Friday, 11 January 2008

Rupster says " About improving 2008"

The 2nd week of 2008 is almost done and is going towards the 3rd week of the year. Classes has also resumed as usual. As the New Year passes by, i was thinking of doing something that is more worth -while for this year.

In other words i want to bring difference for this year. Hence, i got to repair what ever that has gone wrong all this while. Let the past be the past. Starting of a new chapter is better rather than dragging on the old chapter.

So from this day, the NEW CHAPTER begins!!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Rupster says " It's A New Year!!"

A BIG WELCOME to 2008!!!

Yeap its a brand NEW year usual i ushered the New Year with the geng like for all the past years...This time the only difference is that we has dinner at a shop and the countdown at home.... and we finally reached home at almost 2 a.m.

As the clock strike 12 we wished each other and all i got was "Happy New Year and make sure the 21st Birthday bash has been plan!!!

Wonder if all the turning 21 year olds get the same question???

Q: Wonder what was i thinking????
A: Omg....every1 is asking for a 21st birthday bash
from me!!!

So basically that all we did for New Years other than watching the fireworks display that was magnificent!!!

This entry end with me hoping this year will be a much better year and less shitty like last year was!!!!

HAPPY 2008