Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rupster says "About Ignorance Is A Bliss"


Some people just say that they would tell it off on your face rather than doing it in any other options. Probably they forgot at that particular emoness moment of their very own strong standing.

But Rupster does not bother at all because as humans, we all bound to change one day or rather. You had so much to say but Rupster choose to remain silent for not making things worst. You choose to judge it all by yourself without consulting or even asking a single word on what was happening.

Family has always been a very HUGE and BIG priority throughout Rupster's 22 years of life. Friends always came second and they always knew how important the family was for Rupster. Rupster was there for every single joy full and sorrow events that was happening in the family.

WHERE WHERE YOU??? *thinks*

There were always something you had to say about not being there. Everyone just accepted it but deep down only they know what is in their heart.We've always been tolerating with all that for all this years.

TODAY when Rupster does that and is away just for a event, you come up with one whole big DRAMA in which Rupster remembers very well you saying once that "I would never want to create a whole lot of DRAMA and rather open my mouth and voice it out". Wonder where did that all go?

You say all our SECRETS are safe and tight in your hands?? Think back and Rupster is very sure that some of them are no longer a SECRET. FAMILY is a FAMILY and a SECRET would always remain a SECRET no matter who we are!

They say its INDIVIDUAL rights...we spoke we shared and that was between just the 2 BUT than 1 day it become PUBLIC...Its so hurting but non on us said anything too... We can tell you go ahead give and say what ever you want when we come to you but kindly PLEASE keep it within you and yourself. That is why they call it a SECRET.

Rupster in no one to speak about individual rights but just reminding you how much we trusted you bout certain things and you had to betray them. Yet still we never voiced it out because we assumed it accidentally was revealed but than more and more was beginning to get out and that's the day the TRUST was reducing.To loose TRUST to someone named FAMILY is very difficult because at the end of the day we only have each other. If you are losing it and lost it its going to be a very difficult situation.

So what the whole big issue about the new so called "man friend". Just to remind you, you've done so much more than what any of us in the family have done through out your whole teen years. Yes we never said it is wrong and though it could have been wrong non of us made it as an issue. Mind you Rupster never got close to any of those you have done. Again its not wrong but this is the time Rupster is getting the opputunities. So let her feel it and learn it and probably regret it and take it as a lesson for future. You don't expect everyone to go through what you have gone through and install in them that whatever you faced in life everyone would face it.

Its not that YOU actually came out and announced to the entire family bout who ever was your so called "man friend" right? Or maybe we just wanted to make sure the choice we made was right to carry on with the next stage. Or maybe non of any of us actually came up to the family and announced it because they were not ready for the next step ! We all turned to friends when the whole issue of "man friend" came up. So why do Rupster have to come up and do it. Rupster would do it 1 day but the day has just not reached. Its not that Rupster is comparing herself to the rest but Rupster thinks theres enough of other things that she has said and done. So why would this one small thing create such a huge BUZZ to you Rupster would never understand. To remind you, Rupster stresses out again there are family members who knows about it but it stays at the cousin level and yet to reach the elder generation because its way to early.

I too need my space. So please just give me the space i need. The whole man issue is just a buzz in the cyber space and the among the friends. Fine if you know about. But just keep it there. And that is all that Rupster is asking for. When the time comes than it would be revealed, till than its my way of leading life. If Rupster does not learn it now when else would it be happen.

Yes we were always there for each other to shed tears and laugh out loud together. But somethings are meant to be shared with different people.

To be frank, Rupster has NEVER got to that extend of what you have gone through. You explored it all by yourself while we were to afraid to explore them. Go ahead its not WRONG. You've been around a few years more than Rupster has been around in this world. We grew up and did most shits together as family.

You asked why did Rupster choose friends to be around when the new "man friend" came in? Well for your information, Rupster had consulted much much elder family memebers far ahead before it all happend. Or probably you just did not realise how close Rupster is with the other part of the family.

Rupster thinks, its come to a point of her life that she should start leading it by herself rather than being said what should and should not be done. Go ahead with your so called surveillance job that you want to do. Just do it and just keep the outcome to yourself *there's still TRUST*. You want clarification come ask directly rather coming up with your own conclusion. In other words please just do not JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

Though Rupster can get wrong in judging things, but she also can know what is right and wrong. Friends would always be around. They come and they go. They may have what ever issues in life. They could get me and put me in deep shit also. But, At the end of the day its Rupster who chooses what she wants. We learn from all those bitter sweet experiences.Rupster knows her friends as well as how she knows her family. So its up to her what she chooses at the end of the day. No one has the rights to say what kind of friends they could turn out to be.

I dont mean to hurt you like how you literally did it to me but somethings just needs to be cleared up.Dont think Rupster's SILANCE means she is SURRENDERING up to you. Never!!! You claim to know me "well enough" so you should know what would happen if Rupster was to open up and again this is a NO THREAT!!! Just a saying...

JUST STOP JUDGING FROM WHAT YOU SEE ON THE SURFACE. Get clarifications before you conclude. Dont think you can judge a person well enough just by what they behave and do. Dont forget like you judge others there are tonnes of people judging you as well and it could not always turn out to be a positive judgment.

At the end of the day we are a FAMILY. You want to talk come and talk. They way you did it was very wrong and HURTFUL but since you did it that way,Rupster replies you that way.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Rupster says "About Rabdomness"

Its been a week long since the last update!!!

Not the matter of being busy but just taking the moments of silence and enjoying each and every single second of it.

Before last week, the entire holidays were just spent at home doing nothing at all. Than suddenly all the outing comes one after another and would carry on for this whole week too...

Things has been going on really smooth lately after a very long time. Hope its just not due to the holidays and hopefully it would continue as the semester starts on.

Its been a great happy and rather interesting experience.All that we can do now is to take things slow and steady.A small step at a time is much safer rather than a huge step that could end up being not too safe.

Thus, its gonna be a constant reminder of a step at a time. Go with the flow. Enjoy the moments and learn each of every single second of it.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Rupster says "The answer to happy July"

July has always been a exciting month to Rupster until the last few years the excitement was fading of...and all of a sudden the excitement for July started building of about a month back.

Rupster never knew what happen or what was going to happen this time for 2009. The best buddie in Aussie land said she was not coming back for break. The rest of them were all busy with their own chores in life. Thus, we were all never meeting up as often as we used to do for the last 4 years.

These days it was all about making appointments or using a excuse of someones Birthday to get everyone together again. So with full of determination Rupster decided to fix a date and told everyone to show up without any excuses...the date was fixed and everyone agreed.

Deep down in the heart it was hurting because it was going to be the first group gathering without Sal being around but we still had to go ahead with the plan.

As we were planning for the day and at the same time there was direct updates going all the way to Aussie land about the the entire gathering.

3 day before the mega plan,Rupster get a really huge shock when she opens the door of the house and see's Sal's right there at the door step!!! Rupster just stood there not moving for the next 3 minutes without realising what was happening!!!

It was a extra huge shock because it was just that morning Rupster speaks to Salveen via Skype and suddenly in the evening she stands at the door front!!

So off we went we a drink and for a very long chit chat session. Would consider it to be a really good heart to heart talk session after a very long time though we communicated almost everyday via online.

And so the secret of Sal was very well kept for the next 3 days untill the Friday arrived. It was till the very last minute when the final person actually confirmed she was coming to complete the entire group up.

And the rest of the night was all left with great memories that could not and will be forgotten!!!

That was one of those days which we hoped would never end. For all the fun and the total crap that happened throughout the whole night which continued till the very next day!!!

It was a day of a surprise post-birthday and a pre-birthday celebration, a mega mid year reunion of the geng and a day of of meeting with other friends that has not been met for ages!!!!

The fact of 5 girls all in one house and all being loud speakers and talking all night long was a unforgettable one too...fighting hard not fall asleep and to continue the conversations was way beyond excitement!!!!

And after that.....

The rest of the day was left as HISTROY and someone is in cloudnine...;)


July 13,2009

The day of the year comes again and this time its a Monday. Thinking back of this day last year brought back so much memories. The entire family was around the whole house. So much work. So much running around. So much people.

This time of the year is back to the small do with just the Kandiah's around. All could not make it but the rest manged to squeeze in time to make it.

A rather quite affair this year. Nothing much was done. And Rupster did the whole day long was to stay at home do nothing or rather answering all 3 phones that kept ringing!!!

But lots of presents this year also ;)

And with a one very very valuable and unforgettable early birthday present too.To those who helped Rupster get that very much long or rather years awaited special present for this year thank you soooo much.

Rupster loves that PRESESNT to death!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Rupster says "About June"

There we go...another month has just swayed by....wonder what is time rushing for????

So lets see....June has been a great month indeed. Or should it be called the month of reunion after December?


Coz finally the taylor's geng finally managed to meet up after a very long time for Sue's B'day!!!

That met up with some other hig school buddies thats never been met for ages!!!

It was a also a very much of family gathering month. Though we were all meeting up at weddings but it was good opportunity to see them all after a very long time. read it right WEDDINGS!!! For those who knows Rupster well,they all know Rupster does not attend weddings unless it involves the very immidiate family.

Dont ask how..but June had brought a difference. It was not really a boring affair because most of the family members were there. And when it comes to weddings that involve's dad's side, they all book places for the whole family to sit together..hahaha....

So yeah..thats one of the rasons why Rupster made it to go for all 3 weddings!!! And makan time was the greatest time because that is when we caught up the most.......

Exams are also all done...Thus now need to watch out for results *faints*

Its JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!