Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Rupster says "About the last entry of the month and year"

Its DECEMBER 31th 2008....

Which means its the last day of year 2008...

Its been a really rough year.

As rough and tough it has been, it been a fun pack and a great year for new experiences.

December had been a great month though...Rupster would say a great ending for 2008...

Went back to Kuching after 3 years...did and saw so many things...Met the old buddies there...

Decmber as also been full of outings with geng...In the name of REUNION so much has been done!!!

A great and interesting month that would be greatly missed!!!

Watch out for the New Year entry and a 2008 review too!!!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Rupster says " MERRY CHRISTMAS"


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Rupster says "About the greatest 3 days"

The time awaited for a very long time finally came and has passed by so quick...Ever since July the much awaited time was for December 12th to come. There was just too many memories and some just cant be explained bu words!!!

Hence nothing will be said and have fun viewing the pictures. There are more than 400 pictures taken but only the selected once will be uploaded =)

As an overall the trip was so dame exciting!!!

We did things that we never did before.

Saw things that we never saw before.

Ate food that was never eaten before.

Ohh and did Rupster mention camwhore like crazy *nothing new eh*???

p/s If you see :

GREEN ~ Day 1
BLUE ~ Day 2
GREY ~ Day 2

And all those T-shirts were sponsored by the group members



p/s 2 : Will try to upload the picture presentation soon...

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Rupster says "About the wedding and the month review"

Exams were over a very long time back...But Rupster was not able to update because Rupster was busy helping out for Rupster's cousin's wedding...1 week of work....1 week of food..1 week of family gatherings..1 week of functions...1 week of fun...1 week of dressing up in the traditional outfits...1 week of own make-ups...

The newly weds

The newly weds withe the Singham's

It could have been a hectic and tiring whole week BUT at the end it was still filled with FUN and great memories. Rupster was kinda worried of being alone during the whole ceremonies and all because the crime partner had left to India 2 months back.Thank God it was boring at all because the neices and the nephews were there to entertain Rupster.

This wedding was also another opputunity for everyone to meet up. We got to meet people whom we have not seen for years and also meet people who were always spoken about but never knew how they look like. The crowd was so so HUGE. It looked like a mini Sri Lanka at the hall. Everty corner you turn, you would see a country man walking.

The newly weds with Grandma and aunty

As for the has been a really tough month...things just dont seem to fall to its place.After all they do say nothing is perfect in this world. Sometimes we just wished that atleast one or two does become perfect.That could be a great drive to make the imposible to possible.

So much seems to be happening these days.So much of good as well as so much of bad. People are changing rapidly suddenly. Sometimes Rupster just wonders if all these people are changing for a better or for the worst. If its going to be be for the better than hopefully what they wished would happen BUT at the same time please remember not to hurt other in the process of you changing to become better.

Better not think so much as more thinking is causing even more problems. As to that, it is clearly seen that November has sailed through and lets see together what does DECEMBER bring. =)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Rupster says "About the sudden trip"

Exam have finally started and is due to finish on Monday...everyones mind is just so packed now as most of us are having out the same time we are all busy finding places o go for holidays.

In mids of all this,Rupster suddenly got a call last night asking if wanna follow for a drive down to genting to pick up someone. So of we went leaving KL at about 4 and reaching Genting at 4.40 something...



Its been a way too long time ago since Rupster went to a vegetable farm!!! This short trip made it possible...We usually eat vegetables without knowing how they look like...Hence,for the very first time Rupster managed to see a cabbage plant, and so on...Just let the picture say the whole thing =))

P/S There are more pictures but it does not seem to be uploading.Will uploload more later =)

Friday, 31 October 2008

Rupster says "About the double entry"

Rupster is back from the silence...things are yet to be back as normal...but still,Rupster is still finding solutions to all those unaswered questions that has been running aroun all the while. With all those silence, Rupster still manage to keep busy....

Yeap, other than assignments and all due Rupster kept busy by going for Deepavali shopping with family. Rupster practically coverd all the shopping areas for Deepavali. Rupster marked attendence at KL Sentral, Klang, Masjid India and Sentul because Rupster passes by that place everyday!!!!. hahaha....

We don't have to the spending part but all that can be said is Rupster managed to get all together 4 suits for this year!!! The best part was....3 suits were all orange from different shades...Thus, accessories need not to be extra got it matched all 3!!! *that's what they say smart shopping* But the truth is Rupster did not even realize that the colours were all almost the same until it was unpacking time at home :)

The DoReMi that we take every year

Rupster's family tradition of the "Open House" continued this year. This year it was back to the small scale do ike how it used to be 4 years back. This year, it was back to only calling neighbours,friends and a few family members. Since it was back to a smaller crowd, so the cooking was all done at home. Marketing was done a day earlier and all the cutting and chopping too. Dont know why,but this year everything seemed to be last minute. The cleaning of the house, marketing and so on. Usually Rupster makes a timetable for everyone. This time nothing seemed to be working out!!

Cousins by law BUT sisters by nature

Rupster's deco..and it was the hit of the day =)

At least everything went on smoothly on the day itself. There was no rush in entertaining the guests like it used to be. It was much more relaxing. Previous years, the crowd used to be very big and it was a bit kelam-kabut. Not this time.

Deepavali day itself was a tiring yet joyable day. It was all the way eating and pigging out day!!! Though all the houses had almost the same dishes, but it all tasted different.Not to forget,it was all so yummy!!!So how u resist on not eating??There fore, with the excuse of "Deepavali is only once a year" the food goes in happily.

Month Review

The month of OCTOBER???

So much has heppend and is still happening. Answers are still being searched but yet, life still goes on. Most of the assignements were due this month because final exams are in November!!!Thats how fast time has been runing. Rupster is almost done with Degree's 1st semester.

October also sees one of the best things a students life. That is when a student graduates. Rupster graduated from Diploma in this month. It was really unbeliaveable. After all the shits that happen it was a very relaving feeling to finally hold the sroll for the very first time. Thats the only the first step. Next Rupster has to work really hard to achieve the goals for Degree.

Yet, thankfully things are already improving. Hopefully by next month, its all going to be back as normal.Rupster also cant wait for November because its HOLIDAYS!!! Of course plans have been made. So keep coming back to see where and what Rupster is going to explore and has explored!!!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Rupster says "Official"

Rupster is now OFFICIALLY a DIPLOMA HOLDER....but as Rupster's dad said, "Diploma is nothing much yet,so strive harder is Degree"...

The journey of Degree started way back in July actually but the OFFICIAL set of from Diploma was today. The ceromony was held at the KLCC Convention Center. Attended by 4 differents schools under the Taylor's College umbrella.

The programme was to start at 3 pm but we were requires to be there befoere 1...Till than what did everyone do???

Yeap...camwhore in that so very BIG graduation suit!!!!

Oh by the way...did Rupster talk about the deliciouse food served???

Yeah for once the money spent was worth, but Rupster did not really get to eat everything because by the time Rupster reached there 3/4 was all alomost gone in the wind!!!! Thank God Rupster managed to grab some on time.

After the ffod session,Rupster was forced to line up for more than 15 minutes just to take a studio picture!!! Will upload the studio version,group picture as well as the on the stage picture once Rupster receives it from Taylors....

Friday, 3 October 2008

Rupster says "About September"

The ninth month on the calender has just passed on and the world has moved on to the tenth month of the year.

What has the world achieved in the past month or rather what has Rupster done in that 9th month of the year.As usual the month was filled with lots of ups and also downs. At the same it was also another month that could be considered a fun month.

Very few birthdays but with the existing ones was enough to cover a few actually*read previouse entries for details* ;)

The month was also filled with STRESS!!!! There was just too many things that came crashing down all at the same time *sob sob*...

Yet the month was a great ride of a ROLLER-COASTER =)

Wonder what is filled in the 10th month.....

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Rupster says "About Buka Puasa"

The Ramadhan month had just come and passed. Back in school and also during Diploma, Rupster also used to fast alongside with her Muslim friends. While Diploma also we made a point to go out for the breaking of fast or rather called buka puasa.

Frm left the 0506: Suraya,Miranda,Sha,Sue and Rupster

This year Rupster was not very sure if she was going to fast but Rupster wanted to go out with friends to break fast. So Rupster made plans with the rest of the geng to meet up. With all the plannings we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid as it was the center point for everyone *not really for Rupster though*. Since it was confirmed that 5 people were commin, so they decided to book a place at Fig and Olive a Arabian food shop. Not to mentio, the food tasted so GOOD and we wished we could have more. But we could not because we were too full to stuff ourselves with more food.

It was really a good day out as the 0506's have not been really meeting up very often. Hence,that meet up was a really good one though only 5 of us. 5 is never a small number because we managed to cover up so much of stories.

Than the following week Rupster got another call asking if Rupster was interested for 2nd session of buka puasa this time was with 3 other Juniors during diploma. Without hesitation, it was a BIG yes. The location again was at Papa Rich. It was the first time we were all trying out the food there. The food was way too good. Very localized food or maybe something like Old Town White Cofee.

Based on recomendation by Cheeky Premmy, Ruspter tried the toasted bread with Kaya nad it tasted HEAVENLY!!!

After spending about 2 hours there, the geng of 6 decided to move over to Starbucks. There we had a really great time of laughing our asses out!!!

We were like a group of carzy people who just went on laughing and laughing ignoring the world around us. Not forgeting we also camwhored like mad people because everyone got excited of Sasha's so high teched camera.

As Rupster was looking back at the pictures,Rupster realized that the 2nd Buka Puasa was very harmony. WHY??

Because if you see carefully, there are Indians,Malay and also Chinsese. That what we call MALAYSIANS!!! We al can sit and talk happyly for hours under one roof...

Frm left:Rupster,Yee Lin, Sasha,Din,Sha and Sue