Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rupster says "About Melacca 2011"

With the busy and tiring schedule, there's not been much time to update. So every opportunity got is being used.

After a very long time, the Kandiah clan had our family outing again. The place chosen was Melacca again. Simply because of its distance to KL, the good food and lots of other extra activities to be done. We did the usual activities that we usually do. Which means a lot and a lot of EATING!

This time an extra new activity was photo taking. With a Canon and Nikon the competition was pretty much tough. We took tonnes of pictures and kept comparaing each and every picture that was capture. Let this entry be short of of words and may the pictures do all the talking =). ENJOY!

That all to come...more to come up later =)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How fast did July pass by! It had been a great month overall. In fact, July has always been a happy month. Filled with lots of good memories and lots of birthdays!

2011's July has been equally awesome. It was a month filled with lots of gatherings, meet-ups and tonnes tonnes of laughter. July has always been a month to look forward to. Everything that was looked forward to was just as expected.

It was also back to school for the second time of the year. Timetable is not really loved but trying very hard to love it. This means it is also back to the long traveling and waiting!

Let's wait and see what has August and the rest of the year has in store!

Till than, Happy August!!!