Monday, 25 August 2008

WARNING : Yet another late entry *sigh*

After the 21st Bash, we suddenly decided to have a BBQ party. Not with the whole huge crowd all over again!!!

This time it was just within the geng. Its been a long time since we did a BBQ at out place, so we almost lost touch in all the preparations but thank God we managed to work things out. We decided to get all the the marinated stuff from TESCO and as well as at Cold Storage. Everything was way too delicious.

We tried something new from Cold Storage which was Lamb Sausage and Chicken and Cheese Sausage. Rupster came made some magic as soon as the things were brought home. Rupster decided to marinate al those sausages with her own receipe. The outcome?? Everyone was in LOVE with it!!!!

The chicken and lamb marination also had some personal touch from Rupster though it was bought marinated.As for the cooking session we all took turns in doing the BBQ. We even used a hot plate to make the prawns and some of the chicken pieces.

Other than the BBQ on the meneu, we had some home cooked food such as Chicken 65 and as well as mutton curry.
The food that came from the house kitchen

It was a very small group but everyone ended up going back only at 1.30 because everyone had so much to talk and laugh about!!! Though it was a very long day with so much of running around was done BUT it was all worth the time and energy spent!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Rupster says "About the KTM ride"

Rupster has been delaying this post for almost 4 weeks now...yeap you read it right! This post was suppose to be written 4 weeks back but due to time constrains it could not be done.

By now some of you would have known what this post is going to be about.

Its been 4 weeks since i joined school back after being on a break for almost 2 months. Rupster in no longer a Taylorian but is now a Metropolitanner. Rupster is in Metropolitan doing a Double Degree in Marketing and Management by Curtin University. It would be a 3 year programme with 6 semesters.

The environment in Taylor's was never like a campus because its was mostly based on office environment. Classrooms were like the same when like how how our tution centers used to be during school. Atleast Taylor's did have 3 Lecture Hall's. Of course the main campus was not like that. It was equipped with all the facilities. Our bad luck the School of Communication was located away from the main campus. On the brighter side, the Bali Campus had lots of variety of food!!! Untill we could not decide what we should eat *sigh*miss those days*.

Well everything in this world has its own pros' and cons'.

Taylors Bali Campus now turns out to be past memories. Now the journey continues in Metropolitan and in the KTM train AGAIN!!!!.

Before the first week of class we had our rather short Orientation Day. The moment Rupster steps into the ecture hall the first WOW comes out!!!! And what is that WOW for??? The Lecture Hall is so dame huge!!! Capacity..hmmm may reach a 500 maybe!!! But this intake there were around 60 of us maybe and till TODAY not everyone knows each other but its IMPROVING day by day ;)

Classes has been goin as usual for the past 4 weeks and Rupster in enjoying all the lectures because of the Lecture Hall :)..Even tutorial classes are not so bif with apoximetly 20 students per class..So its not that bad after all.

Food selection is not as good as Bali though Asia Cafe is just down the road and even Metropolitan has thier own canteen food too. Have not been eating there that much and its just 4 weeks of collge and everyone is already teling "whoaa you lost so much weight"..Rupster has no comments for that just read further down and find out why.


Yeap..travelling all over again in the KTM but not much difference because its just 1 station away from the previouse station. Than from the staition its suppose to be a cabbie ride. The cabbes have fixed rate at either RM 3,4,5 or sumtimes even 6!!!!*now you know where all my eating money goes to* *sigh*. There is suppose to be bus service but Rupster is yet to use the service neither saw which bust is suppose to be taken;)

Other than that Rupster has nothing much to cokmplain about the travelling issue minus the money part because travelling has always been a norm in the world of Rupster.

Rupster had planned to write so much but nothing seems to be comming out as this entry is being typed out!!

More update later!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Rupster says "About a day out"

Its been a very long time since i actually went out with my friends and spent some time together. Or shall i say we all never really met up since Sal left to Aussie...

Out of a very last minute planning, we finally made it a point to meet up today. It may have been a very short meet but i guess we all just needed that break since the most of us have been going through a very long roller-coaster ride.

Its been a while that everyone has been going through all those shits.And we did not really talk bout it every1 in the group but only to those that we really could feel comfortable with. Maybe one fine day would come that all of us sat together and spoke about it. As for now its currently on 1 to 1 basis.

Sometimes we sit and wonder why when 1 person starts getting themselves to hell, the rest will also end up in the same position. Hence leaving all those shits and craps aside, we decided to IGNORE all those for some time and have a blasting time!!!

The initial plans was only the 3 of us but ended up meeting with some extra people too. 1st destination was at Times Square (TS). That was our meeting point. As i was going up the escalator I came accross a very familiar face.Thank god I acknowledged the person and for once it was the correct person :)..Finally managed to get my Hazelnut White Coffee boost at Old Town White Coffee after a very long time. It really felt so good after that boost!!!

Than from TS we planned for bowling and of we went to our favorite spot MUTIARA!!! I wonder why, but this was the very first time we were making so much of noise!!! All these years of bowling, we do make so much of noise BUT todays was one of the greatest. Even the other bowlers kept turning and looking at us. The best part,everytime we scream, its so SYNCRONIZED!!!! We all end up scraming the same word and with the same sound system too!!!

The meet was very short, not much was shared but we had a blast of a time!!! Miss those days when we used to sit almost every week and laugh at each other like crazy people at the mamaks around Jalan Ipoh :(

Something for sure, the next meet will be ASAP because we all NEED to TALK!!!

Things needs to be spilted out as no point everything is just kept DEEP DOWN there and hurting evrything that could be hurt.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Rupster says "About a very touching entry"

Rupster was doing the usual routine of reading her dearest cousins blog and something caught her for suprise

Go check it out and read it at :

No more words to say....

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Rupster says "About the 21st Birthday Bash - Part 2"

Since most of the description were given in the first part...this second part will be mainly photos

The un-finishef family shot of the Kandiahs'

Take 2:The Kandiahs'

With Hariy *see his height??Rupster wants that too*

With Indran

Take 2: with Indran

Thul's actually manage to make it all the way from UKM..*better late than never*

Some gossiping session was going on between all of us ;)

Come to Rupster's part and they end up cam-whoring without Rupster

With Geetha

With Khusbu

With Nat

Rupster's partner in crime Huda

Rupster had a really good time playing with BUBBLES ;)

Monday, 4 August 2008

Rupster says "About July"

The year 2008 has moved on to August. And in about 4 months time we will be moving on to 2009. That is how fast the year has been going by. The first 6 months came and went like a storm. A little flashback on what had happen in the past 7 months. Before that lets look at what happen to Rupster in the month of JULY.

JULY has always been the month that Rupster always looked forward to!!! 2007 July has really been a very long month though. It started of with Sal leaving to Aussie and after she left,Rupster fell sick. Than everyone started screaming for Rupster to get well before the very last minute planned 21st birthday bash *details of the bash in the last and more to come in the next entry*.

It may have been a SICKLY cum CELEBRATING month but after all that a Rupster's Roller-Coaster life!!! Meeting almost the whole family was something that i always looked forward to and it happened in this very month of JULY...

This was the very month that Rupster had to OFFICIALLY go back to school for the 3 years double degree programme in Marketing and Management by Curtin University at Metropolitan *updates of new college life is coming soon too*

A great month with great stuff happening around...Hope AUGUST turns out to be a BOMB to because its BACK TO SCHOOL for RUPSTER...

More news SOON!!!!