ended up being a going out session.

So off we go ready and went out. After walking about for sometime, we decided to go over to Bangsar for the Ramadan Bazaar...It was Rupster's first time there and it was food HEAVEN!!!

Rupster saw and bought whatever that has been on the craving list all the while.It was a total food day!!!

The ayam perchik was out of this world!!!! For sure there is goin to be another round.This time maybe not Bangsar but maybe the Taman Tun Bazaar and not forgetting Rupster's the all time favorite Kepong Bazaar too....

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Rupster says "About the Writing days"

My love towards you is very deep,
My love towards you is very true,
No one knows how much I love you,

At this moment,all I love is you.
You are always in my mind,
Thinking of you day after day,

Whenever I open my and close my eyes,
You are always first in my appearance,
Your thought full fills my mind.

You are my love,
You are my life,
You are my thought.

That's how much I love you,
I love you in silent,
Without knowing the way,
To split it up.

As Rupster was going through her old books,she came across of a book which she used to once open almost everyday once upon a time many many years back.

The book is a collection of poems that she had penned down on her own while some of it were found through magazines.

As such, the above poem was among the poems that was in the book. But Rupster cant remember if she wrote this or it was taken from somewhere.

Looking back at the book,made her think what had happen to all the time she used to write her own poems. Though Rupster still finds time to search for poems, but it has been some time now that she actually wrote on her own.

She does miss writing but has really lost touch with that wonderful area of art. But there could always be a new start all over again.

Hoping hard that the writing season would come back after many many years!!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Rupster says "About the Superhero"

So off we all get ready and drove off in the rain. Rupster has been long awaited this day because its been a year since she last saw the nephew whom she was suppose to take "revenge" on.

Why revenge at this very age of his?

Because his dearest daddy bullied Rupster all her life. Yes that includes to this very day!!!

Ruspter still remembers the day Superhero got married and how uncle introduced Rupster to his wife. "This two people are the biggest enemy's that you could see around and at the same be the best of friends". Yes that is how uncle introduced me to his wife.

Pondering back to what uncle has to say today, it very much true. The both of us always would end up fighting for unwanted reason and the next second we would have patched up. The thing is Rupster always remember him as a cousin brother who would be carrying her all the time and I was always sitting on his lap all day long when ever we met.

Rupster never knew the reason why we were that close to each other only until the eve of his wedding about 3 years back. Apparently, Rupster was the only cousin that he had seen on the very first week as she was born. And he was given a total freedom to play with Rupster. And thats how the bonding started.

As years went on,we still got along so well. Though we hardly met, but we always made it up when we met. Even the short trips we made back to their hometown was always so much of fun!

Though we hardly went back there because they were here most of the time, we still make it a point to at least meet up and have a chat. He's always been the one that we went to if there was anything wrong.

*OK too much bout him already..nanti terkembang pulak dier!!!

So,yesterday his junior celebrated his 1st Birthday. And as usual, the whole lot of cousin was there. What happens next when we all meet???

It TOTAL havoc!!!!

This time even the uncles joined in. We were all practically discussing total nonsense all night long!

And yea..there was also a plan for a holiday during the Merdeka weekend. Don't want to say anything about it now. If it does happen in will be in the September entry. But this holiday planning only is between a cousin and his wife. And we named it the "bonding moments"...haha..if were to happen he is soooo DEAD!!!!

The night was so much fun and the last birthday that we created havoc was during Rupster's 21st bash! So it was a long gap in between.

A great night it was indeed with the family!!!

Cant wait for the next session =)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Rupster says "About For There’s Always Tomorrow"

For There's Always Tomorrow

How often we wish for another chance
to make a fresh beginning.

A chance to blot out our mistakes,
and change failure into winning.

It does not take a brand new day
to make a brand new start,

It only take a deep desire,
to try it all our heart.

To live a little better
And to always be forgiving.

And to add a little sunshine
To the world in which we're living.

So never give up in despair
And think that you are through,

For there's always a tomorrow
And the hope of starting new.

Rupster found this very interesting poem over the net recently and realised she had already had it in her whole lot of poem collection.

Rupster found it very interesting and the meaning could co very deep in if it was given time to be analyzed...

The results of the perception could differ from each one and every reader of it....thus Rupster is not going to give her perception but is going let each and every reader to perceive it their way. Go ahead to the comment post if you would like to share your view.

P/S Rupster does not hate you neither angry. Just not satisfied for the way things were done. A talk would have been a very good choice for both sides to clear things up. Its all fine now. No worries bout it.Things and shit happens. Its forever going to be sisterhood. But lets do it through talking and not this way because it always been through talking.cheers to sisterhood =)

PPS:A poem that was read and typed out during a total jiwangnezz mode!!!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Rupster says "About the Gadgets Day"

Year 2, Week 2 of Sem 1.

Just started but things have already started to pile up!!! Need to get started ASAP or else DEAD!!!

This is go to be much much better than the last semester. A very high par has been set and got to work even harder this time around!

Mr.Lappie had been given some mojor problems for sometime now and the cost of repairs would be equivalent to adding up to another few hundreds and getting a all new brand lappie. It was first decided to repair it but than consulted almost all the IT pros' of the house and a few friends, we decided to get a brand new lappie.

Rupster really needed a lappie ASAP for the new semester because there were many softwares' that needed to be installed for the subjects taken.

So of we went to Digital Mall rather to the PC Fair because the deals were just about the same. Walked and walked...looked and looked....searched and searched...Finally opted for a Acer Aspire. We rushed back home for lunch and the 3 of us ate like people who never ate for ages. It was already 3.30 by the time we had lunch.

Than of we went for the Mobile Fair at Mutiara that offered phone up to 70% sale. The crowd was like hell!!! So much people...Thank God the we did our survey earlier and already decided on what we were about to get.

So there we go...In a day, a new lappie and a new touch screen phone too...=)...Another new motivation for the new semester which is not very new already..hehe

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rupster says "About July"


Was once upon a time Rupster used to look forward to because of July the 13th. As years passed on, the excitement begin to fade away with no particular reason.

Than all of sudden the excitement came to a peak this year all over again. There was never a sign or what so ever on what was going to happen BUT Rupster just looked forward to month.

As July started and days started passing by one after another, the answers begin coming out.

Holidays turned out to be fun though most of the time was spent at home and helping dad out. The very few outing with the other side of the family turned to be so much fun. Its been ages since we all got together and made so much of fun. Most of them are married today with kids and more kids coming on the way but still we still have fun like the good old days.

Spending time with Superhero and his son was another great opportunity. A reminder to Superhero that Rupster kept on singing was "It is pay back time from me to your son". Its been ages since Superhero and Rupster had a good talk about all thats happening. The outing turned out to be so much of a help. He has always been the inspiration to Rupster and talking to him on that day was a great huge help.

Than it was Salveen coming back to KL which was a HUGE surprise to all of us. Not for long but it was long enough to sit and do so much of catching up. Thanks babe!


EXCELLENTOOOO!!!! *jumps of joy* semester is meant to STRIVE HARDER compared to the last one. The semester has been a great motivation for a better second year ahead.

Indeed, July 2009 was a month to be cherished for ever. Things that never happened last year is finally taking place.

August is back to books, learning,researching and sooo much more. Its all going to be for the better....