Sunday, 22 August 2010

Rupster says " About the Family Trip to Lookout Point "

The much awaited weekend finally arrived! We were waiting for the new addition to the family for more than a month now. After so much hassle and waiting finally on the 20th of August 2008, WUE 7..5 finally came home. This this it is a Perodua Alza. Which serves as MPV@CAR.

To take it for a drive, we decided to go to Lookout Point with the geng. We wanted something different. So there we were at Lookout point after quite an adventurous drive! Food was definately Western because we wanted it for a change! The rest all the pictures will say it because the fun we had no words would describe it. We did not really take much pictures this time because we were too busy talking and laughing!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Rupster says " About the Second Week!"

Its already been the second week and class timetable is still not stabled yet! They keep changing the timing. Rupster had a perfect timetable without any clashes. They changed it and now its clashing!

It's never been like this for the last 4 semesters! With new management and all the take over process is causing havoc! Not only to the existing management but also to the staff, lecturers and students!

Yet, salute to the lecturers. They make it as though everything is going on as usual and keep telling us everything will be ok soon. With all these, work has also been piling up! So much! Every week there is something to hand up! Killer!!

With all the subject having almost the same name and the same lecturer is making things worst! Everyone is just so confused on which is which! Even the lecturer herself! hahaha...We see her so much in a week and not forgetting in a day as well!!! She is so funny but very informative. Wonder how she juggles the element of joke and information together to make it interesting and not just facts as examples!

Its going to be really tough! And it is tough! With this is mind and all the other things in mind, it is just getting way too complicated! Sigh....why does all these just need to happen? Why can't everything be as smooth as possible?

Than may be that not life than. Anyways, everything will be okey soon. It is just a matter of patience. Just hopping that what happen 2 years back would not repeat again!Just cant go through that "hell" time all over again! It was too much to handle!For it to happen again would be terrible!

Hopefully all will turn on alright. God is always watching what we do. No matter what, He knows what is right and what is wrong. He plans it all. We just got face boldly!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rupster says " About the 48th Day!"

Today was another that most of us at the temple was looking forward to. It was the last day of the whole 48 days ceremony.

Rupster did not manage to go to the temple because there was classes. But as a return He came to visit Rupster at home! Yes. They had a chariot procession. Arrived a bit late due to some technical glitches but everything went on smooth and fine.

Missed going to the temple though. But at least this was something than nothing. An event that only occurs 12 years once!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Rupster says "Back to School for the 2nd time this year"

So holidays came and just vanished like in split seconds!

Now is back to school time again. Another 13 weeks of torture, sleepless nights and ASSIGNMENTS!!! Its another 4 subjects again. And all the subjects name are so close that Rupster is still confused! With all 4 having having almost the same name, out of the 4, 3 is taught by the same lecturer!

Thank God she is nice. One of the best things this semester has is that Rupster has a very LONG weekend! Yes, 3 days of class. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday and Friday got no class at all. But the worst is the Wednesday class. Class starts at 8am right up to 6pm with a 2 hour break. Sigh. Don't know how is it going to be. Hopefully we will get to go through this!

Based on all the first lectures, subjects seems to be tough. Which means, extra extra hard work and effort need to be injected in compared to last semester.

So, keep coming back for more semester updates soon ;)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Rupster says " About July "

July, month number 7 of the year had just ended its duty officially! What a month it has been! Rupster does not even know how did the month pass by that fast being it a holiday month! The only cuti-cuti Malaysia destination Rupster went for this holiday was Penang!

Yes Penang is enough to cover a lot of fun! Other than that the whole month was spent helping dad with the shop. The usual weekend routine of going to the temple for the special prayers and as well as the weekend outings. Looks like there is something new on the weekend list. Mamak session! Yes that's the latest and newest entry.

July has always been a special month. And now it has become even more special with so many events that had taken place this month. An this year? Its been extra special. All that is suppose to go smoothly is super duper smooth! Never expected everything to go this smooth actually! But thank God for making it a smooth path through.

Other than that, July just like any other month was filled with gatherings and lots of parties too. Not forgetting ALL the food!!! Food at the parties and all the mamaking sessions!!!

As an all, July turned out to be like what was planned and expected! Lets see what August has since its back to school time!!!