Thursday, 25 June 2009

Rupster says "About the start of the holidays"

Its been a week since the holidays started..

Its been good so far...started the holidays off by spending a night with the cute little one...yes...Rupster did not go back striaght after exam but headed of to go have a stay over with little girl of the family...

It was a great learning experience indeed. Waking up every 3 hours through the night for feeding time. Learning to mix the milk which was like worst than a Maths test or maybe not that bad or may it was equal to a maths test...hahaha....

But sad to say, 2 days spent there and its been 2 months shes been around,Rupster still has not carried her at all!!!

Its OK...let her grow a bit more than the day shall come =)

Yet, we had some short good playing time though...

Other than that holidays has been spent by staying over with almost all the aunty's and cousins. Its been a long time since Rupster spent much time with them. Thus this is the only time to cover back for all that has been left out.

Oh....and not forgetting the ladies day out in MAD to 1U as well...They 2 decided to have a hair cut in which Rupster could not because her hair was just done 2 days before that. So Rupster decided to kill time by just having a wash and blow dry while they chopped off thier hair...

One thing to be said,Cheeky Premmy no longer has her ala Bollywood hairstyle any longer....and to me it really suits you!!!! Even the mom had a great hair do!!!

And not forgettingall the good food we had and the best of the second stay over Cheeky Premmy and Rupster sat and chit chatted from 10 pm right up to 6am!!! And we hardly realise the time.

We screamed as we saw the time because we were suppose to meet up Poops for lunch and that needed us to wake up at 9.30...being the usual us we ended up not waking up and dissapointing Poops by canceling the lunch date ;)

And that is how this holidays is going to be spent other than staying at home and doing nothing. Don't intend to go out much but there are some functions that are to be attended...

Theres so much thing to be thought of too!!!!

Some are just unnessary but yet solutions are need for those unwanted matters..Some are really important stuffs that needed to be settled ASAP!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rupster says "About Happy Fathers Day and A Happy Birthday"

A day that turned out to be so much fun and tiring.

Started of with attending a wedding in which got to meet almost the whole family of dad's side in which its been ages since we all met or rather spoke!!!

The little ones have groen so much in that short period and so do we.

From the wedding we headed to Rupster's aunty's Birthday...thus from dad's side now its mom's side...It was Rupster's aunty's birthday but she insisted she cooked for all of us rather than spending the $$$ at restaurants like what we usually do.

Something extra ordinary she did this time was she used the charcoal stove to cook like the good old days like what Rupster's grandma used to do when we were little kids. Its not that gas stoves never exsited but the cooking tasted much more deliciouse when cooked on charcoal stove...

My eldest aunty is 1 of the sisters who actually learned from granny of all the traditional cooking and has almost all the recepieces from my late granny....Thus everytime she cooks we are all there to help her clean the pots up =)...She even makes it a point to cook each of our favorites to evertime we all get together.

Other than our mom, she's always been our 2nd mom to us all the cousins. From the day we were born till this very day she's always been there supporting us all in whatever we've been in. Not forgetting, till this very day she still gets all of us presents not only for birthdays but whenever she goes overseas or sees something that suits us she immediately grabs for each an everyone of us.

Shes always been the greatest support to all of us!!! Thus, today we all gethered to celebrate her..


Besides the Birthday, we celebrated the daddies too..owh not forgetting the new daddy in the family as well...

We've alwasy celebrated mother's day as a family but hardly celebrated the daddies. So this time we decided to celebrate them too...

We actually have more daddy's in the family but only these 3 managed to make it for the Father's day cake...

Rupster's dad is one man that she salutes to!!!!

He may look quite and have a smiley face all the time but only we the house people know how strict he can be. It has actually turned to be good for us the kids because with all his sterness and guidence tha has lead us to where we are today.

He is one man that Rupster knows that knows about every single thing around. Owhhh and did I mention A VERY GOOD FINANCIAL CONTROLLER too!!! One of the best that Rupster has ever known!!!

No black and white proof but Rupster has seen with her own eyes and has had people coming and saying what a great financial planner he is. Yup... he has a string of people that comes to him for financial advice though he never studied or dealed with anything related to finance!!!

Its all "sendirian berhad" SDN so proud of him....


The family has been way too excited with the latest edition of the family and we all have been just snapping her pictures all day long without realising we forgot our usual camhoaring session!!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Rupster says "About the trip to PENANG"

Yes you read it right..PENANG again!!!! *2nd trip for the year*

Universities gives us study breaks to study...But Rupster headed to Penang for a break just before exams were starting. It was a short 3 days break before Rupster burnt the mid night oil.

Thus, of we left for the weekend at Penang.

It was a great place we stayed at..Facing the beach which is like a minutes walk away from us!!!

A holiday to this group is never complete without jumping in to the sea.And that was the very first thing we did as soon as we reached our resort!!!

The resort shotOh yea...and what is a trip to Penang without all those GLORIOUS food that tastes so good which you never get the same taste in KL!!

The famous Cendol Stall

Ais Kacang


Our 2nd day Breakfast

Black Pepper Crabs

Ikan Bakar and the sauce was way too delicious!!

Seafood Sizzling Plate

The picture if the Char keuy tiow above is was to tempting!!!! Its the best ever Rupster had ever ate anywhere in Malaysia...You only can find it at Gurney Road foodcourt made by an old friendly unlcle.Remember go early to get it or just keep dreaming of it =)

Its always a must for Rupster to head to that stall everytime Rupster lands in Penang!!

What is a beach holiday without tonnes of beach pictures!!!

A very new experiance of doing the hanna art. The biggest torture was to keep the hand touch for atleast 4 hours untill its 100% dried up. It was so tough through that whole time.

When the time of washing it up came..the hands were totally numbed up!!!
Before the wash...
After the wash...

It was great trip for all of us after such a long time.So much food and not forgetting the 1 whole day shopping spree!!!

P/S : There were more food through out the whole trip but pictures were not taken because the next momment after the food arrived it ALL went missing =)...yeap the food was that tempting that we all frgot to capture the huge prawns, chicken,fish,sotong and all the other seafood that we ate for the lunches and dinners!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Rupster says "About May"

Again another month of the year has passed by. Farewell to May and welcome to June

Its been a month plus since the family received its new comer... everyone seems to be so busy going up and down almost everyday....

May has been a long and hectic month...coz its the final month and week for classes..Thus assignments were piling up as usual. Assignments a side..there's also the daily routine of studying!!!

Even going out had reduced so much..the only going out was some family visiting. And probably a short trip to any of the local malls..thats all the entertainment of the month!!!

Thank god its next JUNE!!!

Exams the first 2 weeks and than its


Ans its till the end of JULY!!!