Friday, 30 November 2007

Rupster says "about the pictures update"

With all the shits thats been happening for some time now...there is just no pint writing it all here..So i have just decided to only update some pictures for this latest entry.It starts with :

a) Deepavali open house 2007

The kids of the Kandiah's

The smile just runs in da family..Bavani,Prem, Shal and me

The Taylors 0506 geng that managed to make it..

Just part of the crowd

b) Pangkor trip { 24th- 26th November 2007 }

Sal,Geetha,me Nat, Melissa, Prabha

In the boat

Captured moments

Sal n me..

Don't ask what was i doing!!
The Kandiah beach babes

Just had to pose lah

Yeah we swapped cousins

Dont' ask why..but i just LOVE this picture

3 was so delicious

There are lots more of pictures...will upload them soon but for now this is all i can upload!!