Monday, 30 April 2007

Rupster says "about the interview and a few others"

After almost 20 years of my life i FINALLY attended an INTERVIEW today for my internship!!! Supprisingly i was so NOT SCARED at ALL!! Dont ask me why but i was so dame cool about it..Sunitha also got the same place as well but we dunno yet if we will be selected..Thank God i have RTM as another option...And i really HOPE i will get RTM and thats for some GOOD solid REASONS okey!! So more about in internship in my comming posts and now lets do some flashback of what had happened the past few dayss..Okey lets see where can i start???
Nothing much actually happened on Thusday and Friday since i just stayed at home and sitting in front of the PC sampai the bola2 thingy is back in my eyes and it REALLY hurtsssss....Than on Saturday i did some really massive shopping with my aunty!! I just planned to buy some formal clothes for my interview and for work BUT ended up buying clothes, shoes, bags and eating so much fooood as welll!!! Now i am so bloody broke weiiii..I am trying my level best now to claim all that money from my dad and till today still nothing yet!!! After the whole day shopping around i came home so tired and all i wanted is to have a short nap but i never got it..So was just watching TV when my mom asked if i wanted to follow her go for walking..So i agreed and was getting ready when i heard my phone had a message..I did not really make a wild guess on who it was as i always do that..I almost got an heart-attack when i saw the message was from whom.It was actually from Aa'bzar my friend from S'wak..He was another fella that i always called "
abang" but i will say i was not as close to him like how Norman n i are close...but we do share problems with each other lahh...Getting back to the story..Its not always that he messaged me and the last time he did was when he was in KL and wanted to meet up..After that meeting he just went missing untill last Saturday..When i asked how he was and the relpy i got did not sound that good.He said that he is too tired and exausted and asked if i could help him out..

Abg Aa'zar is the one sitting on the left..Took this picture when i was incharge of helping this whole team to jaga masa for them.I official became thier "penjaga masa" though i was suppose to be in another team!!

So i agreed and he told that it was bout this girl whom he likes. He has done everything(e.g gifts, makan,bawak pergi jalan2) for her but at the end of the day she tells him that she treats him just like a normal friend..After that all her messages to him did sound very friendly and was not as the usual her...So i told him to talk to her coz maybe she is just not ready for a relationship or she just does not get the message that he likes herr...Than he asked me "how do i actually know if she is ready for a relationship and how do i make her to like me?" All that i could say to him was "to know if someone is ready for a relationship is very hard but to make the person like u is another whole issue.If someone were to like u,she has to like u for who u are not for what u have given and done for her"...He thanked me for what i had said and told me just let love taken its corz"..
Thinking back about that i sumtimes wonder "Why is love just so DIFFICULT?? I have seen so many people sufffer with it and at the same time seen people happy with it.. Yeah i do beleive LOVE is special but why is it SPECIAL when we have to go through so much of pain?? Many questions has always been running in my HEAD about LOVE but i just never get the anwers too all my QUESTIONS and all i can do is just pen down my questions!! Since we are in this topic,in my next entry i will pen out all my questions again and give my very own point of view!!

This picture was taken at NASOM during our very 1st visit to NASOM

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Rupster says "About the trip to NASOM"

Thats how much we collected RM 18 000

I know i am not suppose to be blogging coz i was suppose to be in Morib...But due to poor attendednce for the trip we decided to CANCEL the whole trip!! Before starting about what happened today at NASOM i shall say something about what happened y'day 1st..Usuall Tuesdays is the most busy day of the week coz we have classes from 8 up to 3 with onli 1 hour break. Y'day was totally OPPOSITE..We only had one class that was CPM and itu pun was not really a class.It was just to discuss how we were goin to NASOM and discuss the futher details about the Morib trip as well.That where we found out that almost separuh of the class could not make it to Morib..So we just called-it-of..Thats when i SMSed Nat and asked her what she was doing since she was not working.Since she was VERY free so she came over to Bali for lunch. After lunch Nat,Sue and me left for Mid Valley coz we did not know what else to do.All of us wanted to see Jangan Pandang Belakang. As usual the KTM was delayedlah but thank God we manage to get there in TIME.The movie was at 3.15 and we reached there at 3.10.So we just got the tickets and terus went to into the cinema. The movie was suppose to be a GHOST movie.It was scary lah but some parts we were just laughing looking at other people's reaction in the cinema.Dont have to go that far.Sunitha alone was enough to make me laugh. There were a few screaming people in the cinema so Sue was not the ONLY screaming person there. Overal i will say that it was GOOD movielah but i was dissapointed with the ending.Was so engrossed on what was goin to happen next and SUDDENLY the movie finished!!! So i guess we just have to wait for the Part 2 lah.After the movie we went jalan2 around Mid Valley..I just cant beleive that we actually went back to Mid Valley again padahal we were just there last Friday!!!

We sure had to "pose" with the mock check!!

As for today, we had our moch check presentation at NASOM.Almost the whole class was there including Mr.Kumar.We left college at about 10.30 and only reach NASOM located in Titiwangsa at almost about 11.30!! It took us that long because Aiman took the wrong wasy.So had to wait for him. And than as usual there was always jam in KL.I our 1st stop before we left was Projet. That is where usually we all wait if we were going somewhere with many cars.While waiting for all the cars to reach we started our CAMWHOREing session!!We even tried to take pictures of all the cars that were following and Steffy actually recorded the racing session as well.Yeah we did have car racing kind of thingy!! So Steppy and i were telling Sha who was trying to overtake us and alleting her.It was kind off fun lah and plus with all noise we were making in the car...Than we reached NASOM and it was so DAME HOT!! Sampai sana pulak it was a bit kelam kabut lah coz the NASOM people did not know that the whole class was comming.Before the moch check presentations, the advisor of the school gave a short speech.They were happy that we actually choosed them to raise fund.She also said how amazed they were with all the publicity we got from the media. The were also happy for us because we manage to raise fund more than our target.Our target was RM 5000 but no thanks to our PD who told the reporters that we were raising RM 10 000.At the end of the day we collected 18 000. Than after the mock check presentations we took so many pictures.Every department took thier own pictures with the mock check!!Sampai my camera was so dame hot!! We left NASOM at about 12 something lah and dad picked me up from there.And later in the evening went jalan-jalan to Gomabak!!
That's all for today and ENJOY the pictures!!

The Publicity & Marketing Department

They said he is not authistic but he is slow..He was the most wanted for everyone's pictures!!

Our CAMOWHORE-ing session

The "posers" in 1 car

Trying to show the "GARANG"(tak jadi) face!!


Choo cheweeeet

Stepphy and i AGAIN!!

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Monday, 23 April 2007

Rupster says "Its the LAST week of college"

The title says it all..YES its the FINAL week of classes and next week is our so called "STUDY BREAK" and than its a week of TORTURE!!But till than i shall enjoy life.. Today was just like the other normal days just that most of the classes are all done and if got also sure habis early!!And our Morib trip this Wednesday has been confirmed.So we will be leaving on Wednesday after the NASOM trip and be back on Thursday!! And i dont noe what else to be said coz lots of things i heard today was very P N C!!So being ethical nothing would be said here!! Just divert my mind away here is the lyrics of WORDS by Bee Gees!!

Smile for me
Don't let me see you crying
For you must keep on trying
To pretend that you don't care

Smile for me
If only for a moment
And even though I'm far away
My heart will stay with you

One moment of sadness
Brings you gladness
And you will learn
While I'm away
You must pray for my return

Smile for me
If only for a moment
And even though I'm far away
My heart will stay with you

One moment of sadness
Brings you gladness
And you will learn
While I'm away
You must pray for my return

Smile for me
Though there's no need for sorrow
Just wait until tomorrow
I'm home again
So, smile for me
For me
For me...

We took this picture after our Presentations for CCP with our lecturer Ms.Rosaline!!

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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Rupster says " I feel ....."

After a long time...Its finally come to the time for me to RELAX coz no more ASSIGNMENTS!!!It was all OFICIALLY finished last week so as the form of CELEBRATION i went shopping on Thursday!!Its been a long time since i wanted to go shopping and get myself some stuffs..So i went there with Nat after our so called "post-mortem" in college...At the 1st i did not want to go out actually coz i was not really feeling well. But i thought back if i come home i will make myself more SICK so i just went lah...We sampai there only terus went for lunch coz we were both was so DAME hungry!!! Then we had a REALLY good lunch and as well some good chit-chatting session...After lunch we walked around Mid Valley...Some stuffs did catch my eye but i did not buy them yet coz we decided to see around 1st and if we dont get anything better than we shall get back to the same place...Tired of walking we wanted some rest so we went for a second session of makan...As we were walking towards the food-court,Steffy called and said she had reached..So we waited for her and makan2 lah...Really had some good stories to talk about...For Steffy and Nat meeting for the 1st time, they really got along very well...A lot of stories were revealed in this very 1st meeting of them..Than after talking and talking we continued our shopping and this time i FINALLY bought what i had wanted to buy for a very long time...Spent a lot lah but as i was saying..never go shopping for so long....Than as we were about to go back suddenly we saw Jaski....Than we just stood in the middle of no-where and started talking....hehehehe..people would have thought that the 4 of us were CRAZY!! Than we finally lefy Mid Valley together..Just imagine going there with 2 people and going home with 4 people....And at the KTM oso we were like org gila there..Laughing and laughing ...Than got to Sentul station and dad sent Jaski back to her house...
Than Friday was whole day at my aunty's place and Saturday pulak we had so much people comming to our house for their New Year's visit and we have not even started ours yet!!
I dont know wat picture to put up today but i have this family picture taken manyyyy years back for my grandmother's b'dAy..As i was seeing it i was just thinking there are just too many addtion to the family with only one person that had passed away.Evryone looks so diferent today comapred to what they used to look like in that picture.... Oklah..that is it for today..i wanna go watch football and make sure Chelsea does not win the game!!

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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Ruspster says "I finally did something that i always wanted to do"

I dont think that everyone would kinow what i tryed saying in the title..but only a handfull will know what it was..I am VERY sure that it would not be REVEALED here coz i nknow i will be DEAD if anyone finds out about it..Well i always wanted to try it out and FINALLY yesterday i did what i wanted to do..All that i can say it was oklah for the 1st time..Thanks to the other 3 people (Stepphy,Karuna and Sunitha find them in the group picture) who intorduced the whole new phase of life to me...It was really fun hangging out with them..All that i can say about the whole experiance is that its not that i did not like it but i tak kisah if i am called again coz i know its kindda enjoyable to go out with ur friends and having fun like what we did y'day and we took lots of pictures but i would not put all here coz its so DAME dangerouse...but as i sais earlier i REALLY had FUN!!! Thank Godlah i came home fine if not MATI wooo...Came home at about 8 pm and i found that my mom was admited in the hospital again..Than today had class at 8 but i usually take the later train i reach class at about 8.10.So i took the usual train but Sue could not make it on time so she told me to wait at the next station.Waited there and the next train to Pelabuhan Klang never came!!

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Monday, 16 April 2007

Rupster says "The update of few days"

Its been almost a week since i last updated..It not that i was buzy but i buat-buat busy..Well not really lah i was a bit busy with all our last few assignments to hand-in and as well as presentations to prepare for..I hate presentations so much that this semester we have 3 presentations if i am not mistaken..Last Friday we had presentations for MP..we were the second group to present..The 1st group reall kena kaww-kaww from Ms.Syireen and i was really hopping that we wont kena the same thing coz our assignment paper we had low mark.So she wanted us to really preform well for the presentations. Our group started of well untill our 3rd member started talking and suddenly Syireen had an "emergency" call to attend to..And in between our presentations as well she kept on asking questions!!! Thank God she did it because she was rushing so we did not have an Q n A SECTION.She also said that our presentations was better than the otehr group and it was very focused and straight to the point.Hence we managed to get back the points that we lost in the paper work..Than on Satuday was Tamil New Year..did not do anything much actually just stayed at home.But in the night we went to Gombak for my aunty's b'day..It was actually a suprise b'day celebration.Since she stays with my Grandmother , so we told her that we are having a gathering for New Year.So untill the cake came she never realized anything..Even when we asked to go cut the cake, she asked our Grandmother to cut the cake untill she saw the number 55 on the (check out the cake and my aunty's reaction)

So thats how New Year went by..And in Gombak as well i found some really interesting news but shall not put it up here coz nothing is confirmed or finalized yet..but all i can say that the news found out could be sad lah..One is about someone rejected a wedding propsal and another is about someone that had miscarrige..Nothing is finallised so i shall find out everything in detail and put here when it is all CONFIRMED....but if whatever that i had heard on Saturday is TRUE its so really sad..coz i never expected someone so nice as that to go through that suffering..Both of them dont deserve everything had happen..I guess this is one of GOD's test for them lah..Hope they will always remain strong and maybe that is why they never told me anything bout the whole news coz they know that i wont be able to accept the whole thing..Saturday as well,we had some mid-night visitors to the house.(In the picture,u'll see my cousin Shalani and me)

My mom' sister came to visit my mom since she did not go to the hospital to see her.My cousin Shalini also came.She came back for New Year break from NS. So was talking to her about how was life there.She sounded happy but i told her there is more to come.Than Sunday was just another day and in the night we went for New Year visitting to uncle Kumar's house..
Today the day started of really well!!!I did not have Monday blues at allll...Well 1st of all when i woke up i checked my phone and saw there was a message..
The message was from Norman (see the picture of me & him) or better known as abg Man..He is my friend from Sarawak whom i can say that i was very close to..He was like a brother to me and thats why i call him "abang"..He actually messaged me after so long..

Coz last week was his b'day n isent him a message.So he replied to thank me for the message.Than in college pulak it was our forum @debate presentations. It went on really well and i think i did not screw up much for our grouplah.I was suppose to be someones "bf".So i had to change for that character.Than during lunch something really malufying happened!!!!!! Well this is what happend.If i am not mistaken i did say in the last post about this Mauritiouse guy i have been checking out ever since Semester 1. So today i was with Sha and Sunitha having lunch at the mamak.So this guy came and sat at the courtyard. I would say my position was facing the courtyardlah.So he came and sat there.So he sat there and was looking towards the mamak. Thank God i managed to look away when he was looking.But a few we actually accidently looked at each other at the same time. 1st i thought he tak realise but i found out something after his friend came. Both of them were talking and he looked at our table.Than he turned to look somewhere else and his friend try to show his"lakonan" skills by turning at looking at our table. That very momment i FOUND out that they already know that there is something wrong. After that,the 3 of us wanted to go to the lab.To go to the lab, we had to pass them so i decided not to turn and look but Sunitha pulak panadang!!!!!!Aiyoooooo i just felt like pulling her farrrrrrr away..Kalau she pandang he tak pandang tak pelah..Ini tak she pandang,that fella oso panadang and his friend this time another guy also pandang...Than Sha pulak cari mana they were sitting..It was so dame clear that one of were up to something.Thank god Stepph was sitting there and i ran towards her!! That's because i dunno what else to do already!!Other than that whole incident..everything went on very fine today..

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Rupster says"about the TALENT SHOWDOWN!"

Well...........the BIG event is finally over!! Let me declare here that it was a really HUGE SUCCESS!! Let me start off to say whatever we did just before the event started:

We left for TCSJ at about 12.30p.m and we reached thereand guess what awaited us there as we reached there??? Boxes and boxes of mineral water and as well as cartons of box drinks!!! THE BEST PART was to carry all those 3 floors high!! OMG!! we almost died okey...And that was the time that we needed the guys so badly and none of them were there to help us out!! So only a few of the girls were there to
carry all the stuff up...thanK God they guys came in time to help us carry the stuff up if not i WOULD have just collepsed there!!Than after we got all the things up, we had to move all the tables and chairs pulak coz before we reached, there was exams in that hall..Supposedly the PRD department was suppose to do all that but they were only able to start after 2.30 and that was too late for us!!So we had to do all that by ourselves and that made us extra the time we finish arranging the whole hall it was almost 4 something i think..than i had to go do our programme booklet and by the time we finish the booklet was almost 7.30 than continued with some other work and had a little briefing on what was going to take place the next day...Got home at almost 11 p.m..Came home so dead tired and just jumped to bed!!

Left for TCSJ at abou 8 something and dad sent Sue and me there si
nce we had to carry all the cup-cakes..we had so much of work to do!! And this was the 1st time i did a "KOLAM"..well i did not do the whole thing lah but all i can say i did the words!! And the R got extra attention from me..but to tell the trth the whole idea of putting the coconut for the word came from my very HEAD!! And to me, i think the coconut idea really turned out to be so GOOD...WHY I SAY SO?? Coz it really gave a 3D impact to the whole Kolam...For a 1st attempt from Sunitha and me, i think it was very good but Mr Kumar (our lecturer) was so dame jealouse that he always wished that someone would jsut go and step on it!! Well his wish really happened lah coz so many people kicked it and it was FINALLY destroyed by our event cameraman at the end of the whole night!!!!!!!! I just went speechless when i saw the whole thing DESTROYED!!

The actual event started at about 8 something though it was planned to start at 8.I was incharge of the backstage..So i practically never saw the whole event BUT semapt cuci matalah!! I was in charge og 6 groups and i like
d this guy from one of the groups..So i did make friendslah with all of them and after talking i found out that he was TCHT!! And i so never saw him around there before at all!!! I also found out that they were from Mauritiouse! Don ask me why but this is the 2nd that i have been checking out and is from some people said "her futere husband is going to be imported" hehehehe not my fault lah it all jsut happens dontlah blame me pulak!!! Than i managed to persuade Eva to get
Project8ight's picture since she was very close to them and i manage to get to know one of them but in all,everyone in that band was very friendly and entertaining!! I also managed to see thier performance during the rehersal and the were so dame GOOD!!! I know i did not have regrets of having them as our Guest Performers. I also manage to get the Mauritiouse band as well(but no picture here) and that was also courtesy of Eva!! All the other contestants were so good and at the end of the day those who deserved to win did actually win.And the audience were great as well...Overall the whole event was a HUGE succsess and Mr
Kumar said it himself...

We got lots of pujian from the audiences and as well as the participants for putting up a great show.Even our PA guy said that we did it like true profesionals!! Supprisingly we finish before 10.30 coz out aim was to finish the lates by 11 pm.Before we allwent back we took a group picture with Mr.Kumar and concluded our event.I got home almost aboy 1a.m feeling so dame tired but full of satisification. Now it feels so empty coz we dont have to saty back and do work so much of work.It feels as though we are missing something out in our daily routine. Overall i did have so much fun over the whole thing though it was very tiring. At the same time i got to learn so much and how to handle "weired" people as well through out this whole process!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Rupster says "I am still VERY HAPPY!!"

Its not that i did not have time to update y'day but i was just too LAZY!!! I dint know why was i so lazy..Maybe because i was just too tired y'day doing so much of work...Lets see what i did y'day..
I had to jaga our booth for selling the tickets to the Talent Showdown.I was only suppose to jaga for 1 hour but ended up doing it for 2 hours..To tell the TRUTH i did not really like the 1st hour coz the way they called people was just not right and if i were the people walking by oso i would run away.But the 2nd hour was so good and i really liked the strategy used as well..Talking bout the 2nd hour, we went table to table to table(there was a REASON behind it actually and NO i would not REVEAL it HERE ask melah personlally if anyones to knowall that i want to say i FINALLY got to give a BIG SMILE to someone that i really wanted to smile to since Semester 1..So thanks to Miranda actually who decided to join me in my MIS
SION..Coz i know if i did not do it very soon that there would be no more chances!!! And sometimes the saying that "opportunity only comes ones" always turn to be TRUE for me!!! And becoz of that i ended up not sleeping the whole night coz i was too excited over what happened !!
Than today i went all the way to college just o find out that there was NO class!! Dah lah that was the only class pulak tu ihad!! Thank God we had our assignment due we finished it and i left college at about 2 lebih....
I dont know why this past few days i have been feeling REALLY good and i dont know the REASON for it?? It may be goodlah coz i have not been myself for a VERY LONG TIME but i really hope that there is NO bad signs behind all this good moods!!
I guess that is all for now coz i am feeling too TIRED and i need to get SLEEP since there was no SLEEP y'day!!

P/S the next update will only be AFTER our Talent Showdown

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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Rupster says "A super-dupper day!!"

I dont know why but after a very long time i REALLY feel so GOOD today...Though it was a busy as usual but i went through it with lots of fun...How i wish if i had this chance everyday!! Though there were some "gila" people i had to go through today but i had fun..coz even though the were "gila" i had fun entertaining them...Who knows that maybe it was because of them that i feel this way...???So i guess i have to thank all the "gila" people for todaylah that manage to CHEER me up after a long time..Someone
ACTUALLY said that "Rupi is finally back with us"..Well to that person keep your fingers crossedlah coz i really hope that i am back to myself..I think it is also because whatever i had in mind all this while had been said out.Threfore,my mind is FREE from atleast 1 problem (you see,told you thatwhen u have problem settle it fast coz it really makes a HUGE difference.)


So,i really hope that next time i can TRY my level best
to settle whatever is running in my head and dont drag it for very long.I always find it very relief when i i settle my problems fast but the thing is,sometimes i am just so LOST that i dont know how am i suppose to deal with a problem.I always help people to deal with thier problems but why when it comes to me i cannot help myself?? Or is it just me that i cant help myself due to low of confidence??
Ohh by the way today they had this event launch by the Foundation Students.So Mr.Kumar allowed us to leave early to go for the launch since Ms.Catherine supported our event..When we got to the Annxee the event had already started..So we sat there for awhile lah as this stupid man was talking(he was funny though with all the stories he had).Than during lunch we were planing to go for class late coz some of them were taking part in some of the games organised.Suddenly Ms.Catherin came and we told her that we will be late for class coz we had registered toplay the games.Guess WHAT she said??? "Ohh dont worry,all of you can take part in all the games". So we asked what does that mean? And the reply was "you all dont have to come for class but make sure i see your faces there!!" We were ALL actually jumping in JOY right in front of her!!So we actually went for the games sessionslah..There was Fear Factor.For the 1st round they had to eat wasabbi,cili padi all but between 2 bisciuts..Those who got to the secon round had to find 2 cards thats was in a basin of water.WATER here does not mean normal WATER..In the water,there was sotong,ikan kembong and prawns!! IMAGINE how smelly would it be????Than the 3rd round was to find a few letters that would form a word..And guess who won??? It was our very own RAWK Project Manager Kelly!! Today as very close friend Sugu ( since we were in Form 1) called me after like about 4 years!!! I was tottaly in a shock..Actually 1st she SMS me and than i replied asking who is that.Suddenly that very number called me and the momment i heard the voice i knew it was her!!!Before i heard her voice i had a small thing in my mind saying that it may be "that person" but thinking back would "that person" suddenly call me rather than just SMSing..Thank God i never told "that person's" namelah but manage to recognise Sugu's voice.

We were all together since Form 1 right up to Form 5

We were talking for some timelah and suddenly she said she saw Marry Anne!! How i wish i saw her as well coz i really miss her SMILEY face lah..Well when there is Marry Anne i was very sure what was coming next..She asked me how is "that person" ..Well all i could say is i think "that peson" is fine..Actually Sugu was 1 of the very 1st person that i told about "that person".So for surelah she would ask about it.Atleast i was able to answer herlah though she gave that "one kind of laugh"....So we finally decided that we should all meet up after a long time sometime very soon!! Now i am PROUD to say that i am now in CONTACT with everyone in that group picture FINALLY!!!

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Monday, 2 April 2007

Rupster says "It's a Brand New Phase of life"

What i meant in the title of the posting is that i "graduated" from my Yahoo 360 blog to Blogspot.Its not that i actually want the whole wide world to actually know what shit i go through this roller-coster life but it is becaus esome people who really knows me very well just can't seem to get to the Yahoo blog.That is why i decided "shifting" to Blogspot.I shall try lah to update both the blogs together or shall just copy and paste for both the blogs. Or i might just stick to one only and ignore the other one.
As this is the first entry, i would like to say a few things that would be written in here in the days to come.First of all this "house" is meant for me to voice out about whatever i am happy about, sad or even angry..So to who ever who reads all the postings in here plese try to keep them to youeslef and try NOT to go and tell the world about it...There will be lots of stories about my FAMILY because they are the most IMPORTANT people to me..So get ready to read my INTERESTING family stories other than the other stuffs i do in MY INTERESTING LIFE..
This picture of ME is the opening picture of this BLOG which will be my new "home"!!

To give an early WARINING..Thre will be a lots of KUTUK-ing sessions in if you read and find that its about you than thats not my problem and you only perasan lebih2 and think its YOU..If incase the person i KUTUK is yoy than thats not my problem as well because i you based on what you have done..So it's all up too you if you can accapt it as KUTUK-ing than that it very wrong..Because if i were you,i will teke it as a form of a comment that would help improve myself.
As for the language that would be used here....I am the kind of person who will talk with mixing up different languages..So my entries shall also be the same way.. As you read you will see English,Bahasa,Tamil,Chinese and some of the Sarawakian if anyone of you don't understand just ask me lah...I am willing to explain and PLEASE DO NOT make your own ASSUMPTIONS because it is very DANGEROUSE.By the way my spellins are like SHIT as well so just paham2 kan onlylah...
As a form of entertainment, in all the postings there will be picture(s) posted up...And i shall TRY very hard to rajinkan myself to make sure i upload the pictures along with captions...
And FINALLY as i am still new to this BLOG-ging it would take sometime lah for this site to be as ATTARCTIVE as POSSIBLE!!
Oklah i guess this is enough as an opening entry...Currently i only can think of this much but shall update it later if i can think futher of what i had left out.More will pened out in the next entry....