Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rupster says "About the Double Holiday Entry"

As promised, here is the double entry on PD and Penang.

After a very long time, a outing with Sunitha finally took place. Every time we planned, it never happened. This time we made it a point that it was going to happen. Some where in between it almost got canceled but towards the last minute things just fell in to place.

So of we went. Stayed at Bayu Beach Resort. It belonged to someone she knows. The house was fully equipped. The best part was, it was full of pillows! It was like a pillow wonderland. Their set up was also perfectly done,. Simple yet the sense of comfort was there. And of course it was facing the sea!
This was one of the many holidays that we actually cooked our own meals rather than spending money on food outside. It was fun actually. Something different. Though it was all simple but it was very much filling!

It was a very relaxing form of time out. We did everything to our pace. Slept and woke up as much as we wanted. So basically all we did was eat,sleep, go out for walks, and watched tv.

Penang was also a good time out. For the first time we flew to Pennag. We stayed in a hotel called EQ hotel. The place was good. Looked like a hostel but it was a hotel. The room and the beds were very comfortable. We traveled around by the Rapid Penang bus. It may sound scarey and tiring but the bus system there was so efficient! Its always on time and the were continuously buses coming all the time.

We did the usual stuffs that Rupster usually does in Penang.  Its time to find out for places and activities to do there. Sort of feeling bored of the same routinized activities there.  Food also we went back to mostly the same places.

We had char kuey tiow as much as we wanted. Everywhere tasted different. Some were good and some were not.  This time Rupster got to play with camera. It was learning to use it ans trying out all the different functions available.

And the journey back ended with a 4 hours bus trip back to KL=)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Rupster says "About Holidays"

Its been 2 weeks now since holidays started. PD and Penanag has been visited. Next on the list is Singapore. Not for a vacation but for a wedding.

The first 2 weeks has been busy. Was hardly at home during the day. Here and there there were things to be done. Catch time with family. Its been mostly been family for now.

The BIGGEST news of all is, license has been obtained! After so many years being driven around, now the Rupster is going to be the driver and provide taxi service. Can already see the calls coming in ;). Yet to drive yet has it takes at least a week to process the official documents. Till then its still rest time.

Things have gotten much better with God's grace. Thank God for that. It's almost back to normal. For now that's the only update for the last 2 weeks. Wait up for the PD & Penang entry soon.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Rupster says " About May 2011"

The last month of classes for this semester. Thus, all the assignments due dates were all there. Plus with the running around for final marks to see how far are we to the overall total course work and the marks needed for the finals. Most of the classes finished ahead of the planned time. So there was almost 2 week of freeness. There was still stuffs to be settled in college. So it was not really so free also.

Not a really good month. Things were not really good. So lets see what has June got for us!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rupster says "The End of Exams"

Finally exams are done! It was not a easy one. With 3 papers in 2 days and having 1 day with 2 papers! Hopefully everything will turn out good.

This holidays will be for almost a month. So far, plans are for PD, Penang and Singapore. So lets wait and see how much fun is at all going to be!!!