Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Rupster says " About June"

1st half of the year is done. Now we take our next step to the 2nd half of the year. That's how fast time has been moving. It just feels like 2010 had just started but little do we know that the year has done half of its circle. Another half a relay to go!

As to that, Rupster has decided to change the monthly review format.Its no longer going to be the format that it used to be.

June was month filled with all the different dimension of emotions. There was the happy mode, sad mode, excited mod, angry mode, somber mode, laughter mode, teary mode and all the other emotion mode that we human's go through!

It was also a month in which a lot of time was spent with the family. With the daily night prayers and than the 31st. We hardly got to spend these much of time together in the past. Probably when we were kids we always did have our yearly beach outings but as time went on all of those stopped. So the daily prayres did help to bring back all those memories.

Not forgetting, the collection of photos we went through to present a slide presentation about grandma. Some of the pictures we never ever saw! And never knew it ever existed! But today, those are the only memeories we have together. One day we may forget those memories but it is these pictures that actually bring back forgotten memory.

June was also a month where much of Rupster's time was spent in the temple. Yes, we awaited the big day for such a long time and it finally arrived on June 23rd 2010! To receive the arrival, we had the pre-functions as well as the post-functions. And the post functions would go right up to August. It is during this time that we get to see people whom we never really saw for a very long time. Some whom we can remember and some you hardly know or hardly can remember them!

It nice seeing and meeting all these people. Not forgetting, meeting new people as well. It was also the exam month. Just a few days but it was enough to leave such an impact. Sleepless nights. And now its sleepless nights waiting for the results!

As an overall, June had a been a really good month. Lot of memories that can never been forgotten. Some thing are rather kept in mind and remembered. Those in mind were the BEST! Not everybody would go through such a smooth path. Rupster is very much blessed to get such a smooth path given. But than again, smooth paths should not be taken granted for. We still got to work hard on it to gain success. Its never always a one way road. Its a 2 way road. Thus, both the roads need to work together for us to reach the destination.

So now, lets see what is left for JULY!

JULY! The favorite month!!!


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rupster says " About the Devotional and Holly Day"

One of the most frequently visited temple Rupster went was the Sri Paranjothy Vinayagar Temple. Located in Jalan Ipoh, almost every Sunday mornings during childhood days were spent at the temple. We went there for religious classes. We were taught about the religion and at the same time we were taught to sing devotional songs.

Rupster remembers hating to go for classes because it took up almost half of a Sunday. The teachers were strict too. We skipped a class and the following week you are ought to bring a letter from our parents. In Rupster's case, the teacher knew our house so there was totally no way of ESCAPING. Those were some of the memories we had in the temple.

Rupster hardly goes to any other temple that much. This is the one temple that you could always see Rupster. Not too often as well but occasionally. Not because of anything, but she's just to comfortable with the environment and not forgetting all the familiar faces as well! 

So, each temple goes the process of renovating the temple every 12 years. It is known as the Maha Kumbabishegam. This is the forth time this temple is having it. We had a Fund Raising Dinner last year to raise fund for the temple works.

We've very much looked forwards to it. This is because all the renovations were suppose to be done by last year August. From a minor renovation it turned out to be a really major renovation. From months it dropped to weeks. From weeks it dropped to days and FINALLY the day came!

The whole process begin about a week ago. Due to exam week, Rupster only started going the last 3 days. In which, these last 3 days were considered the most important days. And mind you, its been a long 3 days process.

Finally the much awaited date came. 23 June 2010! The started at 5.30 am. The crowd was massive! The temple was never usually that crowded. Plus that it has been going thorough the renovation process for the last one and half years. we hardly see much people around except the regular comers.

The day was filled with very very strong vibes. Don't know how to explain them because you got to be there to feel it. Goosebumps attacks were very often! From the position you stand and watch and to what you see, its just an amazing experience. Its something that you'll never face in your daily life and at the same time not everyone gets to experience it.

After everything was done, 12 pm was lunch time. Went over to the serving place to help serve. Not a easy task but manage to get through it though. Saw many people that we hardly saw and some have been years since we last saw! Got back home at about 2. Rested a while and got prepared to go back to the temple at 5.

Evening session was equally filled with goosebumps as well. Probably this the most goosebumps attack in a day! Overall it had been a day that would never been forgotten.

A day being pushed, squashed and loads of smiles! Not forgetting as well all the other happy events that came along with it. All the positive and BIG smiles given. A simple "hello" and "bye" that helped create conversations. It was indeed an unforgettable day!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Rupster says " Yahoooo"


Exams are over!

Holidays are here again! 1 month. Would fly by very fast as usual. But at least it is something than nothing. So lets just make full use out of it.

The first week would be busy with the temple activities. Its been more than a year since we've been waiting for the BIG day. Finally it is almost here. Everyone is so excited but at the same we are all awaiting tonnes of work But at the end of the day, we are all going to back with big smiles! Can't wait!

So, for the next few days its going to be busy busy. And than, holidays STARTS!!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rupster says " About The Long Weekend"

Taking time from studying, Rupster wants to write about what happen for the long weekend.

Well..we knew it was going to be a very hectic weekend with the 31st coming along and Rupster juggling with studying. On Friday onwards, the crowd for the prayers started building up as we expected.

Than Saturday came along. Thw whole Saturday was spent to study. Than night was prayers as usual. Some how, that was they day Rupster suddenly felt the lost. Probably it was due to the atmosphere. With so much people being around and seeing the canopy put up it just turned out to be very emotional. And for the fact that the whole family was already down and everyone was together again.

And Sunday approached. Also the whole day was spent studying but just some how very limited ifomation managed to get in. So it was basically just a memorise affair. Was really looking forwards for the night. No. Not because it was the last day of prayers, but a group of cousins had actually prepared a slide presentation of grandma. Was very excited to watch the "show".

So the night approached. OMG...the crowd!!!!! Yes our family alone is enough to for that house but with the whole bunch of extended family coming in was impossible! During the daily prayers we at least had the opputunity to sit where we want because there was so much place. But Sunday's was a big NO. It was so cramped! To the extend we had to sit right to the front without leaving any space!

Sunday was a day filled with so much emotions. Since morning. Don't know why. But at the end of the day, it was one of the most memorable days. A day being with the whole family. A day where each and every family memeber wished her GOOD LUCK for her paper the next day.

A day where things got revealed. Well it was never easy for anyone. But we just had to do. Glad that the response was positive. Just got to wait and see what is in store next. Anyways, like Ruspter said, she is very glad you finally did it.

Good Job! Very very proud of you. So after this jaga your nama baik okey ? ;)

Than Monday came. Morning went for exam. It was ok. Not  enough time to write! Don't know if what written was relevant. Feeling very weird that it may not be right. Sigh. And at times Rupster wonders why to the give 2 hours for a paper. So long!

After exam, got picked up and straight headed for prayers. Rupster wanted to at least make it for the last part. So glad that things got delayed in the morning so the last part of prayers got delayed as well. The crowd was as expected. HUGE!

Was nice hanging around with everyone after lunch. We have no idea when is this same thing is going to happen again. Maybe a wedding or may be another function.  Before this, it was grandma who made it a point to bring everyone together. Or it was for either hr birthday or mother's day that we all got together.

There goes a month full of quality time spent with the family. A month filled with food! Was a sad ending. But there is an ending to every start. So Thus, this is time to open a whole new chapter. Lets see what is in store for the next chapter.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Its our study break this week. That means the semester has ended! How fast is that. It feels like 2010 had just started. Classes resumed back in March. Now its June and classes has ended. This semester had been a good one. Minus all the sleepless nights, late nights, tonnes of discussions, lots of staying back and not forgetting late evening classes which was the worst among all!!

It felt like we were back in the afternoon school. Days started late and ended late. Not forgetting the traveling from Sentul to Subang. Being it peek hours the crowd was terrible and horrible!

But as an whole. It has been a great semester. Internal results turned to be good. So now its time to start nerding out and make sure is the external results also turns out to be equally good! Cant afford to screw up any more papers!!!

So happy STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rupster says " About May"

May came and May left...

May was month filled with  happines,

May was month filled with Tears,

May was month filled with   Joy,

May was month filled with Fun,

May was month filled with Sorrow,

May was month filled with Grief,

May was month filled with Lost,

May was month filled with   Understanding,

May was month filled with  Family,

May was month filled with  Love,

May was month filled with  Planning,

May was month filled with   Travelling,

May was month filled with Misunderstanding,

May was month filled with   Due-dates,

May was month filled with   Assignments,

May was month filled with Sleepless Nights,

May was month filled with   Food,

May was month filled with Vegetarian days,

May was month filled with   Devotional songs,

May was month filled with Bondings,

May was month filled with   Laughter,

May was month filled with   Technology,

May was month filled with NO mamak sessions,

May was month filled with Typing,

May was month filled with TV-ing,

May was month filled with Reading,

May was month filled with Papers,

May was month filled with   Smiles,

May was month filled with Confusion,

May was month filled with   Emoness,

May was month filled with   Jiwangness,

May was month filled with Inspiration,

May was month filled with   Creativity,

March was month filled with MAY-ness!!!