Thursday, 30 September 2010

Rupster says "About the trip to Down South"

During our childhood, one of the most looked forward trip was the trip we went as a family to down south which is Johore Bahru to visit dad's sister there. As time went on, we hardly went there as everyone was busy with their own lives since all 3 of them are married. Than last December, Rupster went down again for Christmas with friends. Mange to stay for 3 nights in aunty's place. though uncle and aunty were in KL at that time, cousin brother and wife were there to entertain Rupster.
Last weekend, 25th to 27th September Rupster headed for down south again. This time was to attend a graduation ceremony at UTM. It was a very last minute decision to go though. But after going and coming there was no regrets at all! The experiance was totally unexplainable. Never really got to see such things happening in a Private University or College.

So going through that whole experience was something memorable, and most importantly the person who graduated! The weather was not very fine though. It was raining through out the day. In fact, all the 3 days there it was raining.

The 1st night we spent by touring the whole campus of UTM. The campus was freaking huge! We went on a night tour rather than a day time tour. The scenery was fantastic. Especially the scenery we saw from the hill. How often you see a clear night sky with a ring around the moon? Yes! That was what we saw first thing as we got out of the car.

With a glance the 1st night was gone. Than came the second day. Which we literally spent the whole day in the car going here and there. Not forgetting catching a movie to fill in time and a little shopping as well.

Words a little, let the pictures say it all!

p/s And did we mention that KB Menon has its own very model now?


So here it goes!


Rupster thinks she knows how much you went thorough. The last 2 semesters in particular. There is more to come in life. Go ahead achieve and achieve all that you have dreamt of achieving!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rupster says " About Suprise 60th Bash"

Its been a month filled with public holidays too! Yes. Because it is the festive season time, Almost all the Thursday in September seems to be a public holiday! So there you go! Even longer weekends cum holidays!Hari Raya is all about Ketupat, lemang and rendang! And Rupster has been having lots of them!

Rupster has been sort of busy actually. With the horrible timetable in hand, with the loads and loads of homework that need to be submitted even the long weekend does not seem a long weekend.
Updates has been very bad this whole month! Its already the 20th day of the month and it is just the second post of the month! Well actually the 1st since the other post was the overall happening for August!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the worst days because that is when we rush to finish our work! Plus with all the assignments, getting the group members to get done with their work is never easy!

All the busy schedule, also included a surprise 60th Birthday party for dad. To get the guest and to make them understand not to say a single word to him was easy. But keeping him at home and doing the preparations was not easy at all! There was an idea to send him for visiting but he would not go alone unless mum or Rupster follows. Mum could not go because she had to do the cooking.

The menu was basically on a pot-luck concept. At the end of the day, everything turned out perfectly! Everyone loved the food and not forgetting the CAKE! It was a Mango flavored ice cream cake. Tobby & Teddy @ T&T looked super cute on the cake!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rupster says " About August "

A month that brings back thousands of memories to Malaysia. A month that is filled with history or the nation. As for Rupster it has also been a memorable one. In fact, every second, every minute, every hour,every day, every month, every year has been a very memorable event happening for Rupster.

Its been a great time with family and loved ones. Never really got time to spend with friends but that a few days spent with the friends was enough to cover for everything that has been missed! Lots of things has been happening. Wonder where the all the strenghts has been coming from!

Classes has been going on good. So much to be done in such a short time! Its been a very very hectic semester.If not for that awfully made timetable semester would have been great with a combination of light and heavy subjects! Thanks to that ugly timetable it is all heavy subjects now! Long weekends yes but it does not make any difference at all other than reduces traveling time!

Temple events have ended but that was just for 2 weeks. September comes it again another 10 days of vegetarian spree. Well nothing new of going vegetarian as half the time food at home is vegetarian unless we go out!

After such a long time, the Kandiah's went for another family outing. Melacca again but it was indeed a memorable one. As usual it was filled with so much food! Wonder how long more can we go on like this with that much of food consumption within hours!! So that was how Merdeka was celebrated this year! It was pretty much very dull but the usual fireworks was there to entertain!