Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rupster says "About Its Here Again"


After months going through of a HELL semester, holidays are here again. Exam are all done. Not too sure how exam results are going to be! Its been a  really tough semester and what ever is the end results are, its got to be accepted. Rupster takes all the blame for what ever is to come!

Exams aside. Its time for holidays again. Not like all the other holidays, not much has been planned for this break. So what ever comes in along the way shall just go with the flow. Other than that, Rupster has other thing sin mind to settle with.

Let's see if it all turns out right. This is the only time left. So it is all got to be done with no more choice left! *sigh* Where to find motivation for that!!! =(((

Anyways Happy Holidays to RUPSTER!!! Lets see how much updates shall come after this! =)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rupster says "About Deepavali 2010"

As mentioned in the previous entry, Deepavali this year has been very much different as expected. Our Deepavali norm starts of with an open-house do at our place than the morning of Deepavali we would go to temple than head straigh of to Gombak as there are 3 houses to cover. Than come back in the evening, freshen up and start the night session outings.
This year, the was no eve do, so it was taken over by Rupster's aunty in Kepong. That really helped Rupster get the spirit of Deepavali this year. Before that, there was no spirit of Deepavali any where around. There was no time to even go shopping and get the festive spirit. It was indeed tiring as the night before lacked of sleep! Than Rupster had to do the usual climbing here and there hanging the lights and carrying all the heavy stuffs. The worst was carrying the huge antique chair they had to be thrown away! Even till today the body still aches!

But it was a nice family reunion. Seeing everyone again. Not that we dont meet often but it has always been incomplete. These type of days that brings everyone together. This year was more lighted up as the little ones have grown and entertained us all night. From 1 it grew to 2...So the 2 really made the day more colourful! 

Deepavali day we headed to the temple in the morning. Not knowing where to go, we decided to go to KK's place. Their place has always been the last stop for the day and that is where we do the finale of fireworks and crackers.

So of we went to their house. People say, no matter how often you eat tosai but the taste of tosai that comes on deepavali morning is very much different. And indeed it was very much different! Don't know why but it just tasted extra delicious! In fact, this is the first year we actually had tosai in the morning after such a long time. Used to have tosai at aunty's place those days but our timing later on changed so we went there in time for lunch.

So we spent the whole morning at KK's place. At about noon we got back and it was time for Rupster to go for her own Deepavali outing. All these years, Rupster never really got the chance to go out visiting friends on Deepavali day though they invite without fail every year. This is year was a great chance to pay them a visit.

4 houses in total. With a lot of food and Deepavali goodies. Meeting Sunitha after such a long time was so much fun! Rupster was trying hard to make to her place as she always comes over when ever she is invited. We had so much to catch up on. Though it was for a very short while, but we managed to catch quite a bit! Short time but we still mange to do all our usual crazy stuffs which includes taking lots and lots of pictures!

Some how, this year's celebration passed by well enough without the feeling of something missing. Yet, deep down in the heart, Rupster still misses the usual routine we had the last 22 years! Next year it would be back to normal again but wonder how the routine is going to work.

2 days after Deepavli is another day of the year Rupster always looks forward to. That is when the whole entire of dad's side of the family gathers. We used to have so much fun though it was only a prayer. We spent the entire day there chit-chatting, playing games and just catching up with each other. Its going to be a very different scenario after this. Someone has to do something about it! or else we would only end up meeting at weddings or any other family functions!It would never be the same again but lets see what happens next year!

After finishing with the 4 houses, Rupster had to join thef amily back. And so that was another house to go to with the same food and delicious Deepavali goodies! Once done there we headed back to KK's place again to play our usual fireworks and crakers! 

So thats how the whole Deepavali of 2010 was spent! A very new experience and lots of unexpected things occurred but this is all just a good and positive signs!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rupster says "About October 2010"

A busy month it has been. Busy with college and submissions of assignment. For some weird reason, this semester all the assignments were due towards the end of the semester. So there was definitely lots of rush. Plus, most of it has been group work. Rupster has always looked forwards to group work but this time it all turned out to be a disaster! Yes TOTAL disaster! Hated it to the max! 5 peoples work being done by 2 people is never a easy task! On top of that only finding out it was not done just the night before and the morning of submission was a real KILLER!

Rupster has always had the policy of no matter how last minute the work is being done, it has to be done and finished the night before the submission date. Or else Rupster would be having nightmares all throughout the night! This time, it was totally the opposite. It was just finished in time before the submission time at 4pm. This was how bad things got! And they just never bothered to offer any help in any form! Grrrr

Other than college, October has also been a very testing month in term of emotions! Only God knows why. Its been really hard to go through all of these! Mind diverting has only been the way out of it. So there enters the world of Television, Facebook and YouTube! Not that it does not help at all but it does. If any of these don't help than its time to turn to games!

Outings still is there. Mostly all last minute plannings so there is hardly any time to look-forward to something exciting. But the last minute rush is equally exciting too. Classes are all finished and done for the semester! Now its time mug the books and notes for the semester for the next 2 weeks. Nerding time! But before that its Deepavali time.

Don't know how is it going to be this year. After 22 years of our usual routine, this year onwards its going to be very different without grandma being around. This year would be a very low-key because there is no celebration as a mark of respect of her death. So let's see what is install for Deepavli this year. It's only after Deepavali that major studying spree starts!

See you in NOVEMBER!