Friday, 31 December 2010

Rupster says "About 2010"

Has been a very good roller-coaster ride.

Lots of lessons learned.

Good and bad.

Happy and sad.

Joy and sorrow.
It would be hard to forget 2010.

This was the year we lost the most dearest person to us. She was 87. But we believe she has a good life. Being able to see all her children grow old, grandchildren grow up and the still growing numbers of great-grandchildren.

That a side, it has also been a happy year too. New additions to the family, birthday parties, surprise birthdays, and lots of lots of reunions and meeting ups. New friends. Friends that we've never met for years started coming back to the picture.

College was also not too bad either. Though there were tough times, Rupster believes they are the best lessons in life. So just got to take that as guideline to improve and be better. There's been a definite improvement in results to. And that has got to continue for new year too!

Somethings that happened last year still has not recovered very much this year. Rupster misses all those good times. Don't know if it is ever going to get back to normal...

Holidays has been good to. The usual cuti-cuti Malaysia to Penang, Melacca, PD. The usual spots but every time its a different experience! There are a lot more places to go to but some how we just end up at the same place. And the FUN is still always there! No matter if it is with the family or friends!

It has not been a easy year too. It has been a very emotional year. Don't know for what reason but it has just been like that.

Lot's of good and bad had happened. 

Lot's of memorable incidents and unforgettable incidents.

Lot's of life long memories that we could go on and on talking about.

It was indeed a ROLLER-COASTER 2010!!!!

Farewell 2010!!!!

p/s pictures published are amongst the hundreds taken through out the whole of 2010

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rupster says "About December 2010"

So here we are at the FINALE of  2010....


What a month it has been. Yes, Rupster admits not doing anything much but all those that has been done is worth every single second on it! Half the time bumming around the shop but those usual weekend outings has been so much fun.

With the whole geng being around, every weekend there was always a meet up. Than there was our usual outing to some place. This time, after a very long time we chose PD. Not everyone could make it but at least most of us tried our best to be there.

It was not much of a emotional month too! *thank god*. Hopefully the new year would carry on as such. But as usual it was filled with food, food and more food! That is something we cant say NO to! No matter out with family, friends or even with the KK's there has always been tonnes and tonnes of food!

It indeed been a great month with lots of prayers being answered. Rupster is very glad of that. But at the same time it comes with lots of hard work too!

Rupster very much loved the last month of the year!!!

p/s Wait up for the year end summary!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Rupster says "About Christmas With Friends"

It has been more than a week since the last update. We've actually been busy planning for the clan's reunion. Everyone has been busy and to get everyone agree on the same date had not been an easy task at all. After lots of discussions and persuading we finally choose the Christmas weekend as our outing time to PD.

For Rupster, this is the first Christmas with friends. It was so much fun. We decided that we should exchange gifts. So everyone brought their own gifts and we exchanged it among ourselves as the clock ticked 12 a.m on 25 December. We even had so much food that we could not finish and it ended up lasting us for 3 long days!

PD was pretty much crowded being it a long holiday weekend. Well actually was very crowded that is why we opted for PD. We were very lucky to get a place after so many attempts of phone calls!
 We stayed in this place called Corus Paradise Resort. We did not take their hotel but took the apartment of 3 rooms. The place was good. Even the sea water was so clean!

The first night went by with so many games and stories. For the second day we had our usual must have menu SEAFOOD. Nothing to shout-out about the food but it did satisfy us. Than we decided to go for the fun-fair that we saw near by the eating shop. It has been ages since we all set foot at a fun-fair, and being us the crazy bunch we just went mad. Went on all the rides we wanted. And not forgetting the "Ghost House" as well!

As soon as we went back we showered and headed to the beach. This time it was a belated surprise birthday for Salveen. It was a picnic style. Just that it was a night picnic. We had poppers too just like a indoor party. As we sang, the near by people also joined the chorus. Just as we were done cutting  the cake, it started raining. Thank god there was small huts built along the beach by the management. So we moved on there, chit-chatted  for sometime and headed back to our apartment.

Next day was the beach day. Headed to the beach for a swim. Was very crowded but we manged to have all the fun we wanted to have. It was a great outing but the was not complete. But still we hard most of them around. There is definitely another one next year. Location is still under discussion!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Rupster says "About Dancing"

Half of December is done. Holidays has been okay so far. Have not been doing much though other than bumming around the shop with parents and doing nothing. Well not really also. We've been busy planning our girlie year end reunion!
Sal is back. So there is always a stay over when ever she is back. Everything planned this time is pretty much last minute because of the clashing of dates. And so the final decision is we chose the Christmas weekend which falls on the 24th,25 and 26th. First time its going to be a Christmas with friends. Looking forward for lots of fun! With a group of 9 people it is definitely going to be so much fun!

Shall keep the vacation updates aside for now. Over the weekend, we had a 50th Birthday party to go to. Was held at the Royal Commonwealth Club (RCS) located in Damansara. Uncle Vijay turned 50! Well he does not look his age though!

He started of planning his own birthday until his friends stepped and said "you cant be organising your own birthday!" So they took over and he never knew what was going to happen. It was a very very good night we had!

The food was good. It was nice seeing all his friends around and them talking about their good old days in school. All the good and bad things they used to do together. But getting dragged to the dance floor by the birthday boy to start of the dance floor was not good at all! As the crowd started joining the dance floor we sort of got used to it. Being it the KK geng we would just go ahead and create havoc. So yea we just danced all night through.

Rupster does not really dance and cant dance but that night, may be because of the company around we just danced! Was very tiring! And with the high heels, it made it more tiring. As it is the whole day was spent walking around shopping for clothes! So it was total knock out day!

It was such fun after so long! We really had a good time laughing,dancing and how could be not forget the camera too!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Rupster says "About November 2010"

This was month full of emotions!

All thanks to something called EXAMs!!!! could really turn your life like hell! Just with that one thing in hand it is enough to ruin all the other things in life!

Because of that, nothing really much happened for the month! It was all about there was still the usual family and friends outing. Nothing much but just the usual weekly happening events.

After exams, the next day it was straight away outing time. Went out with the little girl for a movie before they left for the NZ trip. It was a long time pending promise from Rupster to her. 3 days continuously it was outing with the KK's family.  Was helping them for the last minute preparations for the NZ trip. Even followed them to the airport for the send-of.

Now its December, lets see what has the last month of the year has for Rupster! See you next year for December's highlights!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rupster says "About Its Here Again"


After months going through of a HELL semester, holidays are here again. Exam are all done. Not too sure how exam results are going to be! Its been a  really tough semester and what ever is the end results are, its got to be accepted. Rupster takes all the blame for what ever is to come!

Exams aside. Its time for holidays again. Not like all the other holidays, not much has been planned for this break. So what ever comes in along the way shall just go with the flow. Other than that, Rupster has other thing sin mind to settle with.

Let's see if it all turns out right. This is the only time left. So it is all got to be done with no more choice left! *sigh* Where to find motivation for that!!! =(((

Anyways Happy Holidays to RUPSTER!!! Lets see how much updates shall come after this! =)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rupster says "About Deepavali 2010"

As mentioned in the previous entry, Deepavali this year has been very much different as expected. Our Deepavali norm starts of with an open-house do at our place than the morning of Deepavali we would go to temple than head straigh of to Gombak as there are 3 houses to cover. Than come back in the evening, freshen up and start the night session outings.
This year, the was no eve do, so it was taken over by Rupster's aunty in Kepong. That really helped Rupster get the spirit of Deepavali this year. Before that, there was no spirit of Deepavali any where around. There was no time to even go shopping and get the festive spirit. It was indeed tiring as the night before lacked of sleep! Than Rupster had to do the usual climbing here and there hanging the lights and carrying all the heavy stuffs. The worst was carrying the huge antique chair they had to be thrown away! Even till today the body still aches!

But it was a nice family reunion. Seeing everyone again. Not that we dont meet often but it has always been incomplete. These type of days that brings everyone together. This year was more lighted up as the little ones have grown and entertained us all night. From 1 it grew to 2...So the 2 really made the day more colourful! 

Deepavali day we headed to the temple in the morning. Not knowing where to go, we decided to go to KK's place. Their place has always been the last stop for the day and that is where we do the finale of fireworks and crackers.

So of we went to their house. People say, no matter how often you eat tosai but the taste of tosai that comes on deepavali morning is very much different. And indeed it was very much different! Don't know why but it just tasted extra delicious! In fact, this is the first year we actually had tosai in the morning after such a long time. Used to have tosai at aunty's place those days but our timing later on changed so we went there in time for lunch.

So we spent the whole morning at KK's place. At about noon we got back and it was time for Rupster to go for her own Deepavali outing. All these years, Rupster never really got the chance to go out visiting friends on Deepavali day though they invite without fail every year. This is year was a great chance to pay them a visit.

4 houses in total. With a lot of food and Deepavali goodies. Meeting Sunitha after such a long time was so much fun! Rupster was trying hard to make to her place as she always comes over when ever she is invited. We had so much to catch up on. Though it was for a very short while, but we managed to catch quite a bit! Short time but we still mange to do all our usual crazy stuffs which includes taking lots and lots of pictures!

Some how, this year's celebration passed by well enough without the feeling of something missing. Yet, deep down in the heart, Rupster still misses the usual routine we had the last 22 years! Next year it would be back to normal again but wonder how the routine is going to work.

2 days after Deepavli is another day of the year Rupster always looks forward to. That is when the whole entire of dad's side of the family gathers. We used to have so much fun though it was only a prayer. We spent the entire day there chit-chatting, playing games and just catching up with each other. Its going to be a very different scenario after this. Someone has to do something about it! or else we would only end up meeting at weddings or any other family functions!It would never be the same again but lets see what happens next year!

After finishing with the 4 houses, Rupster had to join thef amily back. And so that was another house to go to with the same food and delicious Deepavali goodies! Once done there we headed back to KK's place again to play our usual fireworks and crakers! 

So thats how the whole Deepavali of 2010 was spent! A very new experience and lots of unexpected things occurred but this is all just a good and positive signs!