Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Rupster says "FOOD"

Read the whole entry to find out whats in that picture.

Yesterday was a day that may not be forgotten. Wanna know why?

Keep on reading.

The day started off with us meeting up for "dim sum" and than continue for bowling. Sal said she would be late,so the 3 of decided to go ahead first. Than Sal calls and says she'll be late. So we decided to come over to my place to hang-out while waiting for Sal to come.Than about 30 minutes later Sal reaches my place and we sat an talked and talked.

After some time we realized it was lunch time.Everyone got to comfortable with thier seats that they did not feel like going anywhere. So we thought of Pizza,than McD. We were looking for something that could be delivered right to the door-step.Than someone says "no la,I don't feel like western, lets cook!"

My first reaction was WHAT??? *that was because I know my house kitchen that well*

Than they say don't worry, just say whatever you have in your fridge and we will find a solution.

So than, the final verdict was we are COOKING AT HOME *with 3 girls and 1 guy*!!!

With all the hunting, we decided we were making Tom Yam Sup,with fried nuggets and wedges. As the ingredients were being prepared, we were wondering about the drinks. Suddenly i thought of making Punch or better known as mixed cordial :)

Thul's and Sal, started of with the cooking session while Shanx was ordered to cut what ever was needed to be cut.

It was so fun cooking and making so much noise in the kitchen. We were also joined by Geetha towards the end of the coking session. At the end tis was the results :

Frm left: Nuggets fries,tom yum soup, the fruit punch, boiled mee-hoon and potato wedges.

After all the delicious food, we continued to chat right up to 5pm. So the bowling plan was canceled.

After the great lunch

p/s With only 5 people, we finished the whole bowl of the punch :)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Rupster says "About the exciting and blasting days"

Ever since the long and exciting weekend, the weekdays has also so been EXCITING and BLASTING. It actually came to a point that I did not realize it is already Thursday today. All that I remembered doing so far for this week was to sleep late and wake up early. Have my bath and than rush out of the house.

Monday was simply left to be a slacking day due to the sleepless weekend. Monday was also phone catching up day. Did so many phone calls or rather i would say "hanging on the phone". Called people that I never spoke to for a very long time.With all those telephone conversations, we decided that t some of us should meet up. Hence there starts the planning for Tuesday.

Tuesday came, and Kushbu had to go pay a parking summon. So off went stating the day of to DBKL. Since we were already at town, so we decided to walk around town and check out what was on sale in Sogo. The whole of Sogo is in CRAZY SALE!!!! Everything so dame CHEAP!!!! But i was not prepared to buy anything yet. Eyes has been set on some stuffs. So shall go back there again to get it ASAP. For lunch, we decided to have Nandos since its been a long time we ate it. Meeting us up for lunch was Geetha. So there we sat ate,drank and chatted for a very long. After all there was so much to catch up.

Geetha and I had been planning to celebrate Kusbhu's birthday ever since April. So we took this chance to do it. We bough a cake and came back to my place to cut it. Everything happened in front of the birthday girl but she did not know that the cake was for her. Well thats how PROFESSIONALS we got after many birthday surprises.

Than after the whole drama, we were in my room checking out some pictures and Thul's callas to ask if I was free the next day. Actually i had already planned with my mom and my aunty to walk around Klang to start of the wedding shopping. So I told her I was not free. Than she says that Sal and her had planned to go for Dim Sum in the morning. Since it was early in the morning I agreed. Since Khusbu and Geetha was with me they were also invited.

Tuesday came and the day started of as early as 7.45 am!!! Got ready and waited for everyone to come over to my place and off we went for Dim Sum. Talking and talking, suddenly they planned for a movie. I had to say NO because mom and my aunty were already waiting for me at home to go to Klang. Then they said "don't worry.we will come to your house and talk to them".

So the 4 girls came and attacked my house to break the news. Before my could agree these people made a deal with them saying we would send them to the KTM Satation. Thats it.the adventuress day started of from there. After the KTM station, we went over to Thul's house as she had to send her car back. Than from there we headed for Times Square to watch Kungfu Panda. Reached there just in time for the movie to start.

After the movie Geetha had to rush of because she had another movie waiting for her and this was with her college mates. So of she went and we decided to go shop around. For the first time we all actually bought the same top from FOS :)

I had yet to do that before with my friends,and that was so dame exciting because we had to choose the colours. As a conclusion, we 3 decided to get the same colour top. So one fine day don't forget to see a picture of Thu,Sal and me with the same top :)

As we were finishing shopping Geetha called to say she was done with her movie. So we all met up again for lunch which was 4 o'clock :) We decided to go to Old Town White Coffee. Being the usual girls, we actually cam-whored the whole entire day. Even in the car, and at my house before everyone went back!!! Ohh and did i say there was even a spoilt car. My outing ended at 7 but the rest at 10 because of the car :)

It was really a fun day GIRLS day out The next session is coming soon AGAIN!!!!

Looking forwards to the next one SOON!!!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Rupster says "Updates"

The last entry was way too short and this entry HAS to be a really long entry. In this entry you will be reading and seeing pictures about my :

a) 2nd Penang Trip
b) The many Rounds to Mid Valley
c ) Birthday Parties
d) May Summary

And here it goes....

a) 2nd Penang Trip
This trip was a really sudden trip by dad and the geng. Which means it was the 2nd trip for to Penang in less than 1 month. Hence, it was more food time. We were there for 3 long days. Walking around the town. Trying the many types of food *yea more food*. Visiting places that we never went before in Penang. We stayed at the Bank Negara Penthouse and I HAVE to say that the Penthouse was really huge. The Penthouse was located in the Bank Negara building itself which means we were staying above MONEY!!!! The house was so huge that we actualli needed to our phones to find out where the other person was. Walking in the house was way too tiring!!!

The 2 halls

The balcony

The dining area

The walk way to the rooms

The panorama from the balcony was just too magnificent and no words can describe it than you seeing it for yourself. We could see almost the whole of Penang. At one corner was all building,hills and trees. On the other side was just the SEA and ships. At night the ships were so beautifully decorated. We even had the chance to look closer into the ship with our binoculars.

It was not only we got a great magnificent view from the Penthouse alone, but also at Bukit Bendera. We have been to Penang for a few times now but we never got the chance to go up Bukit Bendera.So this time we made it a must to go up Bukit Bendera and see what was there.

The tram ride was great. Though it was slow, but it was not felt because of the panoramic view all the way up. So the whole long half an hour was spent looking at the greens that you can see in Penang. Even the weather was getting from warm to cold. Not too cold though but the wind brought and entirely new feeling to it.

Just before we left Penang, we took so many group pictures at the balcony a the background was the sea.

The kids love doing havocs
Thats the end for the 2nd trip of Penang. There was more to it but it has to cut short to give way for the next subject.

On the way back in the ferry
The innocent kids of the geng

b) The many Rounds to Mid Valley

Its actually been a long time since I last went to Mid Valley. I think i have paid it back by going there every alternate days last week. It was the Indian Global Exhibition 2008. I had to take different people at different time. That is the cause I was there very often. Though i went there so often, i never really bought much. I only manage to find a Punjabi suit. Other than that all I bought were accessories. Was looking forward to get another saree but did not manage to find something that attracted me much. If it did also, it was almost the same colours that I already have. So it was a big NO-NO.

c ) Birthday Parties

End of May until December starts the BIRTHDAY season. Starting the season on was Prem. We headed for Bangsar in the evening to let the birthday girl get her birthday suit. Than we carried on the usual Kandiah family tradition of celebrating a birthday with the whole family. We headed to our usual spot at Segambut for dinner and the cake cutting ceremony.

The Kandiah's minus me

Than last weekend was 21st Birthday bashes. It started of on Saturday by us doing a surprise birthday part for Sunitha at Sha's place. It was only the six of us but the night was a bomb!!! We had so much fun and only went to bed at about 5 o'clock in the morning.

While waiting for the Birthday girl to arrive.

Elina and me with Sue' s cake

Sunday was another party that we organized for Thulasi. We headed to TGIF at the Curve. She had a Flaming as 21st started of. Than the waiters came over with the cake. Made a give a speech, sing a song and blow her candles from quite a distance. Than the waiters of TGIF sang a song that was really loud and so much fun. For the 1st time i reached home at 1 am after a night out with my friends. It was late because we could only cut Thul's as the clock stroked 12.

Waiting for the Flaming to be prepared

The singing session

The speech session

I'm FINALLY 21!!!

A group shot outside my house at 1 A.M !!!

and finally...

d) May Summary

May this year had brought me many fond memories. I finished my final semester of Diploma hoping that i would not have to repeat any more subjects. Went twice to Penang with different groups of people. Going with only your friends makes you to realize how one day you'll have to stand on your own in another place without the guidance of the family. How you plan he budgets, learn to ask more when you don't know how to get to places, and also more discoveries of yourself. Family outings allows you to get the bonding time. As usual there was the normal family gathering and as well as sessions out with friends.

May has also made me wonder and think ahead about future undertakings. Though I was not able to decide anything because I don't have my results yet. Which means, I had to have a wide range of possibilities. This was also the month that i found out and confirmed that i was FINALLY a DIPLOMA GRADUATE. Yea...results were actually released at the end of the month. I always looked at my Diploma like a any other foundation course until my results were out when family and friends started congratulating me.

I was so curious why were people so excited when it was only a DIPLOMA. Untill someone told me "it is not that easy to get a Diploma". "You should be lucky that you finally have a cert in your hand today". That was the moment that mad me realise how important it was. It did not come with any easy work. It did come with a lot of hard work though I feel I did not really give in my full abilities. Went through so much of crap,shit,fights,tears,sleepless nights,and nightmares. I guess it was all healed with the word of JOY than came behind of each and everycrap,shit,fights,tears,sleepless nights,and nightmares. The support that was given by family and friends.

That would be a great inspiration for me to get to the next step which is the Degree level. May has also created new friends for me. Enlarging the contact list as well as seeing a different perspective of people.

Thats all for this update...wait for more...