Thursday, 31 December 2009

Rupster says " About December"

Its the last month of the year!!!

2009 would be leaving us just in another few more hours *at the time this entry was being written*

A rewiew of 20009 will be written but for now lets look at the review for December 2009. Yes the final review for the last month of the year.

December is known to be the Holidays season. Though not everybody is on holiday, but everyone is just in the mode of relaxation, in the mode of family gatherings, vacations and etc..

For Rupster, December has been:

A month full of FUN

A month full of JOY

A month full of TEARS

A month full of WONDERS

A month full of VACATIONS

A month full of TRAVELING

A month full of SLEEP CATCH UP

A month full of FOOD

A month full of CULTURE

A month full of HISTORY

A month full of AMAZEMENT

A month full of STORIES

A month full of WONDERS

A month full of UNDERSTANDINGS

A month full of LOVE

A month full of FAMILY

A month full of FRIENDS

A month full of SHOPPING

A month full of CHRISTMAS

A month full of DECORATION

A month full of CAM-HOARING

A month full of TECHNOLOGY

A month full of FACEBOOKING

A month full of MEMORIES

A month full of ARCHITECTURE

A month full of SPIRITUALISM

A month full of AMUSEMENT

A month full of GOSSIPS

Lookout for the 2009 top happenings in the next post!

Till Rupster sees you all next year...Take care folks!!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Rupster says " About Christmas"

Christmas at this household has always been about visiting our fellow Christian neighbors. This year onwards would be different because they no longer live here. Thus we are lfet with only one house visiting around the neighbourhood and the rest is about visiting our friends.

Knowing the situation would be such, we decided to go South. Yes. This time it was Johore. The intention was actually to go over to Singapore to check out the Christmas decorations in Orchard road.

So we stayed over at JB and traveled down to Singapore. The best time to be in Orchard during Christmas is in the evening. The have stage performances as well as well decorated floats. The theme is all about Christmas and the birth of Jesus. The lights were so beautiful. Sadly camera had crashed. So its just the phone camera that was left

We mostly traveled around by the MRT. Being a public holiday, the crowd was bad. But very much bearable. Walked around a lot and shoped too!!!

It was a good time in JB for 5 long days. Had a wonderful time with cousin brother and his wife. Though the rest of the family was not around but the 3 of us did manage to do as much as we could. The visit to the World's First Glass Temple was also something not to be forgotten. It was beautiful. We were not allowed to take pictures so there are no pictures of the temple.

Overall it was a short holiday that all Rupster did was go out to see places, eat and sleep. It was a sort of holiday that Rupster got cover up on so much of sleep after such a very long time.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Rupster says "About the Vey Memorable 10 Days"

So the much awaited year end trip finally took place. It was an experiance that you would have to face it for yourself. Words may just describe it but facing it,looking at it and going through it is something that you got to do it all by yourself.

10 days was not only filled with spiritualism but it was also filled with fun, excitement and tiredness. Travelling for hours in the bus is something that is not very much fun.

Temples were beyond magnificent. You actually get to feel the calmness just as you step food at the entrance. Sometimes you actually wonder how did the actually build those structures thousand of years ago. If today we see them use all sorts of machines to assemble buildings. But those days it was all by hands and major help by elephants to carry stuff.

The carving on the tombs, the painting and all the art you see is just simply amazing. There are not much pictures of those because camera's are not allowed into the temples. In India, getting in to the temples is all about queuing up. Being tourist we definately would not have enough time to que up.

Thus they have this special line in which you are required to pay and you get to go directly in front of the shine. Rupster always wondered why people kept going back to India for its temples. Its only when she got the chance to stand right in front of the shine that she understood why. At that point of time, you would have forgotten the amount of money paid just to get to stand right there. No words could explain what Rupster felt. All she could say was she felt the power of God. Something that rarely happens.

In India, that was very common for Rupster in almost all the temples! Dont ask why but that was the power of it.Rupster would never be shy enough to say that she actually teared feeling the power of God. That is something not everybody gets to feel. If they do, it could just be once in a lifetime thing though they've gone back to the same temple many many times.

Being in India, you do not have to mention about the food. Because you get tonnes of variety. And mind you it is super duper delicious though its vegetarian. Another thing about India is the level of poverty. Its extremely sad to see that situation. Mind you. These beggers are extremely adamant. They would never leave without getting what they want.

They would follow right from the start of the journey in to the temple and still be with you until you are done with temple and boarding the bus. Even the kids are equally adamant. We had the chance to have a 5 hour train ride too. It was fun too..Very early in the morning and the whole group was supper hyper. We were making so much noise in the train after boarding it just because we were early and not many passengers had boarded the train.

Owhh...and people in India can really shop! Like literally shop and not window shop! To the extend the just sleep where ever they can in the mall and later wake up from a short nap and continue shopping. Imagine the crowd we get to see during Thaipusam in Batu Caves every year. Yes that's the croed that you see almost everyday shopping!!! At 1 pointof time Rupster just turned around and told the whole group that she was tired seeing human-beings! Surprisingly almost everyone agreed!

p/s Like mentioned in the start of this posting. Not much words are there to describe the whole environment. Pictures could only help a little. Its what you see for yourself and what you go through is the whole experience about.