Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rupster says "About 2011"

2011, it seemed like just yesterday it was the 1st day of 2011, but we've finally bid our farewell to 2011 after 12 months. To say if it was a long 12 months or fast 12 months, that's individual's perspective.

For Rupster it was a very fast one. Don't know how January came and suddenly it was December. Overall it was a great year. How can it not be!

It started of so well. Though the usual ups and downs were there, but those are part and parcel of life. Life cant be on a monotonous tone. Like all the previous years, 2011 was also a very eventful year. Lots of happy and sad memories. the usual traveling was also there. Most of it back to the same places but every time new memories is created.

It has also been a very lesson teaching year in many different aspects. Life never gets easier as it goes. It just depends on how well we handle it at a whole. Life is full of lessons. We learn about ourselves, we learn about family, we learn about our friends, we learn about our partners, we learn about technology, we learn about the environment, we learn about the world. That why they say education is a never ending process!

So what ever we, what we go through we take it as a learning process in life. As a whole 2011 was a good year. A year filled with experiance. A year filled with laughters, smiles, love, tears, sorrows and not foegetting falling sick here and there..

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rupster says "About December 2011 as a whole"

December has been a really pack month which explains why there has not been much of a update. The first 10 days of the month was spent in Thailand with the geng. It was a great experience. Something very new. Compared to India which some of us were really waiting for the 10 days to end, in Bangkok we hardly realised how fast time was moving by. We in fact lost count of days!

It was an eye opener trip. Many things were acquired during that days.  With the different culture and how they take life there in comparison to what we do. In cleanliness as well. Also how much initiative they take to come up in every aspect of life and their nation. We took lots of pictures. Pictures that are being uploaded for this entry is solely from the camera lens of Rupster. This is only the sneak preview. More pictures will be updated soon =). Also will be updating the places we visited throughout the 10 days.

The next weekend after we returned from Thailand, Rupster headed to Melaka *yes again*. The difference this time was with a few new people and we put up a night at the A'Famosa Resort. The apartment was very satisfying. We really had a good time in that very short period. If only we had stayed there longer it would have been much more fun! Because it was 1 night, we could not do much of activities.

This was some of the pictures taken. We hardly took any pictures. For once we totally forgot to take pictures. Thus, the only pictures we took was at the Cowboy Town where we got totally wet in the rain. And never got to watch the show at all. Being stranded there, we were forced to have dinner there to kill time. Was pricy but we did not have a choice. Thank God it was eatable.It was indeed a good catch up and a break away from work for most of them.

Christmas 2011

After Melaka, the following weekend was Christmas. Christmas 2011 was spent in JB/Singapore. It was 4 days of holidays. The last and final holiday for 2011.