Monday, 24 May 2010

Rupster says " About Its Been A While"

Its been a while...

Its been sometime...

Something needs to be done!




Time is running short!

Its been too long...

It could get worst after this.

But how?

If not now than when?

*Sigh*...wish it was that easy. It could be easy and maybe its just been made hard???

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rupster says "About the Little Update"

Its been a week since grandma had passed away. Every night for the last week had been the same routine of attending prayers. This would go on for the next whole month. In a way, this is the best time, in which we get to gather the whole family as one. During the weekdays, the group is small but the weekends has been pretty much crowded.

The weekdays is usually attended by those who work and stay around KL but the weekend crowd includes the Selangor side as well as other relatives. Thinking of this is the best time to diet?? Never! Its the worst! This is when we get fed with all sorts of vegetarian food. Its just up to you how much you limit yourself to.

Food a side but it is during the meal time that we get to mingle with each other so much. We hardly got this chance. Definitely once this 1 month is over, all those times would be very much missed! As well as the group singing and the individual singing! Very soothing and calming! See any type of music is near to the soul. Its not that you can sing or not but how music helps calm you down and bring a smile to your face.

Just discovered this week that the final exam timetable is out. And the biggest fear also come true when a paper falls on grandma's 31st day prayers. *sigh* Lucky morning paper. At least could make it back for lunch. The spread out for all 3 papers looks ok..can cope hopefully!!!!

Semester has been good so far. Assignments and presentations are all done. Marks are also out..For once everything is GOOD! but hopefully it would be good enough..Not as good for a HD but a D is also good enough! I need those! Except for a subject! Rupster would be on top of the world even if she get a PASS for it...not really aiming for a D or HD for that but to get a D for that would be the biggest miracle of this semester!

The other 3 are all ok just that need to add in extra extra effort to aim for a D. So burning midnight oil need to begin ASAP. Thank God out of that 3, 1 is a take home test in which it would not be easy. The paper will be given out next week and we have a week to get done with it. So basically we have another 3 subjects to study for!

Hope everything goes on good!!!!

P/s...D here is not the "FAIL" D. D is Distinction and HD is Higher Distinction!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rupster says " About The Final Farewell"

It was just last week that we gathered as a family to celebrate Mother's Day.
You never wanted wake up nor open your eyes.
We had to constantly call you to wake up.
Your response were slow but we never gave up.
Finally you opened your eyes.
You never wante dto leave the room.
We forced you out and you gave in.

You were left there on your chair all by yourself, as they were preparing food for you.
Not all realised what were you doin but 2 pairs of eyes were contstantly watching you.
We saw you lifting up your weak hand to check on your hair.
Being very weak, you still managed to bun up your hand.
Surrounded by your great-grandchildren, you proudly cut your cake.
You even managed to pose for pictures.

Little did we know that those poses would be your last.
Little did we know that it would be our very last moments with you.
Little did we know that your walk out to your special chair would be your last seat on it.
Little did we know that your meal was the final solid meal you had.
Little did we know that what you told us were going to be your last words.
Little did we know that those were your last laughter with us.
Little did we know that today would be the day that we all said farewell to you!

Though there were moment that we laughed around at the point your body laid motionless there, deep in our hearts we were grieving your lost. You had always told us not to cry. You had always told us to pray for you to "go". You constantly told me to get for you the "tickets". But I would always ask you back "where do you want to go? Sri Lanka? Its ok we will go together. And your reply would be "No. You cant come to this place I want to go". At time your reply would be "Yes, we'll go together to Sri Lanka."

Those were the times that we used to make fun of you just to make you speak and not think of "go"ing and thinking of all your pains. No matter how sick you were, your memory power always seemed to be so good that everyone in the family wished we had that memory power too. You remembered each and every incident that had occurred complete with the day, date and time. You never got tired explaining to us how is everyone related to each other.

Today, we believe you have gone to a better place. We hope we sent you of with the way you wanted and requested. We would definitely miss the usual Sunday visiting to you. Its be a routine all these years and to break the routine might be a very hard task!

We'll defiantly miss you...Rest in Peace!

p/s Rupster would try to come up with a post with more picture from the entire collection. Pictures in this post were the last moments we had with her as a family.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rupster says "About Mothers Day 2010"

This year Mother's Day celebration was sort of looked forward to because there had been advance planning from both sides. So we knew what to expect. And when there's something in Gombak it means it time for a reunion for the family. Though not all but the KL population alone is enough to crowd the whole house. Right from the porch to the kitchen!

Before we see what happened in Gombak, we shall see what happened on the eve. Eve was a very last minute planning. We decided to have a pot-luck this time. It was mother's day cum birthday celebration at KK's. The day was opened with 2 bottles of champagne, followed by the main course that included KFC, mutton cry, scrambled eggs, mix vegatable and to go along it what some stringhopers and prathas'. Drink was fruit punch with mixed fruits.

As the clock stroked 12, we had a countdown and sang the Happy Birthday song as well as Happy Mothers Day song in which the the words were created just as we sang along! The day ended almost about 2 am.

At home it was very much quite, because mum had to prepare a dish for Gombak. Gombak's concept has always been a pot-luck concept. Thus, our dish was fried mee. As we reached there, we were welcomed by the groups of uncles and boys sitting at porch for some air (mind you, these boys are married with kids yea...but to each other we are still boys and girls). Than we were greeted by the aunties and the group of girls. As Rupster approached the dining it was totally concurred by the 3rd generation of the family. Even that they had groups. For the secondary school group and the primary school group!

After wishing all the mother's around Rupster realise grandma was still on bed. Usually if everyone is there she is up and sitting on her chair. This time she was not. Gave a peep into her room and realise she was asleep. She was not looking the usual self of hers.
With the great-grand children

The great grandchildren and the youngest son

Than one group went in to get her to at least talk. Poor response. Her eyes were close all the time. Only we could feel her hand movements. She's never been this bad though. Everyone sort of panicked. But God's grace after constant tries she finally got back to normal. Manage to walk her out of the room to her chair. After dinner we had the cake cutting ceremony and we even made her to pose her famouse "very good" sign that was taught to her by one of the grandson.

It was indeed a good get together  in Gomabk. As usual, we all had so much of catching up to. With all the stories and each others updates ever since we met the last time. Though everyone could not make it, at least it was something than nothing. But Rupster still misses Superhero. Superhero did not come. Its been so long since we last met!

As  things were better in Gombak, we rushed to Old Klang road to join the dinner. This time was for mum's side. We reached there to see that they were done eating. So they ordered a dish for Rupster and family to eat and than headed to Swensence SS2 for ice cream for the dessert section. The Kandiah's were also not complete but it was again something than nothing.

A day that was indeed fun but very tiring. Lots of work and adding up to that college work. It was indeed a day to be remembered.

To all mothers out there its not to late to wish you all a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

P/s Yes Rupster had 3 cakes in 2 days!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Rupster says " About April"

April has been a very busy month...but yet,

April was a month filled with FUN

April was a month filled with JOY

April was a month filled with EXCITEMENT

April was a month filled with NEW DISCOVERIES

April was a month filled with SPILLING OUT THE TRUTH

April was a month filled with ACCEPTANCE

April was a month filled with GLADNESS

April was a month filled with TEARS

April was a month filled with FOOD

April was a month filled with UNDERTANDINGS

April was a month filled with  PLANNING

April was a month filled with  TRAVELLING

April was a month filled with MISUNDERSTANDINGS

April was a month filled with ASSIGNMENTS

April was a month filled with  DISCUSSIONS

April was a month filled with LATE NIGHTS

April was a month filled with  LITTLE ENTERTAINMENT

April was a month filled with BONDINGS

April was a month filled with  FACEBOOKING

April was a month filled with  LESS BLOGGING

April was a month filled with  NEW TECHNOLOGY

April was a month filled with  GAMES

April was a month filled with  STRESS

April was a month filled with EXCITEMENT

April was a month filled with FAMILY TIME

April was a month filled with  CHILDHOODNESS

April was a month filled with MEETINGS

April was a month filled with  BUBBLE TEA

April was a month filled with  FIGHTS

April was a month filled with  CONFESSIONS

April was a month filled with FORGETFULNESS

April was a month filled with SO MUCH MORE!!!!