Monday, 23 July 2007

Ruspter says "About the BIRTHDAY celebration"

Yeah i noe i was suppose to update about the whole "celebrations" i had last week BUT as usual was too "buzy" and at the same MALAS also.Well for the 1st time i was not really looking forward (July 13) for this year b'day due to all the shits that was happening in my life.In fact i was just not in the mood for anything since i had to settle somethings on tat day.Sampai lunch also i just could not finish. At the end of the day i think i did atleast have fun.
Well the original plan was to out somewhere for "thani" but ended up not going due to some "reasons".So Sal,Thulasi n me just decided to go makan.This time UMA RANI was a BIG NO!! So we ended up going for chinese this time.So we just had a simple dinner but i we ate something new!! It was BUTTER FISH!! It was so dame was just the as the Butter Prawns but this time it was fish..The day ended with me not going back home but ended up staying at my aunty's place...

Rekha and Me...a picture together after many-many YEARS!!

I did get lotzz of greetings from so many people!! Some were even unexpected but at least they made it a point to actually wished me!!! Some of the SMS'es i got was really good that i actually i had to read in between the lines to understand it.
Than the next day(July 14) we had a small reunion that we planned the day before. Tried to get as many to come and the best part i finally saw Rekha after so many years!!!We always chat-ed online or talked on the phone ever since she shifted but we never really got to meet. So we decided to meet for lunch and we ended up going to Nando's at Mid Valley. At the end of the 7 of us ended up going including Chuman whom we had to wait for sooo long to come from UKM!!

A great reunion we had after a lonng time!!! But that only guy there got sesat a bit lah..wakakakakaka

After getting back at about 6 something, had to go get ready for my so called "b'day" dinner.As usual, dad whole geng was there. This time it was not a family dinner but friends dinner. I was a joint b'day and also wedding anniversary celebration.So we onli had a cake with all the wishes on it.But i had an extra cake that my aunty made for me.So practically i cut 2 cakes.I was shared and another one cut by me all by myself!!
Than again last Saturday we had another dinner. This time it was the family one coz dunno why this the family demand for dinner was very high.So i had to force dad for another dinner.This time it was dinner without the cake!!hahahaha..
Okey thats it for updates on the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for this years JULY 13...

P/S:Not much b'day photos this year but will update the ones i have later!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Rupster says " The RE-BIRTH of the blog!!!

Its been more than 2 months since i last updated this blog...And it that 2 months so much has happen that i just cant pen-down everything here coz its just WAY too much..All that can be said it was just of PAIN!!!
Never wanted to tell anyone bout all the pain and that was already a BIG pain!! So only i know the pain i had to go through...I never left the house...never called anyone unless they called me..i never left house unless i was forced to go...The pain was just so unbearable that until today it still hurts but i know deep inside that the pain is already recovering.
How do i know??
Well coz my nightmares that i have been having every night is not as frequent as it used to be in the very beginning.. I am able to sleep peacefully but not very peacefully...All that i hope is that the "nightmares" will be over soon!! But i got to thank my dad a few of my close friends and also a lecturer who knows what had happen to me...They have been really a great support to me.In fact this is the only time that i saw my dad so calm about the whole issue.He was the one telling me not to worry and everything will be fine.In the very beginning i was so dame scared to tell him but he took the whole thing so positively.
Well this whole dilemma has been really good lesson for me.It has really taught me the value of life.What should and should not be done.How to handle people in this world.Though i had all the support needed but i was just not strong enough to accept to whatever that has happened.As i said earlier, though i am recovering but the whole matter is not really solved yet but its still in the process of solving.So all that i can do is just pray hard and do whatever to solve the whole issue ASAP!!
On a brighter side..

The view we got from our condo

Just before the new semester started i went to PD with Sal and Nat.Well it was suppose to be Pangkor n it was suppose to be a bigger group. But last minute Thul's and Chuman could not make it coz the had to start Uni. So we 3 drove to PD.Took my dad's car n Sal drove all the way.Left KL at about 11 something and reached there almost 2 something coz we made a few stops.

The 3 of us

The 3 days were lots of fun.We really had some good talk.Some were secrets that were never told for a long time that is worth telling out now!!!We also had good food...There was no food problems at all.What to say bout the swimming sessions??

Nat n Me..Sal said she using the pro technique to take this picture

No words could describe them..Coz all we went there was for the sea and that is what we got!!Our condo balcony was just facing the beach!!So all i did the 1st thing in the morning when woke up was straight go to the balcony and see the SEA!!!And that feeling was just so calming that made me forget all my problems that i am going through!!But i made it a point to go swimming for the 3 days though it was as long as we used to swim when i used to go last time.At least i did get the feel of the sea water...Thats the most important part!!

The 3 of us again!!

Nat took took this picture from the condo while Sal n i were swimming

Sal was worshiping me!!


On the way back from PD we decided to stop by at UKM to visit the other 2 (Thul's n Chuman) who was suppose to follow us but ended up in UKM instead. We wanted to have lunch together but Thuls could not make it so only Chuman followed us. Well the 3 of us had the feel of driving into UKM without any stops.After lunch,instead of leaving that dude back in UKM took him to Putrajaya instaed coz Sal had to solve some matters there.Meanwhile, Chuman and I had a really good long talk that i have always wanted to do.And i finally got the chance on that day.It was a really good talk but i just hoped it will never happen again coz there was just so much to talk about.

Now we know why that dude got stuck with us in the car

After our "heated" talk that we both had

Over all we had a really good fun there in PD.With all the stories and the issues that we were discussing about.At least it made me forget my problems for soem time when i was there!!There is a lot more to update but shall continue tomorrow coz i am too tired now!
The next update will be about my BIRTHDAY!!

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