Monday, 20 August 2007

Rupster says "A little update..I think!!"

Its been a while is i last posted something in this blog..Well i've been just too busy to update this blog.So much of assignments, got to do our Final Project..Finding out information that is needed for the proposal for the project and doing all the job assigned to me to be done since the Project is a group thingy..Other than that nothing much has really happened...
Classes has been going as usual..The time table is not really hecticlah but since i am repeating CTR so its kinnda sad when all your other classmates only come to college 3 days a week (Advertising students only go for 2 days..tats how fast Ms.Rosaline finished her syllabus for us to concentrate on the project)..but i have another extra 2 days to go for and the classes is only for 2 hours and it STARTS at 8!!! The worst day of the week is FRIDAY..We have classes all the way from 8am up to 4 pm with only an hour break at 1. Thank god its a Friday if not sure mati long time ago..And sad to say both the subjects on Fridays are SO DAME BORING!!!
What can you expect from a Moral class followed by Economics??OMG...what a killer and this is what we ended up doing in last week's Econs class...Thanks to Stephy we started camming!!

Sha,me, and Sunitha..Told you how bored we were!!

The ever "dramatic" look of Sunitha when she sees Mr.Gunting!!

"Someone" tried to cut me with a pair of Mr.Gunting!!

The "lost" look by me

The whole geng including the camerawomen who had done a great job with all the picture above.. :p

Mamak sessions with the Jln Ipoh geng has reduced so much for the past 1 month..It used to be a weekly thing n now it looks like its turning out to be a monthly thing.As for the last mamak session to Titiwangsa for Teh Halia, we were planing for our December trip to Sarawak..I really hope that everything planned will actually work out coz i really want to go there and see the place since the last time when i was there for NS i never got to ACTUALLY go around seeing the places like my parents did after i went back to camp!! i am looking forward to go back there to see the place as well as try my best to meet up with some old buddies there!!

As for a movie update...there are a few movies that i have in mind that should be seen BUT still yet to find the time and i am so dame pokai now for anything.With all the pokai-ness manage to go watch Disturbia last Wednesday..It was a long story how we ended up watching that movie. Sampai Sue n me had to pay for someone just to see the movie with us coz that person wanted to see Simpsons soooo much.At the end of the day,the person who did not want to see the movie only enjoyed the movie so much sampai she said she does not mind watching it again!!!I would say it was good movie.Though i dont watch that much of thriller movies but this movie was oklah..It was not a 100% thriller but had some humour in as well. I guess may that is why i enjoyed the movie!!

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