Monday, 26 October 2009

Rupster says "About Look Out Point"

Ruspter is not if everyone has already heard of this place BUT Rupster has been hearing about this place for months!

Always planned but ended up not going. This time, it was time for a celebration so we made it a point to make it there. The place is known as Look Out Point located some where almost in Hulu Langat. The restaurant comes across like big square shack. The best part of this is you get a nearly 360 degrees view of lush rain forest and the city.

And the view was totally AWESOME. It was great seeing Kuala Lumpur being lighted up with the KLCC and KL Tower standing right at the center.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

The food was good too. Surprisingly the prices was not too high either. The prices you see on the menu is like the usual pricing we would see.

Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

Being craving for lamb chop for so long or it would sound better if it was said the never ending craving for lamb chop was the first choice on Rupster's mind.

Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce

And the wait was so worth!!!

The black pepper sauce that came along with it was FANTASTIC!! It suited the cold weather very very much. Thank god we ordered an extra plate of Black Pepper sauce.

Blueberry & Lavender

Apple Mixture

Sour-soup Juice

Other than the Black Pepper Lamb Chop, our table was also filled up with Grilled Lamb Chop, Fish and Chips, Rice and Sweet & Sour Fish and also Spring Chicken.

Spring Chciken

Even the beverages they served was also very different. Ruspter tried the Blueberry and Lavender drink. It tasted very much lavender. Very soothing calming too.

Heavenly Black Pepper Sauce

Rice with Sweet & Fish

Fish & Chips

After Look Out Point, we headed off to Sky Bar. This was Rupster's very first time there. Was very reluctant in the beginning to go. But finally decided to give it a try.

And again, the view there was out of this world!!!

It felt like KLCC was just right next to you that if you were to put ur hand out of the window you could actually touch KLCC!!!

The view alone was enough for you not to have any conversation and just watch the view. It was that good.

The overall review for the day??

It was a day filled with great and fantastic overall view of almost the whole of Kuala Lumpur! Not much words to describe it other than you seeing it for your very own eyes!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rupster says "About Pre and Post"

The much awaited time of the year by the Indian's finally arrived!

Its finally DEEPAVALI!!!!

This year was one of the most busiest year ever! With assignments all due so close by one after another and at the same time preparing for Deepavali.

But it was a Deepavali to be remembered.

We had our usual do at home.Just that this time we minimized on the crowd but it still ended up to the usual number of crowd. preparation was very tiring. Though Rupster had planned every that needs to be done, but there was always something that cropped at the last minute. Food layout was just like all the previouse year. But this year focus was given more towards the vegetarian variety being it be a Friday.

Surprisingly Ruspter's secret recipe for the drink turned to be the many people tried to find out the secret but NOTHING at all was revealed! All that Rupster said was, "If you want, i could come and mix for you but secret revealing" hahaha *with the evil laugh*

It was also a mini gathering for the geng. Since everyone was around, we decided to give Chuman a surprise for his Birthday. So it ended up being a 2 in 1 celebration. This time the geng was even bigger. Yup it was like a mini ex SMP-ians gathering.

Deepavali day was the usual routine. Going to the temple, visiting grandma, uncles and aunties. And the visiting session last us for the next 3 days! Also not forgetting the ang pow collection!

Collection was pretty bad this year but it was considered to be good enough! Yeay..a holiday is on the plan!

What was different this year was, on the night of Deepavali day. We headed to Taman Yarl for dinner. It was a very last minute planing but it turned to be the best!

The food was vegetarian as well BUT as usual turned to be so good! Everyone even had to pack back food due too loads of extras and the packed food lasted Rupster's house for 3 long days!

We had tonnes of place to play with all the fireworks we had. And yes, without worrying bout anyone's car or an electric wire was running above us. We were so free to light up whatever we wanted.

Even the oldies joined us this time. It was like we were entertaining them when they decided to bring a long chair to sit and watch the fun! Towards the end, even they joined us playing.

It was nice seeing the whole neighborhood lighted up with the colorful fireworks. And we were glad that we also contributed to the colors!

The next day after Deepavali was also fireworks time!

After a very long time this has been a Deepavali filled with fireworks. It was 3 days filled with fun!

We have also decided to upgrade to the more adventurous type of fireworks for next year's celebration!
It has been a very memorable Deepavali this year! So much had happened and its all been safely stored in the memory box!

It was also a vegetarian Deepavali this time. Though it was vegetarian, the food still turned out to be so nyumness!!!

One thing that was missed out this year is the annual prayers we have for grandpa 2 days after Deepavali in Gombak. All these years, this was the only opportunity where the whole family would gather and end up spending the whole day together. The morning will start with the prayers and lunch onwards it was back to the Deepavali mode. The whole day is spent there and after dinner it used to be fireworks time again.

This year, grandma put a stop to it due to her health. It was a very weird feeling staying at home on this day because we never really was at home every year 2 days after Deepavali. Well, nothing in this world is meant to last forever. There could be another opportunity for all of us to meet up again at any time of the year. Owh and did Rupster mention that this was the day that ang pow collection increases tremendously because everyone is there to give ang pow... hehehe...and so this was another reason why collection was bad for this year.

Other than that the much awaited celebration turned out to be way too good. And the wait has been a very worth while wait.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Rupster says "Blue & White"

Time has been passing by so fast that Rupster completely forgot about doing Deepavali shopping.

Yes it was said in the beginning that this year there wont be much of shopping because we were saving up for the December trip.But what is Deepavali without shopping? You just don't seem to get into the festive mode without going out and joining the public and enjoying the colorful atmosphere.

Everyone has been extremely busy at home. Dad and Mom has been in the shop like the entire day and non of us have time to prepare anything at at all. Thus its all going to be at a very minimal level this year.

Had a little time today away from assignments, thus decided to head to KL Sentral to check out what happening on that side this year. Nothing much though. Just the same usual stuff. The place seems to be smaller compared to the last few years.

Things are all almost the same too. But the prices seems to be reduced very much. Only one thing for sure is Rupster FINALLY got the blue & white suit that has been on search for the last 3 years!!!


3 long years....its not that there was never a blue & white suit. But you know.It has to always be like love on first sight. When you see it, it straight gets into your heart. Yeap. So that is what Rupster has been trying to get all these years.

And finally this year she sees it and grabs it!! Even the shop seller already knew her from the previous sale that they had in June. So bargained and bargained.

Ended up getting 2 suits =)...a blue & white and an light Orange & the question is there are 4 untouched suits to choose from to use for this year??

Which would be the lucky choice????

Hmmmm.....think think think....

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Rupster says "About Kata-Kata"

Inginku katakan,
Ku juga manusia seperti mu,
Punya hati dan perasaan,
Ku juga mudah dilukai,
Namun bagaimana ku harus menyuarakannya,
Kesabaranku juga ada batasnya
Namunku rela berdiam diri
Melalui setiap detik itu keseorangan
Ditemani linangan air mata
Tidakku ingin menghancurkan setiap harapan yang telah dibina.