Thursday, 22 May 2008

Rupster says "About a very short Update"

I've been just sitting and bumming at home for the past 2 weeks that clearly shows that i have nothing to update on.

Its not that I never left the house lah..I did actually go our usual weekly jogging routine, a BBQ party at the usual place and also went for Wesak celebration at Sentul and also at the Brickfields temple. O yeah.. i also managed to watch Narnia. It was fantastic and i would say that it was better than the 1st past actually.

Hmm let me see what i else do i have to say aboaut...

Ohhh yea..Will be leaving to Penang AGAIN tomorrow and will be back on Sunday. So i guess the next entry will be longer entry and this is among the shortest entry :)

More updates on Penang SOON!!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Rupster says "About the Mother's Day Celebration"

As promised, this is the update on Mother's Day. Like every other year,i had to places to go to. One was at my Grandma's place (dad's side) and the other was at Madam Kwans at Mid Valley (mom side). Yeap, so again the eating festival continued for me!!! Actually the gathering at my Grandma's place had been planned some time back but the one at Madam Kwans was really a last minute thing.

Thank God the timing did not really clash though mom and i went late to Madam Kwans because we had some really interesting topics to talk about in Gombak :) More good news and details will be revealed ones everything gets confirmed!!!

The homemade cake

Other than all the talking session we did not really do much la as the crowd this year was much smaller * dad's family is a really huge family* The food all came as on port luck basis. So everyone was free to bring whatever they wanted to :)

Not all my uncles,aunties and cousins made it but still it was a exciting party.

Among the food

Thumbs up to everyone

My Grandma enjoying her piece of cake :)

That the pride and joy corner at my Grandma's place. Consisting of her Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.

After Gombak,rushed to Mid Valley for the second celebration at Madam Kwans. I was way too full to order my food but after much persuasion I ordered the Char Kueh Tiow *by the way not as good as the one in Penang*. This gathering mean while was attended by all the 4 sisters with only 1 spouse :) and the nephews and nieces who always there to create the HAVOCS!!

This time the cake was pre-cut but homemade as well. The cake was cut by the eldest among all :)

The pre-cut cake

Watch all their hands. I guess it really runs in the family. And no they were not posing for the camera. It was a candid shot by me.


April Summary

Well April had also been another roller-coaster ride.With so many assignments due *mostly groups*. Than it was in April also that I got a few new electronic toys that I've always wanted to have. That means my electronic gadgets have added up.

Than, there was also a few unexpected deaths that did not suppose to end up like how it did. It was also the end of classes for Diploma and hopefully I will pass all the subjects this time to proceed to Degree. Since it was the last semester, lots of hang-outs session we had. Mostly were in Pyramid and not forgetting our Ikan Bakar as well :)

Over all, April has passed on smoothly and lets see what happens in May.

Till the next entry..Chiowzzz

Monday, 12 May 2008

Rupster says "About the Holiday"



Let me i have to update about
a) Last day of Collge
b)Penang Trip
c) Mothers day

Hence, get ready for a lengthy,wordy and very the pictorial punya.

Last day of college

Well the paper suppose to finish at 11 but the hall was already empty by 9.45 *that is why i declared freedom much earlier*. And i was out by 9.35. Waited for the rest of the geng since it was our last day. When the whole geng was out we left to pyramid for a makan session. We decided to go to Old Town Coffee. As usual my menu was the Curry Mee and also the Frech Toast. It was nyamm....nyammm. !!!

The Curry Mee

It is just so berlemak. To be honest i am yet to find any Curry Mee that taste better than this curry mee.
Sasha,Sue and Me

The French Toast
It taste so dame good. You can actually see the honey floating and floating. So just imagine how do you say a NO to it??

The Geng. From Left: Sha,Sue,Me, Deen, Yee Lin and Sasha

After makan, we decided to go catch a movie. So we ended up watching an Indonesian horror movie. Mind you,i watch many Malay movies but this is the first Indonesian Movie. The cinema was very empty though..And it was filled with us screaming *us means minus me okey*. I found it rather funny.Hahahaha At one point 1 person jumped from her seat to the front seat..It was way to hilarious. As the movie ended we lepak-ed a while more and we left Pyramid and went to another shop for Tea-time. Sat and chatted for a long time there and finally left that place around 4 something.Than i stopped at the Kuala Lumpur station to buy our bus tickets to Penang.

After getting home, had to start packing as i was leaving to Penang the very next day. Yea we were suppose to go to Kuantan but since some people could not make it at the very lat minute we decided to carry on but got to Penang. It was only the three of us but we really enjoyed ourselves to the maximum.

We reached Penang at about 3 something and straight went to the hotel and booked a room. We were first confused to take the room facing the hill or beach. Finally after a few 1,2 jus session we decided to get the room which was facing the beach. And the whole long journey was paid the moment we stepped in to the room with the magnificent view!!!

Our view from the room

Our room number

Our hotel from the beach

Sal and her "Paris Hilton" Pose

The moment i saw the beach, i just felt like not going anywhere but to just stay there!!! Tourist would always be a tourist. So before we headed anywhere, we decided to go to the beach for a walk. With the walk we did so much cam-whoring and also as usual i decided to layan persan *yea..what else am i good in*

Than we went back to the room and got ready to go out for dinner. So we took the cab to the food HEAVEN, Gurney Drive. Than in the taxi, the driver asked if we went to the Largest Chocolate outlet in Malaysia or not. Since we said we just arrived he took us there to check the place out before sending us to Gurney Drive. The Chocolate house is a new outlet in Malaysia and is the largest. It has all sorts of chocolate but i bet you have never eaten this

Yup you saw it right. The taste?? Well it did taste like curry. If you are a fan of Twistees, than it taste something like the curry flavor. I liked it actually but cant eat a lot la. Than Roshni bought some coconut flavored that looked something like this

I was never a coconut flavoured fan, but this chocolate did not really taste coconutty. So i kindda enjoyed it. After the chocolate shop we went to Gurney Drive and got MAD!!!!

All we saw was FOOD...FOOD and more FOOD!!!! We decided to get a few varieties and share. One thing that we all was not going to share was the


It was so good that we decided,we were going there every night however full we were!!! Other than that our dinner for the first night was

Wan Tan Mee and Fried Oyster

After Gurney Drive we walked up to Gurney Plaza to check out what was in there. Walking punya walking Sal saw this Ice-cream place and she went mad over it. So we stopped by to get the ice-cream for her while Rosh and I were checking out the cute guy who was selling the ice-cream.hehehehe. That we went to Cold Storage to get some stuff for breakfast and than went back to the hotel.So on the first night, before sleeping we had all of this with some extra gossips.

Than the second day we woke up late and only left the hotel in time for lunch. If Penang, than lunch has to be definitely Nasi Kandar. So we headed to this shop that i used to go with my family near the KOMTAR. The taste was okey la but did not really taste like the authentic Nasi Kandar taste. After lunch, we walked around town to but all the dried eating stuff and only finished buyng everything at about 4 something. Than we went back to the hotel because we wanted to go to the beach for a swim.

To tell the truth, the whole beach was filled with sea-shells. I've never seen that much ever in my life through out my whole beach experiences ever since i was small. So we decided to play in the sand before we got ourselves fully wet. The water was so much fun. I did not feel like getting out also. After about 2 hours at the beach we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. SEAFOOD dinner. Thank god the shop was near the hotel, so we did not had to wait and crave for a long time. Our MENU??
1) Chili Crabs

2) Kangkung Belacan

3)Asam Prawns

The food as usual tasted so good and its all shown by the way Sal and Rosh enjoying their food. So does that need more descriptions?

After dinner, we had to go get our Char Kueh Tiow at Gurney Drive. So we took the Rapid Penang bus to Gurney.

In the Rapid Penang

The whole day we were talking about it and when we got there, to our HORROR, the particular stall was CLOSED!!!
Rosh got all dissapointed.

The whole day we were talking bout it and ended up not eating it. So we decided to buy some kiuh-muih and satay to be eaten in the room. Before we left back at the hotel, we lepaked for a while along Gurney Drive that is next to the beach and took some pictures.
With full of frustrations, we headed back to the hotel, when someone suddenly suggested we go check out the hotel lounge. It was kinda empty so we just went in lah.



Me. Posing only okey :)

Another posing

That was all we did for the second day. The third day, we told ourselves we are going to see some places or at least a place. So we went for lunch first at Nasi Kandar Line Clear. This is the best and really well known shop for Nasi Kandar. It did actually taste so good.

Than after, Nasi Kandar, we took the Rapid Penang bus to the Kek Lok Si temple or better known as the Pagoda. The journey was about half an hour. We decided to go there because that is were we could get all our souvenirs for cheap as well as get a good whole view of Penang.
Penang view from the top of the Kek Lok Si temple

In the Rapid Penang bus on the way back to the hotel after a very long walk.

Than we got back to the hotel and got ready for our final night at Gurney Drive. Again the the particular shop we were looking for was clossed. So we tried another stall that did not taste as good as the first day. This time we also ordered the famouse Penang Pasumboer or also known as rojak. The best part of the day was yet to come.

The Pasoembor/Rojak

It all started when Rosh said she wanted to eat ice-cream. Which means we had to go face that cute guy again. So we went there bought the ice-cream and was walking around when suddenly Sal said she was going to ask that guy for his contact number for me.She actually ended up daring me but the story got twisted when Roshni dared Sal to go get his number or at least his name.

Some how rather Sal agreed and Rosh and i were in one corner hiding to see the whole fun. The next moment we saw that guy taking out his phone and giving his number to Sal!!! Rosh and i were laughing our heads of. As we were walking out of the mall to go lepak along the beach, Sal gets a SMS. It was from that guy. hehehehe. After a few SMS we decided to ask him to join us for a drink since he was almost finishing his work * did i say t was Rosh and me replying to his SMS?? Because by than Sal was already freezing cold :)*.

Sal was telling Thuls on what happen and what was going to happen

To our surprise he agreed and met us outside the mall along the beach. So we went for a drink at McD's an d hanged out there for a while. He was not that bad though.He reminded me so much of Mr. Lawyer. hahahaha. Ya lah both also same age and the behave also almost the same. He was also kinda funny la. After about 2 hours chat we decided to go back as we had to wake up early to catch the bus to come back the next day.

Gurney Plaza

Overall the trip was a great trip. Though it was only the three of us and Rosh and I hardly know each other. But we got on very well for the whole 4 days. Money was mostly spent on food and it was very worth of spending.

The view that I will be missing

P/S The mothers day update will be done in the next entry along with last month's summary.More pictures of the trip also will be soon.