Monday, 31 December 2007

Rupster says " Farewell 2007!!!"

With a split second today is the 31st December and there goes the year 2007...

2007 has been a very stressful year to me. Frankly i was actually waiting for 2007 to move even more faster than the speed that it was going in.

Well the year started off well but as months went by it become from BAD to WORST!!!

Only God knows on how the hell i manged to face all those shit...


Looking at the brighter side there was also a few HAPPY occasion that took place in the year 2007...Had 2 really fun holidays with my friends. Though there were so much planning but at least the PD and Pangkor trip was a blast of time!! Than the short holiday i had with dad's geng which we never had a outing for a long year.

Than there was all the mamak-ing sessions with friends, 1 dim-sum session,1 session of something that i always wanted to do but never got the chance :)

There was also a few family gatherings on dad and mom's side as well. I think the HIGHLIGHT for this year was the "Surprise English Ceylon Tea Party"(refer to the pictures below) that Prem did for my uncle and aunty's 25th Wedding Anniversary..Being part of the planning was so much fun too!!!

As a conclusion i really hope what ever had happened in 2007 will be left behind rather than brought forward to 2008!!!

GOOD BYE 2007!!!!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Rupster says " About more picture update"

My CUTI-CUTI Malaysia 2007 journey continued from Pangkor to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. This has also been a long awaited time by all of us because its been a while since we all went for a holiday together. Well Bukit Tinggi was a interesting place. The weather was cold and i loved the weather so much.They actually have lots of activities but we did not do much due to time constrains. The second day we left early to Genting Highlands. Yeah...yeah......i finally reached Genting's after manyyyyy yearssss... So enjoy the pictures...

In da car on the way to Bukit Tinggi

Planning what to do after reaching our apartment

At the River Stream we had a small picnic for lunch and ended up jumping into the water as well

Tis was at the pool...Ended up playing "Monkey-monkey" with a basketball
Our chefs preparing our dinner.A in-house BBQ party

The whole geng that was in Bukit Tinggi minus yours truly coz she was the one who took tis picture

In the Genting hotel with the cute Elephant

Pictures all taken in the cable car on the way up and coming down of Genting

Friday, 30 November 2007

Rupster says "about the pictures update"

With all the shits thats been happening for some time now...there is just no pint writing it all here..So i have just decided to only update some pictures for this latest entry.It starts with :

a) Deepavali open house 2007

The kids of the Kandiah's

The smile just runs in da family..Bavani,Prem, Shal and me

The Taylors 0506 geng that managed to make it..

Just part of the crowd

b) Pangkor trip { 24th- 26th November 2007 }

Sal,Geetha,me Nat, Melissa, Prabha

In the boat

Captured moments

Sal n me..

Don't ask what was i doing!!
The Kandiah beach babes

Just had to pose lah

Yeah we swapped cousins

Dont' ask why..but i just LOVE this picture

3 was so delicious

There are lots more of pictures...will upload them soon but for now this is all i can upload!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Rupster says "about some updates only"

I remember saying in 1 of my last posts that i would be busy for sometime and would not be able to update this blog..Well yeah i was supper-dupper busy...With work and than with classes plus with all the yum-char sessions with the geng, family outings, and some small and big problems as well..So thats enough to explain my supper-dupper busyness :p

So i really dont know what am i suppose to blog today because i don't really remember anything because i have too many thing in my head.I am very sure that everything that happened so far was suppose to be put her but as i sit n type now nothing seems to be flowing out!!

Holidays is just around the corner as in 2 weeks time...The plan for this holidays for now is a trip to Pangkor.Its been a really long and stressful planning this trip. Well, this is what happens when u plan a holiday with almost close to 10 people who are studying n working in different places with different holiday timing. So finally we manage to get everyone to agree with the fixed date. Reservations has been made and we are just counting our days to get there and ENJOY!!!

Taliking bout enjoyment, i just remembered what i wanted to blog about today..Its about Malaysia's very own Angkasawan!! Well i guess its almost everyones dream to go to the space. I know i would love to go there just to see how the world looked like. Though it is said to be round BUT i still want to know how does it look like.
Today Malaysia has proved that the space is our limit by sending our very own Angkasawan there..I was always updating myself on all the things he was doing there n oso never missed all the telephone conferencing they had "live" telecast with him from the space. I found it to be a very interesting mission and not everyone would actually get a chance to get there.

Even our "rendang" has reached the space

During his experiments
Well thats all i can think for now to be put in Rupster's Roller-coaster Life. More updates will come especially sine Deepavali is NEXT WEEK!!! yeayyyyyyyyyyy

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Rupster says "About the Buka Puasa Experience"

Again..the title says it all but before that its been a really hectic and busy week and it would be going for the next 5 weeks more*sigh*..But still will try my very best to keep updating on whats have been going around.With all the busy-ness and all its also been a hospital week again..No not the same person but this its a person much more older..The SIMILARITIES??? SAME COMPLICATIONS!!! The conclusion "Dr.Rupini MBBS" has come up with is that it all revolves around on what we think. If we think there is pain, the pain will be there.So its all a psychological game.Only depends on well you play with it. Than Wednesday was dad's birthday.We actually did not plan anything because it was a weekday and we were suppose to go to hospital.Than at the hospital, they called all of us out for dinner.So we decided to go to Lake Club for dinner on dad's Birthday but the actual celebration day has yet to be decided due to his busy-ness!!

Going back to the title of this entry,yesterday Sue,Saf ,Sha n me buka puasa together.It was actually planned last week with Eva and Mir as well but they could not make it at the very last minute. So we carried on with our plans. After classes we left college and headed straight to town. Suddenly Sha decided to take us to the Tugu Negara since Saf was with us.It was a opportunity for me as well because i never got the chance to see the National Monument before.
The 4 of us really had some fun and actually learned some history other than some continues picture taking sessions.

For memories at the monument

After some time at the Tugu Negara, we went to Masjid India for Buaka Puasa.It was still early,so we decided walk around the shops there..Saf bought so much of Indian Sweets and wonder how she will be eating all of them!! Than we went to this Optical shop coz Sha wanted to check out something and the remaining 3 of us ended up checking our eyes as well..

At the optical

Than after all the jalan2 (*reminder* we were all puasa-ing the whole day) we finally headed to the shop where wewere suppose to buka puasa.Orded the food that we wanted to eat. The worst part is when all the food is there and we cant eat yet *sigh*
I guess that is where my favorite dialog comes "sabar separuh daripada iman".. Thank God we all manage to tahan until it was buka time...After a great dinner we left the shop feeling HAPPY,FULL,SATISFIED and GREATFULL being able to eat what we had wished for and not suffering like people in other countries that do not have enough food!!