Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Rupster says "About September"

And the 9th month of the year has ended. Another month that was :

filled with joy

filled with sorrow

filled with happiness

filled with tears

filled with laughter

filled with excitement

filled with family and friends reunions'

filled with family and friends bondings'

filled with understandings

filled with love

filled with poems

filled with assignments due

filled with drama

filled with misunderstandings

filled with new knowledge

filled with traveling

filled with vegetarian diet

filled with prayers

filled with festivals

filled with visiting

filled with so much more ......

and that was all how the whole month was spent!!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Rupster says "Without You"

Without You

It's not that I always think of you,
Just that I can't remember
anything but you!

It's not that
I write poems only about you,
Just that in every thing
I write You reside!

It's not that
I sleep endlessly,
Just that I fear losing you
when I open my eyes!

It's not that
I can't live without you
Just that I feel bored
to live a meaningless life!!!

P/s Part of the collections.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rupster says "About The Joint Celebration "

And finally the most awaited time of the year is back again.

The various variety of food

YES..the festive season is here. Hari Raya does its grand entrance first. It was agreat month of fasting month. Though Rupster does not fast, but this is once of the years that Rupster had attended so many buka puasa sessions with friends.

Sometimes these people could get to creative for each occasion and this year's creativity was :

Weird but dunno how did the come of for the "fashion of the day" concept.

This year, Raya falls on a vegetarian day. Thus we decided to hold a Ketupat & Lemang part BUT in the vegetarian style.

We were so excited to see what the outcome would turn out like. Indeed, It did not turn out so bad. In fact, it all tasted almost like the real chicken rendang and kuah kacang.

We replaced all the meat with variety of mushrooms. Some of the mushrooms were never even seen before.

The menu of the day was of course the most important Ketupat and Lemang. Followed by the kuah kacang for the ketupat. As for the lemang we had mushroom rendang and the vegetarian chicken sambal.We even had tahu sumbat and Nasi Briyani too!!!

Dinner was so good and by end of the day we were totally stuffed with too much food.

What we had for dessert??

Yes...Secret Recipe's Vegetarian Blueberry Cheese cake =)

The occasion???

This time not Hari Raya but it was dad's 59th Birthday.

Since everyone was free on that night, so Rupster decided to get a cake from Secret Recipe. It was hard getting the cake because dad kept on asking "why do we need a cake for Hari Raya?" and the the only excuse Rupster could give was "I promised them to supply dessert".

It was a total long, fun and tiring day. During the day, it was visiting day. So we were practically out the whole day long.

A good start to the festive season. Very soon it would be Deepavali. Thus, that means, it would be Deepavali shopping soon =)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Rupster says " About When A Man Loves a Women"

When a man loves a women

When a man loves a woman,
He fights to protect her from all the world
And above all to protect her from himself
From the part of him which shelters his instincts
His lions,his eagles,his shadows,his demons,
And his thirst for power and subduing,
Offering to her the light of his core,
All his angles and the majestic rainbows
Of his spirits.

When a man really loves a women
When he feels he met the woman
Of his life,
He betrays his own nature
Of man for her sake.

When a man loves a woman,
He spares her from all the suffering
He has made to other women
On the way, in his search, for her.

When a man loves a women
He lays his wings at her feet
Saying he doesn't need them
unless he flies with her.

When a man loves a women
He, somehow becomes less himself
Less wild, less eagle,
Less thorny, less audacious.
Somehow he will miss his other side of himself
But he will adore the altruistic,uplifting,
And protective side of his with her.

When a man loves a women
He treats her just like
He would like his daughter
To be treated by her man,
He finally finds a bed for his river
He finds a sky for his starts
A face for what's saint in him,
And warming golden sand
For his mysterious,troubled
Hidden ocean.

When a man loves a women
He is ready to sacrifice his pride,
His prestige, his ancestral lead,
And above all, His future, potential
Or just imaginary chances
Of spreading and marking up
His ephemeral existence
All over this world.

p/s another random poem out of the collection

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Rupster says "About 09.09.09"

Being a usual Wednesday, Rupster stays at home since there was no classes.

Its been a great big bom to everybody because of today's date of 09.09.09. And Rupster did all day long was to do her research to complete the string of assignments that were all due at almost the same time.

So the entire day was spent doing research for 3 different subjects. Than in the evening, one of Rupster's best buddy back in school calls her out for "buka puasa". This has been the second time we had "buka puasa" session in just 1 week.

It feels so good to finally get to hang out together since the both of us were all the time busy. So this time we NO WAY and WE ARE MEETING.

Off we headed for the Jalan Ampang McD since we craved for ice cream. Picked up Geetz and we started the journey.

It was a great outing for the 3 of us after a very long time. Its been ages since the three of us went out together and got ourselves mad...Yes the three of us are 1 bunch of crazy laughing maniacs.

And when we meet that is all we do. LAUGH...LAUGH....and LAUGH...

We finished Mc'D and sent Geetz back. Like the usual routine we had to go in and say "HELLO" to uncle and aunty...hahaha...

This was one of the best conversation we ever had with them. It was all about life.What should and should not be done. What is right and what is wrong.

It was so funny seeing uncle and aunty having their "gaduh-gaduh sayang' as they were trying to advice us.

The 5 minutes visit ended up taking more than an would have gone even longer but it was getting late and we had to leave.

Towards the night, while trying to sleep Rupster tried pondering back what ever uncle had to say. What he had to say was very much true. Some people just don't realise what is going on until the face it for themselves.

Among the common thing that he and dad has was the main philosophy in life was "let people say what they have to say. As long as you don't point fingers at any one because at the end of the day, when you point a finger there are 3 fingers pointing back at you".

Its not that Rupster never pointed fingers at anyone.But Rupster has seen the effects of pointing fingers. At the end of the day,we learn something new everyday. So,everyday is a lesson.

That how 09.09.09 was spent =)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Rupster says "About the Freaky Saturday Start"

Everyone is fast asleep in this early Saturday morning...

Its 6 A.M.

Thinking it was the usual Good Morning/Good Night/Checking call, Rupster calmly decides to answer the phone.

Sees the caller name and is surprised because it was not the usual caller.

Freaks out and immediately answers the call.

First question "You sleeping?" and ans was "Yes. Why?"

And the next questions starts coming out.

"You have any of UK aunty or cousin's contact number or anything at all?"


"Owh we need to contact them coz uncle has gone to the UK and has been missing for 3 days"

*jumps out of the bed*



"How you know?"

"Just got a call from the UK police. He had not attended the conferance he was was suppose to go for. And is not in the hotel that he had checked in. But all his things are still there."

"Oh shit....nope i don't have any of their contact numbers."

"Ok...never mind.Will call you back later for updates. Inform mum and dad."

With that call,Rupster gets so panicked up not knowing what to do. Did not want to wake mum n dad up because it was already their waking up time.

Rupster was just trying hard to stay calm but at that point of time, so many things were just running in the head. Thinking of all the possibilities that could have happened to him.

Not knowing what to do at that early in the morning, Rupster decided to on the lappie and try working on her assignment. *yes wrong timing but who knows it may just help*

True enough it managed to help Rupster so much. Than dad and mum wakes up. Rupster tells them the whole story. Buit at this point of time we could not just work out anything but to just wait and see for the next call.

And Rupster gets back to her work. In just that 3 hours Rupster managed to finish of half of the 2000 words assignment!!!

As it was reaching a liitle bit more of half, the next call comes saying,

"Uncle has been found. He had not gone back to the hotel that he had checked in. Apparently, he check-in into another hotel to stay.

It was a total 4 hours++ havoc in all our household..

But at the end of the day,we are all glad that he has been found back safe and sound!!!!

An experience that would never be forgotten. A very meaningful experience that we all learned our lesson from. An to never do it at all in future.

But it was a very good pressure put on Rupster that she manged to finish the 2000 words assignment in a day with along the reference list as well!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rupster says "About the Paradise Trip"

The view of facing and walking along the beach has been haunting the few of us for a very long time.

After a short and brief discussion, we decided to choose the Merdeka weekend to take some time of for some little fun along the beach.

This trip is the smallest trip that we ever traveled. It was all meant to be a hassle free outing.

With no BBQ's. No shopping.

Passing the baton

On your mark, get set....


It was just full of sitting along the beach,camhoaring, and total chi chatting.

There was neither any rush as well. Woke up whatever time we felt like waking up.

Having dinner when we wished. Having lunch when we wish.

No one was bugging each other on where to go and what has to be done.

It was total RELAX-ness. There was not even a single mood swing by anyone at all. No screaming to get moving fast!! Now thats what we call a TOTAL relaxing holiday!

But full of crazy people laughing for no reason at all.

And that when we start talking nonsense too.

Though it was a 1 night stay, it was a priceless amount of fun.

Not forgetting the crazy stuffs we did as part of the camhoaring sessions at the beach, playground and as well as at the apartment.

We always headed to the beach but never really got the chance to sit along the beach at night. Since this trip was going to be a very short trip, we decided to head to the beach just incase we would not get a chance to go to the beach the next day.

Sitting the along the beach under the moonlight shining directly into the sea was a magnificent view!!!

We never really knew why the place was called "Pantai Cahaya Purnama"until we saw it with our own very eyes!

If it was a full moon day the view would have been a beyond magnificent view
It was trip to be remembered for a whole life long.

Ki ta mo ru ku do...

The 2 days turned out so well that we have planned for the next trip very soon. But that would only be after we all end this semester either in November or in December. Who says a small group does not consist lots of fun?

At least we proved that theory wrong to ourselves!So to all of us that made it a success now we know what and who is to be there the next time =)

Like one of you said "We've become one and make great company for each other".

So its yet another HASSLE free vacation coming soon!!!!