Monday, 30 May 2011

Rupster says " About a Different PD experiance"

With everything that has been happening, and with exams coming in next week the mind needed a diversification in order to start focusing back. School holidays have started. So our usual school holiday vacation was also planned. This time, it was decided that were were heading towards PD since its been a long time we went there. We stayed at Corus Paradise Resort.

Located in Port Dickson, Corus Paradise Resort features a fitness and recreation centre which includes an outdoor pool with water slides.Though we never got a chance to swim in the sea, we at least got to walk along the beach and spent some time along the beach.
This time along, it was a very chilling trip. We hardly left the place. This is because the place was fully equipped with everything that was needed. As we arrived there on Friday evening, we had tea with lots of kuih-muih. Than the men went back to their crib while the ladies prepared dinner. Dinner was vegetarian steamboat since it was Friday. It was very simple but very filling. For dessert we had mangoes, apples, and bananas! The rest of the night was spent with catching up stories and chit-chatting.

The next morning, we had sandwiches and coffee. After breakfast, we got ready to go to the water park. It was quite empty. So we had a blasting time playing the water. Not forgetting our famous game monkey monkey ;). Once the senior citizens got tired, the rest of us went to play with the water slides and the waterfall. Such a great time we had with the slides and the waterfall.
With a picnic concept, we had mutton curry and bread for lunch. Simple but very sufficient for the after water activities. Some of us headed back to our room by 12.30 while the rest only came back at almost 2. They had teh session of chatting around. Than it was nap time after a tiring day at the pool. In the evening, we decided to go for the bicycle ride. Its been so long since we all had a bicycle ride. It was indeed a good time cycling around the place. We wanted to go for a massage but we were a bit late and they were not taking in bookings. So massage plan was pushed for the 3rd day. For dinner we went to a seafood restaurant outside the Resort. After dinner supper was at the resort's cafe. Rather than having cocktails we had mocktails. It was tiring 2nd day that all of us were of to bed by 1 am!

3rd day breakfast was scrambled eggs added with some mutton curry and mushroom soup. Very much filling along with coffee. Than we went for the foot massage. An experience that is never to be forgotten! Avery painful one but relieving. Something that Rupster has always wanted to do! The pain can be torture but it was very much enjoyed!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Rupster says " About Rock Climbing"

This was another first time experience. With all the things that's been happening around, this has been a very good mind diversification. For this semester we have a subject called Entrepreneurship. Students are required to get into a group of fours and choose an entrepreneur to be interviewed. One of the group decided to choose the Camp5 owner.

Camp5 is a rock climbing center located at One Utama. After all the hype created the whole class gathered at Camp5 at around 3pm at Camp5. For most of us and including our lecturer, this was our very first time. Walking in to the place felt like an amazing feeling. Looking at all the walls so high up, we wondering to ourselves "are we going to climb all that?". As scarey as it looked, the feeling of want to reach high up there was also there.

As we reached, were were asked to fill up a form containing our personal details. Than we were given our special shoes and the harness to the climbing session. The group than presented their role-play. It was than followed by a safety demonstration for the other students before they start their climbing.  Once everything was explained we started our climbing.

It was indeed a very new experience. It needed a lot of determination. It can be very tiring but once reaching up at the peak, there was a sense of achievement. It was indeed a very big eye opener. We learned a lot through the experience.

There was this one part in which we were suppose to climb the rock all the way up and that let go. You go swinging. As simple as it may sound, but it was not! It was not easy to let go. That's when we all realised the quote saying " let it go' is never as simple as it is. It was how much trust you have on your self and the person who is handling you. To let go was the toughest!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rupster says " About When is The End?"

How long more is all this going to take? There's just to much to be absorbed! Exam's is around the corner too. Time table is out. All 3 papers in 2 days of the first week. Longer holidays but studying is going to be terror!

With everything that is going on, there is no peace in mind. They said it easily, push everything to a side and focus but its always easier said that done. Not much improvement is seen. Its just been the same. No one is moving. And the one stuck in the middle is still very much stuck and is grasping for as much air as possible!

Why on earth all these would ever happen in this world? WHY? Though its not been the first time, but the second one was not at all looked forward to and never expected it to happen. Its been a bad one this time around. Everyone is wondering of the next step. But when that thing called EGO is the biggest obstacle, what is there to help other than we ourselves!

Hating everything that is happening now. Never want to turn back and look at this dark chapter in the future. This could be the biggest lesson in life but this is one of the hated lessons ever!

How long more would it took to get better?

How long more is the wait for?

How big can that word called EGO grow from now?

Lucky thing there is exams to divert the mind away. How much would it divert not sure but hopefully it would help as much as possible.

Can't wait for this UGLY chapter to end and never come back for ever!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rupster says " About the not so Good Things"

What on earth is happening to this world??????? Everything seems to be dropping apart. Just as you think things are doing great after all these years something just has to come in and ruin it. It keeps happening. Approximately at least 10 years once. This time it has gone really bad!

Dont know what is going to happen. This uses up so much of emotions and could just drive you mad. Worst still when you are stuck in the middle and dont know what on earth to do. How much tears has involved. But tears is never the answer.

Not everyone can help but ourselves. As much as we try we hope it is going to be better. There are people trying to help work things out. Hopefully its going to bare a fruit soon. The others can only listen and share their support.

To those of you who have been helping us get through this thank you so much! No words can show how much gratitude we have towards you. And for the dear friends, thank you so much for lending your shoulder's to lean on to cry and talk things out. Thank you so much for all the advices. Hoping everything will turn back to normal very very soon!

Thank you for all the love. Thank you for all the support!

Rupster will recover and come back for the better.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rupster says " About April 2011"

Excuse for the late update of the happening of April. There was way too much work to be done. With assignment due dates. Going here and there to get things done.

Mid term studying. Its not been a good ride. But as an all it was a moth of celebrations. Lots of happy moments  with the loved ones.

As usual, its been a month of learning. Lot's of new experiences. The usual emotional up and down was there but nothing can stop that from happening. We learn about life there. We learn about people from misunderstandings.

Days and time seems to be moving so fast. Its unbelievable how fast things are going. Everyday there is something new happening. Good and bad. It such a BALANCE life!!

Let's see what has May has!