Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rupster says " Something About Making a Difference "

This place keeps going silent and silent. Every time Rupster comes out from silence, there is a promise not top go silent yet still it goes silent. Never got this silent many years back. But 2012 has brought silence to this place where lots of memories is jotted down. Probably is about time Rupster changes the content of this personal page. Days keep getting busy and busy. Though the frequency of being online is still almost the same, but the time needed to sit and type out what's in the mind is just not coming.

Rupster will still continue to post out the ups' and downs of what is going on but no promises with frequent update. This is because currently there is a new passion for photography and editing. Hence most time goes to editing. The peak periods is just after any holidays. Lightroom becomes the second home in the life of technology.

Hence Rupster will be posting up pictures taken to be viewed. Please feel free to drop your comments. Will start posting up pictures as soon as possible =)

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