Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Rupster says "about some updates only"

I remember saying in 1 of my last posts that i would be busy for sometime and would not be able to update this blog..Well yeah i was supper-dupper busy...With work and than with classes plus with all the yum-char sessions with the geng, family outings, and some small and big problems as well..So thats enough to explain my supper-dupper busyness :p

So i really dont know what am i suppose to blog today because i don't really remember anything because i have too many thing in my head.I am very sure that everything that happened so far was suppose to be put her but as i sit n type now nothing seems to be flowing out!!

Holidays is just around the corner as in 2 weeks time...The plan for this holidays for now is a trip to Pangkor.Its been a really long and stressful planning this trip. Well, this is what happens when u plan a holiday with almost close to 10 people who are studying n working in different places with different holiday timing. So finally we manage to get everyone to agree with the fixed date. Reservations has been made and we are just counting our days to get there and ENJOY!!!

Taliking bout enjoyment, i just remembered what i wanted to blog about today..Its about Malaysia's very own Angkasawan!! Well i guess its almost everyones dream to go to the space. I know i would love to go there just to see how the world looked like. Though it is said to be round BUT i still want to know how does it look like.
Today Malaysia has proved that the space is our limit by sending our very own Angkasawan there..I was always updating myself on all the things he was doing there n oso never missed all the telephone conferencing they had "live" telecast with him from the space. I found it to be a very interesting mission and not everyone would actually get a chance to get there.

Even our "rendang" has reached the space

During his experiments
Well thats all i can think for now to be put in Rupster's Roller-coaster Life. More updates will come especially sine Deepavali is NEXT WEEK!!! yeayyyyyyyyyyy