Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rupster says " About September 2011 and a Little of October"

This is a way OVERDUE post!!! Been so busy and a little of laziness has caused the blog a temporary silentness!

Lets start with the September summary. It was the usual busy month where assignments come to an end. Here rush and there rush. Chasing around group members who just never give their work on time! They promise at the start with so much sweet words than towards the end it all turns from sweet to sour to bitter!!! Very annoying! The worst part is when you keep calling them and they dont answer the freaking phone!!! grrr

Other than that September has been a usual month with the usual routines going around.

On the other hand, October is here. The month has been good. Semester is coming to an end. Which means exam time! Sadly, this time exams falls on Deepavali week! Worst part, a paper on the even and only finishes at 6! Never the less, shopping has been done. Major one though. Hehe...

We headed for Klang and it was a long and tiring day! The out come was also worth it all! This year no theme colour but it all turned out to be multi-colour year! We even bought the same colour for all of us to be worn. 2 of it are in the same design. The Background colours are the same. Just the pattern colour is different.

Since exams and Deepavali falls at the same time, the usual house celebration has been postponed to a further date. It would be just a simple gathering with the usual geng. That's all for now! Wait for the next entry! Happy Waiting!!!