Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Friday, 15 April 2011

Rupster says " About the Little update"

The year started of well. Some how along the way it was not flowing as good as it was when it first started. it is understood things can never run smoothly. Just when you think everything is okey that is when it turns out not to be okey.

3rd year has been quite a HELL. It just does not seem to be blending in well. Half the semester is almost gone. Don't know what else is there more to face. Any how, to think POSITIVE is how it is suppose to be. Trying hard and will keep trying till the bright shine comes.Thank God there are so many great people around to keep encouraging!

Maybe that is why there has been very little update here these days! 

Everyone has been busy with things around. We've been trying our best to keep up with things. Here and there when we get time, we meet up for chats but with the whole geng together has not been happening. Plans are on the way. Things are being planned and all of us are looking forward to it! 

As hell as things are but it is also filled with lots of fun and laughter. So everything is very much balanced =)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Rupster says "About the Long Kept Surprise"

Finally the much awaited and long time planning was executed! The surprise was a surprise until the VIP walks in.

What was the surprise about? It was a 2 months long secretly planned 31st Wedding anniversary for parents. The process was pretty much tough but we manage to get through it. We had an awesome group of people to help us and guide us through.
                                          The ushers who brought in the VIP
                                                      And here come the VIP!
                                                          Overall of the ballroom

It was held at the Royal Commonwealth Club situated at Damansara Heights. The invited guests were in time. In fact, some came in much much earlier. We estimated about 100 guests and from the 100 we shortlisted to about 80 people.And true enough, our estimation went right. Everyone that Rupster really wanted to see turned up.

The guest of honour walked at about 8.15 pm with full of mixed emotions. Their expressions were beyond explainable! Overall everything went on smoothly!
Cake cutting...

It all went on as per-planned. It was nice seeing almost whole family after such a long time!

                                                       The speakers of the day

                                                 The other surprise of the night...
Though did not get to spend much time with everyone, seeing them alone was pleasing enough! Food was so good but sadly Rupster did not get to enjoy it! The taste was as pleasing as the smell! That's how good the food was.

                                                                  The Kandiah's
                                                   The "orang kuat" of the night

The cake? Super delicious! The colour, tatste and everything turned out like how it was expected! The hall deco was also as expected.

The whole thing was PERFECT! Everyone was so helpful. Friends and family. Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

P/S The original photos from the photographer is yet to be out. Will put those pictures in another post when the pictures came in.