Friday, 29 February 2008

Rupster says " About a Interesting February"

Today, 29th February 2008 is the last day of the month.

Another good month i would say...things or in other words situations have been improving!!! *jumps in joy*

Other than being sick for so many days of the month *longest sick lah tis was* and because of that all my eating habits had changed!!! Very strictly!! Must have breakfast...lunch n oso dinner on time!!! And it actually feels GOOD added with some exercise!!!

More updates in MARCH!!!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Rupster says " Reflections"

February is ending soon or shall i just say tomorow is the last day of the month? There goes the 2nd month of the year 2008. It looks like its moving super-duper fast!!

I guess my mission of re-connecting with the people whom i've been having issues all this while, i've been getting it right now...It does feel so much better...Well,i guess all this has been happening for a reason. I guess it all happened for a reason. If not today,one day or rather it would be answered.

Lets give a second chance n see coz so far second chances has been really working out so why not give a second chance this time as well??

More update soon....

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Rupster says " About the Reunions"

I've been waiting to update for quite some time actually but just never got the time due to my busyness i did not get to update *or was it coz of lazuness too?*

Well it look like February is he month of REUNION!!!

You ask WHY??

Because i have been meeting up with people whom i never met for long time in the past 2 weeks!!!
It all started when i called Sugu n told her we should meet up since its been almost 4 years we last met. She agreed to it. So i decided to call Geetha and i thought why not call Mogana and Puvanes too since i've not seen them for some time too!!

Everyone was free and so we decided to meet up at CM. Since it was also Sugu's b'day on that day so we decided to give a surprised 21st b'day!!

It was nice meeting up with the whole geng and it was like "back to school". In school we were always hangging out together since Form 1 right up to Form 5 but after school we all hardly met each other. Talking all the old stories...flashbacks...and all the havocs we used to do....

There were few more REUNIONS that i just cannot put up here but its been a great month so far.With CNY and all olso our yearly trip to the Maran temple..

More to come.....

Friday, 1 February 2008

Rupster says " About a Good & Fun January"

It looks like this blog is only being updated when there are photos to be uploaded with rather short stories that has been happening around....

It feels like 2008 just started and its already FEBRUARY ...How time flies so fast...*grins*

After 3 years i walked again for Thaipusam this year with Bavani and Siva...We actually reached Batu Caves in 4 hours!!!According to them this is their fastest walk ever!!! To tell the truth, the we were not walking but i practically felt we were running!!! As usual, as we reached Batu Caves straight we went up and than went home. Thaipusam day went back to Batu Caves 2 times. Morning once and in the night once. Mind you i went up the stairs both the times!!!

And not tiring at all!!!

Its been a good start so far and infact Cuti-cuti Malaysia has started for as early as January for this 2008!!! *yeah i know its too fast*

With no other choice i accepted the offer to Melacca for a weekend's break last week!!! In the name of sending Shall back to MMU we reached Melacca. Well the 1st batcj left on Saturday morning with 5 people in the car. The second batch left at about 7.45 and i was in the second batch.

Which means we reached there just in time for dinner. *had mcD on the way from KL* Reached Melacca by 9 and went straight to Jonker's Walk.. That place was full of stalls selling all sorts off things including food stuff. We bought some popiah and joined the other group that was there and was already eating.
At Jonker's Walk

The 3 different looks by the 3 sisters!!! *a very rare shot of the 3 sisters*

Being the smart people some of us did not eat coz we had already planned to go to the Portugese Settlement for dinner. And it was all worth the wait coz we had to eat the best crab ever!!!!
Its just so delicious that no words can explain it.Its just like u r floating i n HEAVEN *maybe*
The heavenly Red Chile Crabs

The first to attack the crabs!!!

Than as the clock stroke 12 there comes the birthday cake for the b'day girl....Well we bought the cake from KL and after ordering our food to come, the 3 musketeers *prem,shal n me* pretend to go to the car to get something...Than we took the cake to the shop that we ordered our food n told the guy to bring the cake at 12am *by the way the guy that i was speaking was so cute!!!*..ok getting back to the surprise cake...the food we ordered came before the cake reached and by than the 3 sisters hands were already full of crabs!!!

So the sequence of the cake coming is as below :

She gets her hands dirty without knowing what was coming...

Than the cake comes but she did not realize it...*by the way the cute guy is on the left but the face not clear though :( *

Than she finally realizes there is cake for her....

She smiles as we sing...

And the candles were blown...

A group shot where the Kandiah's actually SMILED!!

Finished dinner at almost 1.30 am. Than we headed back to our hotel where the booking of the room was only done for 2 people but 8 people ended up in A room!!! Yes u read it right 8 people in a room which was "suppose" to be for 2....The room ended up being like a place for pendatang asing...but it was though with everyone in a room and all the storying sessions..

The second day was full of jalan-jalan but not much pictures was taken coz all of us were having camera problems!!All we did was n eat!!! The best was the Nonya food that we ate!!! It was the pure authentic Nyonya food...N i ate so much of belacan....Though without camera, Shal n I were still forced to camwhore even just with the camera phone!!!

Yup...we also went to temple and this picture looks creepy...

Other than Melacca, this week also has been a really good week *minus all the assignments*...Many good things happen.

With taking the risk and trying out my luck by just sending an forwarded SMS....i ACTUALLY got a reply back from that person!!! OMG!!!

Thats among the best thing that has happened to me after a very LONG time!!! With that reply i continued the SMS and we actually exchanged a few SMS-es which is a very good sign to me!!!

Lets hope the GOOD TIME is to be CONTINUED!!!