Friday, 14 November 2008

Rupster says "About the sudden trip"

Exam have finally started and is due to finish on Monday...everyones mind is just so packed now as most of us are having out the same time we are all busy finding places o go for holidays.

In mids of all this,Rupster suddenly got a call last night asking if wanna follow for a drive down to genting to pick up someone. So of we went leaving KL at about 4 and reaching Genting at 4.40 something...



Its been a way too long time ago since Rupster went to a vegetable farm!!! This short trip made it possible...We usually eat vegetables without knowing how they look like...Hence,for the very first time Rupster managed to see a cabbage plant, and so on...Just let the picture say the whole thing =))

P/S There are more pictures but it does not seem to be uploading.Will uploload more later =)