Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rupster says "About the Results and the short holiday"

Yes! Results is here! Finally everything cleared. This means its the last step to degree life after this. The February semester would the last and final semester. Than its a goodbye to Degree life and Hello to working life. Next semester is going to be very hectic. Though only 3 subjects, but its all very heavy subject! So its going to be a very busy semester as well.

Now back to the short break we had in Desaru. Well not really Desaru but considered to be Desaru. Complicated huh? But that it is. It was a short trip but worth every second of it. We had a great time...just that we hardly used the camera for pictures. Only while we were at the beach did the camera come out.

Other than that it was all about food, fun and talk talk. We also manage to have a short tour around JB. Not much but enough to tire ourselves!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rupster says "About Missing in Action"

Its been a way long time since the last update! More than a month actually. It all started with study break, than exams, than Deepavali, than back to exams, a short long weekend holiday, open house and than helping out at the shop.

Study break came which means it was also the exams season. Exams went on fine. Studied did the best that could be done. Next is just to wait for the results. If everything goes on well, next semester would the final semester for Degree life. So hoping and praying hard for the best!

Exams did not help to tarnish the fun of Deepavali though. Deepavali went on as smooth as it has been like all the past years. In fact, this year there has been extra blasting. It was also the year were least pictures were taken! We were all too busy blasting our firecrackers than to take pictures!

After Deepavali it was back to exam mode. At the same time it was also "open house" planning. This year some how it was supposed to be done on a very small scale. Somehow it ended up being very big! The last time it happened was maybe 4 years back. Though we were late 2 weeks but it turned to be totally awesome! It took Rupster 1 whole week to clean the house but just hours to get messed up. The whole mess was worth though. Each and every (almost) family member were there. It was such a great reunion. Though everyone did not get the equal amount of attention but everyone entertained each other. They all mange to catch after such a long time. It was a long night indeed.

Everyone had so much fun. The food was out of the world! One of the best food! Everyone enjoyed it so much that there was not much balance left. It was also a blasting night as well. Not as much blasting but we did manage to burst some. At least the little ones had fun bursting the "pop pop's".

And than holidays are carrying on with helping out at the shop. Which means the whole day is spent. Not forgetting the little bit of driving around as well. Just before exam we headed over to JB for a short holiday because it was a long weekend. Will post up in the next entry about JB with lots of pictures!

Till then.............

p/s sorry for the pictureless update. Will post up the pictures really soon!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rupster says " About September 2011 and a Little of October"

This is a way OVERDUE post!!! Been so busy and a little of laziness has caused the blog a temporary silentness!

Lets start with the September summary. It was the usual busy month where assignments come to an end. Here rush and there rush. Chasing around group members who just never give their work on time! They promise at the start with so much sweet words than towards the end it all turns from sweet to sour to bitter!!! Very annoying! The worst part is when you keep calling them and they dont answer the freaking phone!!! grrr

Other than that September has been a usual month with the usual routines going around.

On the other hand, October is here. The month has been good. Semester is coming to an end. Which means exam time! Sadly, this time exams falls on Deepavali week! Worst part, a paper on the even and only finishes at 6! Never the less, shopping has been done. Major one though. Hehe...

We headed for Klang and it was a long and tiring day! The out come was also worth it all! This year no theme colour but it all turned out to be multi-colour year! We even bought the same colour for all of us to be worn. 2 of it are in the same design. The Background colours are the same. Just the pattern colour is different.

Since exams and Deepavali falls at the same time, the usual house celebration has been postponed to a further date. It would be just a simple gathering with the usual geng. That's all for now! Wait for the next entry! Happy Waiting!!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rupster says "About a Little about September"

Its the 20th day of September. So much has been happening around. Hopefully that explains the lack of updates. With attending prayers, catch up time with the family as well as with the loved one. And out of it all, the worst one is the loss of T & T.


T & T has gone missing. They escaped because the gate was open. But that is nothing new as they do that all the time. Though they do that all the time, they know how to find their way back and we make sure we run after them. This time they escaped was an escape that they have not done for months. And thus, they have gone missing. We've gone all around the housing area to find them but yet no results. We've told people around as well.

The house feels so dull without the both of them. Their playfulness, and their naughtiness. Not forgetting their welcoming as well when anyone of us come home. Its a very weird feeling. We are still looking around and hoping they would come back soon.

Other than that, the semester is going on well. Second half has started. Its getting tougher and tougher day by day. A few more week to go before the end of the semester and than its the final exam again. Hoping hard it all will end well this semester.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Rupster says "About August"

August 2011 has the least number of postings! Other than being busy and sick, there was a little of laziness in updating. Thus, this entry is going to sum what at happen since the last entry about Melaka. After Melaka was back to school as usual with tonnes of assignments piled up!

In between all of it, falling sick at that peak period was the worst part of it all! With red eyes and horrible headache, it was unbearable. With that along came fever! There was no way of skipping a trip to the doctor. That alone took a week to recover!
After that it was temple time for the year. 10 days vegetarian and only dedicated to the temple. It was a fun year indeed. Seeing all the old people after such a long time. Many new faces as well. Thank God the 10 days came within the Raya holidays. Though it was a weeks long holiday, it did not feel so. Juggling with temple, completing assignments as well as preparing for the bestie's wedding was not a simple task! It was extremely tiring! But it was a completely memorable time. As tired as it was, it was all over shadowed by laughter ans lots of happiness.
The the usual August 28th celebration was there too. Most of us were vegetarian but yet we went to a normal seafood shop. Food was moderately ok. But the cake was super delicious!

It was also the Hari Raya and Merdeka week towards the end of August. Thus, many people were on leave. It did not feel neither like Hari Raya nor Merdeka. It was just like any other holiday weekend. As an whole, its been a month of time juggling! Lots of activities in store but everything went on fine! It was a great month after a very long time actually. Lots of get together and lots of bonding times as well

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rupster says "About Melacca 2011"

With the busy and tiring schedule, there's not been much time to update. So every opportunity got is being used.

After a very long time, the Kandiah clan had our family outing again. The place chosen was Melacca again. Simply because of its distance to KL, the good food and lots of other extra activities to be done. We did the usual activities that we usually do. Which means a lot and a lot of EATING!

This time an extra new activity was photo taking. With a Canon and Nikon the competition was pretty much tough. We took tonnes of pictures and kept comparaing each and every picture that was capture. Let this entry be short of of words and may the pictures do all the talking =). ENJOY!

That all to come...more to come up later =)