Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rupster says " About A Little of Emoness and A little of the Trip"

Its just been less that a week. Or maybe 5 days sounds more precise. And there is still about 3++ weeks more to go!

Well Ruspter was prepared to face it, but as days go by its seems to be very hard. Thank god there are so many other ways of distractions. Rupster has been hooked to games online!!! Sadly all kiddo middo games...hehehe...but at least it is better than nothing.

The trip is just a week away. Nothing has been done yet. So much warnings had been given to start preparing but the "preparing" mode has just not arrive. Lots of things is on the list to be purchased. But no $$$...*sigh*...still have to go dig and scratch every corner of the house to find money and start packing.

Meeting had been held consistently almost every week for the trip. Last Saturday was the final meeting and everything has been finally settled. Cash been paid. Everyone's duties being told and what the DO's and the DONT's through out the whole 10 days.

It is a very packed schedule, but we believe it would be a fun one too. This is because, for a trip, or even a holiday the companionship is very important. But if you are a lone traveler than that's a complete whole different story.

In the case of a group, the companion is very important. It determines the entire whole journey. If a bad one be ready to face havoc all the way. If it was a good one than it would be a total fun experience.

This whole group of 15 of us have been to many trip together. So it could be said we know what to expect and face for the next 10 days. But everything would turn to be good and will turn out to be good =)

p/s this entry started off with some other ranting but ended with some other ranting!!! Emonessssss


Monday, 23 November 2009

Rupster says " Bila Terasa Rindu"

A song lyric that Rupster suddenly felt like sharing. A song sanf by an ex AF graduate named Dafi and was composed by Edry KRU.

Apa agaknya khabarmu di sana?
Di sini ku sedang dibelenggu rindu
Beginikah rasa seksa perpisahan
Sungguh anehnya hidup berasingan

Hati terasa bagai tertinggal di situ
Meskipun tubuh dah jauh beribu batu
Sesaat seperti setahun lamanya
Semasa kau tiada
Apa yang terdaya...

Bila terasa rindu ku sebut namamu
Dengan harapan kau akan muncul dalam tidur
Bila terasa rindu ku bayang wajahmu dalam angan
Dan barulah ku terasa bagai disembuh...

Oh... Jauh sekali hidup di sini berbeza
Beribu kali lagi ku selesa di sana
Tak sabar menantikan detik kepulangan
Namun hingga itu
Apa yang termampu...

Terlintas di fikiran untuk meminggirkan saja
Semua pencarian di sini
Tetapi ini sebahagian dari pengorbanan
Bekalan andainya hari sukar mencabar...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Rupster says " About The Historical City"

So the holidays have finally started!

The next day after exams, Rupster and geng headed to the historical city of Malaysia, Melaka. For once we decided for Melaka because we though of History and we shall go there and make our own History there too.

The weather was quite bad but we manged to move around. We never really needed the car because everything was just walking distance. If we were to take the car the journey would had seem even further from one place to another. So we ditched the car and decided to go healthy!

All we did was walk and walk. Eat and Eat. Mamak and mamak. Movies and movies!!

Again it was a very relaxing outing but yet it was so much fun.

Rupster has been to Melaka quite a few times but this time she went to a place that she has never been before.

The place is known as Taming Sari. Chuman has been mentioning about this place from the time we reached. Ruspter had no idea what he was talking about. Lucky he mention about the revolving tower and Rupster knew immediately what he was talking about.

It was freaking RM 20 to go up there. As we were walking away due to its non worthiness, the receptionist called us and asked if were Malaysian's. Apparently for Malaysian's we were being charged half of that price. So we thought we should give it a try.

Though there was a slight drizzle, the view was FANTASTIC with all the lights! We could basically see the entire city. And as usual all we did was cam -whoring all the way up and down!

Taming Sari

The day before we got back, we headed to most of the historical monuments. After quite a walk, we decided to head for lunch and leave Melaka. For lunch we headed towards Malaka Raya. Rupster has always been to this place every time there was a family trip to Melaka. This particular shop is known as Ole Sayang. They serve the typical "baba & nyonya" food there.

Since it was their first trip to Melaka, Rupster decided to take them there for lunch. The food was simply superb and the belacan was just so heavenly!!!

Another place that Rupster has not been in Malaka is the chicken rice ball shop. This time we made it a point to go there and try it out. It is located at Jonker's Street. It was not too bad. Something different.

A trip filled with history.

A trip filled with education.

A trip filled with fun.

A trip filled with food.

Chicken Rice Ball

Soft taufu with oyster sauce

The menu we had at Ole Sayang



A trip filled with loads of sweet and unforgettable memories.

P/s We had 3 same "aunty bags"

Not much words for this trip but it was filled with fun,fun and fun. More on the way!!!


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rupster says " About Introducing......"


Yeappie the newest member in the family.

"Hello. My name is Tobby I am from the Beagle breed and I'm 4 months old. This is my first appearance in The Roller-Coaster Life of Rupster. Hope to meet all of you often."

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rupster says " About A Very Short Update"


Exams are finally done and over. Till to relax but too much. Lost of undone and unsettle things that needs to be completed.

The whole last 2 weeks has been about books. There are a few updates to be done but not now. Rupster promises to update them once she gets back.

Yes...You read it right. Once Rupster gets BACK...

Will be away for the next 3 days for a vacations with a very small group of friends.

To where?

Keep coming back to see if The Roller Coaster Life of Rupster is updated. Than you would know where Rupster has been.

A little clue about the next update. It would be about a new comer and permanant resident of Rupster's home. Yes a new family member.

So wait and see for the next update...


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rupster says "About Studying?"

Rupster knows she is suppose to be studying right now and not blogging. But after reading some of friends blogs, Rupster decided to put up this entry while getting a short break away from books.

Its been all about books the entire two weeks of break. Yes there were some outings here and there but Rupster made sure it was planned as such so that she does not be off schedule.

Its been ages since there was an entry on feelings and thoughts. Staying at home studying and reading really could be fun at time but not all the time. This is because just as the study mode gets on we would feel like sleeping. Feel like eating. Feel like playing games and not forgetting the biggest most distraction is FACEBOOK! *SIGH*

So all Rupster do is open Facebook, play some soft music and minimize everything and just look at the desktop. And the lappie is far beyond reachable for the hands.

Rupster has this very motivating picture on on the desktop that is the biggest drive to carry on reading. Every glance looking at the desktop just fires up the energy to work hard and even harder.

There's this feeling in Rupster that has been really encouraging her to work even harder day by day. Well there's been lots of encouragement given lately. Or mayb everyday. Constant reminder keeps coming asking,

"Are you learning?". Say no and the reply comes " why?". Gives the reply back and the next thing you know Rupster is given a time to start of. Or else face the music. It may sound pressuring but Rupster works well under pressure. This this constant hour to hour reminder has been really working.

Not that Rupster has not faced these constant reminder all her year of education. Its been there all the time and almost everyday. But there is something else that Rupster has promised her self to achieve. Thus, with that in aim things has been going really smooth.

Probably its because all of us are in the exam mode so we know what each other is going through at this very moment. So all the constant reminder helps all of us to keep staying focus.

Well its not that there's always a 100% focus. But when focus starts to drop, take a break and than the focus is back.

Another thing that's always been in Rupster's mind is to change all the excitement as the drive to study. One day there would be a long break and at that point time it would be just filled with joy, happiness and total excitement. All of those will be captured as life time memories.

We all will win this battle as we fought it together. W e have armed ourselves with all the knowledge that has been though. Now its time to get down to the war zone, fight hard and we shall SUCCEED!!!

P/S a very random entry that might not make logic to many but Rupster knows what it all means to herself =)


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Rupster says "About October"

According to the calender hanging on Rupster's room wall, it says that October is the the 10th month of the month.

And there is just 2 more pages left on the calender to be torn of before the new calender is being put up.

October, like all the past months has been :

A month filled with HAPPINESS

A month filled with JOY

A month filled with TEARS

A month filled with COLOURS

A month filled with SHOPPING

A month filled with FIREWORKS

A month filled with CAKES

A month filled with DRINKS

A month filled with COOKIES


A month filled with WAITINGS

A month filled with MISUNDERSTANDINGS

A month filled with FAMILY GATHERINGS

A month filled with FRIENDS GET TOGETHER

A month filled with GOING TO NEW PLACES

A month filled with UNDERSTANDINGS

A month filled with PUBLIC TRANSPORTS

A month filled with BEAUTIFUL WEATHER

A month filled with TRAVELING

A month filled with LOVE IN THE AIR

A month filled with ASSIGNMENTS

A month filled with TEARS

A month filled with DREAMS

A month filled with GOOD NEWS

A month filled with MISSIONS

A month filled with FIGHTS

A month filled with READING

A month filled with PAIN

A month filled with EXCITEMENT

A month filled with BUSY SCHEDULE

A month filled with DISCUSSIONS

A month filled with VISITATIONS

A month filled with MEETINGS

A month filled with STUDYING

A month filled with SLEEPLESS NIGHTS

A month filled with total